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The Non-Legal Summary

See the article down below to check how the privacy policy of our site works.

At TheSquander, we understand that the visitor’s privacy is of utmost importance, and the privacy policy is all about how we utilize the information and what kind of personal data is obtained and collected by TheSquander.

The Official Privacy Policy

This page will let you know about the policies in reference to how we utilize the collected information and revelation of personal data (the one received when you are using our services) along with selections you have interlinked with that information.

All the data collected by us is used in delivering everyone an enhanced and better service. If you are using our facilities, then you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of our site regarding the use of collected personal data in compliance with this policy. The terms described in this Privacy Policy are the same as mentioned in our Terms & Conditions section, which can be accessed from TheSquander.


  • Service

Service is our website (TheSquander)

  • Personal Data

It means data on a living person who is recognizable, based on that data or from other facts which either are currently in our hold or probably will come into our grasp.

  • Usage Data

The data usage is based on the information collected automatically, which is either produced by utilization of our service or from the fundaments of the website, which, for example, includes the time spent on page.

  • Cookies

Fragments of data stored temporarily on your computer or smartphone device to remember stateful information.

  • Data Controller

A legally single person or jointly with others who decide the motive for all, or any of the personal data, that is going to be or will be, administered.

In regards to the motives of this Privacy Policy, your personal data is managed by us (Data Controllers).

  • Data Processors (or Service Providers)

The data that is organized by a legal person (Data Processor or Service Provider) on the recommendation of the data controllers for productivity.

  • Data Subject (or User)

Any living person, holder of the personal data and the one utilizing our services is a Data Subject.

Information Collection and Use

We collect various types of data for different reasons with the only motive of providing visitors with a better experience and upgraded service.

Types of Data Collected

Personal Data

The service may either ask you to provide us with some specific personal data or is collected when you are using our service, which is used to recognize or contact you. The data for identification motive may include:

  • Email Address (Where you subscribe for newsletters)
  • Cookies and other data usage for advertisers.

We may contact you with various promotional materials of your interest, including marketing and newsletters, by using the personal data you have provided us. You can anytime unsubscribe by following the instructions embedded in the email and choose not to participate in any communications from us.

Usage Data

The data collected by us may also be accessed by our advertisers to check how you have used the service. Usage of data may contain data like your computers IP address (Internet Protocol), your browser version along with its type, the pages our website you visit plus the time spent by you on each page, device recognizers and other research data.

Tracking & Cookies Data

Cookies and different tracking mechanisms are applied, to trace a user’s activity on our site and to take hold of specific data.

Small Fragments of data is included in cookies files which may also include a UID (Unique Identifier, which is related to a single body within a given structure). These are sent by our website to get saved on your device temporarily or till the session ends. Other tracing tech includes scripts, tags, and beacons, which will collect and trace data for the betterment of the service.

It is entirely up to you if you want your browser to accept cookies else you can direct your browser to reject cookies whenever a cookie is sent from TheSquander although some sections of our site will be disabled for you if you don’t accept cookies.

Examples of Cookies we use:

  • The cookies used by our service is known as “Session Cookies” which expire on ending the session intentionally or stops when the time limit is reached.
  • The other is “Advertising Cookies” which are only used to display advertisements which you may like and are pertinent to you.

Use of Data

TheSquander uses the received data for different motives:

  • To give a good user experience and service
  • To let you know if any changes are made to our service
  • To allow you to engage in synergistic features when you opt for it
  • To give you an excellent customer support
  • To put together our produced analytical report for upgrading our service
  • To scan running of the Service
  • To discover any avertable technical problems.
  • To equip you with the latest facilities, special offers, news and information on different events offered by us, unless you don’t want to receive emails and have unsubscribed from our newsletters.

Legal grounds for handling Personal information Under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

TheSquander’s legitimate grounds for gathering and making use of personal data mentioned in this privacy policy entirely relies on the personal information accumulated by us and the particular circumstances in which we gather it.

Your personal data may follow a particular procedure by TheSquander because

  • You have authorized us to do so
  • Handling your data is in our lawful heed and isn’t overthrown by your integrity.
  • For taking care of payments procedures
  • To abide by the law

Retention of Data

TheSquander will keep your personal data in possession for the motives mentioned in this Privacy Policy. To abide by our legal commitments, your data will remain in possession of the service, for example, to keep your data in accordance with the appropriate laws, to settle heated controversies and to impose our legal accord and policies.

TheSquander will also keep the data for inner analytical motives, and the data is normally kept for a small amount of time but if the data is used to build our services stronger like add more to securities and functionalities, we are legally obliged to keep the information for a long duration.

Transfer Of Data

The data which includes your information may be shifted to another location outside your country, state or province or to a place where the data protection laws might differ from the ones administered in your area.

“If you are located outside United States and choose to provide information to us, please note that we transfer the data, including Personal Data, to United States and process it there.”

Your submission of data to our service constitutes your assent to our privacy policy and accordance with the transfer of information.

To protect your information, all the obligatory actions will be taken to handle your data securely, and in compliance with this privacy policy, your personal information will not be sent to any site or company unless there is a requisite jurisdiction in place, which includes the safety of your personal data and information.

