• World Food Day 2021: Everything You Need to Know!

    World Food Day is observed on October 16th every year to promote healthy food as a right and not a privilege.  This National Food day gives us all a great chance to make our youth think about food wastage and how it can be responsibly consumed and distributed amongst so many needy people. 

    world food day

    Have you ever seen “The Hunger Games” and wondered what would happen if we ran out of food altogether? Where would we be if that ever happens? We certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near McDonald’s or Starbucks for sure. Grocery stores, restaurants- what would happen to them? We all need food to survive and lead a healthy balanced life. Consuming a healthy diet is also seen as a basic human right for every citizen living in a country. However, unfortunately, 1 out of 9 people are experiencing chronic hunger worldwide.  


    The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) created this day at their twentieth General Conference in the year 1979. It was established on Oct 16th. So, World Food Day is observed each year on this day to commemorate its anniversary. 

    More than 150 countries all across the globe celebrate World Food Day every year, whereas over 450 national organizations sponsor World Food Day. Some of the campaigns host exclusive dinners, fundraisers, concerts, and festivals in the honor of this international day. Try raising awareness regarding this day on your social media platforms using #WorldFoodDay


    World Food Day comes with great significance. Every day, millions of people suffer from chronic hunger and other health consequences such as malnourishment. This leads to the damaging of growing bodies, bones, and brains. This is the main reason why it is so important to talk about this global crisis and by doing this; we can ensure that every person gets nutritious, healthy food all year long.  Our earth produces enough food to feed every person living on the planet but unfortunately, 20% of this food is either food or wasted by developed countries. Therefore, the National Food days are observed to make people get involved, reduce the wastage of food, and donate to their local food banks. 

    When is World Food Day 2021? 

    Each year, World Food Day is celebrated on 16th October. This has been going on since this day was first commemorated in 1979. This National Food day aims at promoting healthy nutritious diets for everyone and ending world hunger by 2030. 

    World Food Day Dates 

    Year Date Day 
    2021October 16Saturday 
    2022October 16Sunday 
    2023October 16Monday 
    2024October 16Wednesday 
    2025October 16Thursday 
    2026October 16Friday 
    World food day

    Theme and ideas to celebrate World Food Day: 

    World Food Day adapts different themes every other year. This is to highlight the points that demand action and provide a common focus to all the organizations working for this cause. Most of the themes of National Food Days revolve around the agriculture and food sector because more investment in these sectors can result in great changes. 

    This day is observed annually to bring awareness and mark the changes that our planet is facing with regards to food production and distribution. The goal of National Foods Day is to eventually eradicate world hunger by taking part in the movement of collecting food for hunger and lead to building a generation that receives a healthy diet all year long. 

    National Food Day themes and activities are a great source of educating young people about this serious issue. It allows us to think about how we can bring about the change and make decisions to eradicate poverty, conflict, and climate changes that affect the supply of the whole world food.

    How to celebrate world food day: 

    Here are a few things that you can do on World Food Day: 

    Donate to a local food bank: 

    In America, almost 1 out of 7 people rely on their local food banks as their food source. Many of these people are those who are working hard to provide a healthy lifestyle to their families but are unable to due to underemployment. These food banks help those who cannot afford to give their families a healthy diet. The top requested food items that you can donate are healthy and non-perishable goods such as rolled oats, low-sodium soups, dry beans, dry fruits, canned fruits and vegetables, and tuna canned in water. 

    Raise money to eradicate world hunger: 

    Want to give back to society on World Food Day? If yes, then here’s what you can do. Even if you don’t personally know a local food bank, organize one with your friends or family members. You can donate as much as you can to the local food drives on this day. International Food Day dinners, hunger walks, and food packaging campaigns are held all over the world on this day to eradicate world hunger!

    Support small-scale farms: 

    99% of the farms present around us are family farms that usually practice sustainable agriculture. They have a limited supply of pesticides and low-quality crops. Sadly, such families don’t even have the resources to fulfill their own family’s nutritious needs and end up getting malnutrition themselves. On this International day, you can help out these small-scale farmers and shop locally.  

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    How to celebrate food day with children: 

    There are plenty of ways to celebrate the World Food Programme at different places on Oct 16. Last year numerous events were held all around the world such as concerts, exhibitions and, and marathons to help in raising funds for the day. 

    This is how you can celebrate World Food Programme with children on October 16th: 

    Educate them about this event: 

    The first thing you can do on day 16 is to educate the students about this event and why it is so important. You can read them some short stories regarding this International food day and make sure they are age-appropriate. This way, they will be able to learn more in less time. All this will help them think and talk about the issue of world hunger, food waste, and much more. 

    Make a presentation: 

    It is a fact that the pictorial way of learning is more effective and easier to understand. On October 16th this year, use scripts and make a short presentation. You can even ask the children to participate in a play and perform during the School Assembly. 

    Decorate the classrooms: 

    Discuss with the kids what they can do to eradicate world hunger and try their best to save food from hunger and contribute to this cause. On National Foods Day, you can make the children decorate their classrooms, hallways, and grounds with posters and banners. You can even host an “Annual poster competition” and give prizes to the best ones. This day is a great opportunity to educate our youth and youngsters and make this world a better place. 

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