Disclosure Of Data

Business Transaction

In case TheSquander is included in incorporation, purchase and resource sale, the data we have on you will be shifted. Also, we will notify you before transferring your personal information in which case it becomes a matter of dissimilar Privacy Policy.

Your rights for the protection of data according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Being a resident of EEA (European Economic Area), you have definite rights of data protection. TheSquander will follow sensible actions to permit you to make corrections, alter, erase, or restrict the use of your personal data to some extent.

In some circumstances which are beyond question, you possess the below data protection rights:

  • You have the right to gain access to all your information we have, which you can change or erase. Whenever you desire, you can move to the settings section and update or submit an application for erasing your personal information entirely. In case you are not able to follow the procedure, kindly contact us for assistance in this matter.
  • You have the right to alter your data if the provided information is not correct or have an incomplete profile.
  • You have the right to disapprove our procedure of handling your personal information.
  • You have the right to restrict, and you can submit a request anytime to limit the actions on your personal data.
  • You have the right for the portability of data, you will be supplied a copy of the data we have on you in a proper and casually used format.
  • You have the right to pull yourself out from the agreement, you can withdraw your assent at any time where TheSquander depended on your agreement to manage your personal data.

Kindly bring this into attention that we might ask you to confirm your identity before replying to the application.

Also, the right to file a complaint at data protection authorities about our gathering and utilization of your personal information. For further queries, feel free to contact your local data protection authority in the EEA.

Service Providers

There may be a possibility of us hiring minor party firms or people to assist us in our services, to support in producing services as our representatives, to execute an act of assistance related to services or to aid us in learning how our facility is being utilized.

These minor parties may have an approach to acquire your personal information only to execute functions on the part of TheSquander and are committed on not revealing and utilizing it for any other additional motives.


The minor parties might be utilized to examine and observe how you are making use of our facility.

Google Analytics

It is a platform by Google, a service that keeps a track of website traffic and reports regularly. The data received at Google analytics service is utilized to observe and examine the utilization of our service. The services by Google also has access to this data and may make use of this information to inspect and customize the advertisements that belong to their ads network.

You can pull yourself out of such actions in which your information is shared with Google Analytics by adding an add-on in your web browser, which is available in the Google store. This add-on does not let your activities be dispensed with the Google Analytics service means your history about visits (present or future) will not be a part of it.

For any further queries about how Google implements privacy exercises, kindly go through Google’s Privacy and Policy page:


TheSquander may utilize mediator facilities to display ads, which will aid us in developing our service better.

Google AdSense & DoubleClick Cookie

Google, as a mediator, utilizes cookies to display advertisements on TheSquander. The DoubleClick is a separate distribution of Google digital marketing platform which delivers ads to people surfing our website. Which is why Google and its associates can display ads when users are surfing and spending time on our website or others on the internet.

You can withdraw from the utilization of the DoubleClick Cookie whenever you want by disabling it from the Google Ads Settings:


It is a mediator merchant that provides advertisements based on the facilities we provide. The RevContent making use of the cookies authorizes it and its associates to present ads on the basis of users visiting history either based on our service or other websites.

You can withdraw from the use of RevContent cookies which are based on users regards by going through the RevContent page.


It is a mediator merchant who utilizes cookies to display advertisements based on the facilities we provide. The usage of cookies by Freestar authorizes it and its associates to present ads on the basis of users visiting history either based on our service or other websites.

You can withdraw from the use of Freestar’s cookies, which are based on users regards by going through their site.

Behavioral Remarketing

TheSquander utilizes rebranding techniques to publicize on mediator sites after you have surfed and spent time on our website. TheSquander, mediators and their associate firms use cookies to fetch information, to develop and present advertisements on the basis of your visiting history to TheSquander.


Facebook Inc delivers Facebook rebranding facilities.

If you wish to know more about how advertisements based on the activities like interest-based ads work then visit the advertising page from Facebook:

If you want to withdraw from Facebook’s Interest-based ads, then let this page be of assistance:

Facebook abides by the principles automated by it for interest-based advertising settled with the association of Digital Advertising. You can at any time, withdraw from Facebook and other related or involved firms through the DAA found in the United States of America, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada in Canada or the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe, or withdraw using your smart phone settings.

To learn more about the information on the privacy practices of Facebook, go to:

Links To Other Sites

The links to other websites may be included to our site, which is not managed by us. Also, if you click on any given third-party websites uniform resource link, then you will be taken to that site. So, it is advised to check the privacy policies of all the websites when you surf them, and they also may have entirely different terms & conditions.

We do not have any jurisdiction over the content of other websites, which includes its privacy policy, facilities, and any other operations.

Children’s Privacy

Our Services do not deal with anyone who is below the age of 18.

If you are a guardian or a parent, then you can contact us to check what personal information has been shared by your children. We can put it to our knowledge and also, erase any received personal information from our servers that were added by children without any confirmation from parents.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy receives updates every now and then. We will inform you if any amendments are made to the current version by posting the new one on this Privacy Policy page.

The method to inform you includes Email or a noticeable note on the site before bringing any changes to the service and also the “revised date” will be mentioned in the top of Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, you are suggested to keep a check on this Privacy Policy now and then for modifications. Privacy Policy becomes effective and as soon as it is published on this page.

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