Eminem Net Worth

The net worth of rap star Eminem is due to a true rag to riches tale. Born to his then 16-year-old mother, Marshall Bruce Mathers III bounced between Missouri and Detroit. He never knew his father Marshall Mathers Jr., who left the family when Eminem was still a newborn. When he turned nine, he was thrashed by a bully which led Eminem to spend a week in a comma. Eminem’s biographical name, Marshall Mathers, who was a white boy long before he got famous got into usual school life troubles. He was constantly changing schools and spending lots of time in public housing projects.

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Eventually dropping out of high school he wanted to be a comic book artist. Good thing it didn’t work out because the world of hip-hop would never have met a legend. As his mother Deborah Mathers raised Eminem, she couldn’t cope with staying on a job for more than a few months at a time. That made them move very often between Detroit, Michigan, and Missouri. According to Eminem, he would change schools twice or thrice a year and said it was the toughest part about all of it.

What Gave Eminem A Virtuous Start

Eminem never had friends because of this lifestyle, and also it had a huge impact on his personality. He said he kept everything to himself and in each new school, he got beat up in the hallways, bathroom, and bulldozed into lockers.

Eminem got familiar with hip hop and entered the Detroit rap scene, quickly making a name for himself. It was not just his pale white skin – a far cry from many of his fellow Detroit rappers at that time – but also his verbal sparring skills.

Further inspired by the birth of his daughter Hailie – who is the subject of many of his songs – Eminem decided to make a name for himself as a rapper and released his first independent rap album Infinite in 1996. From there, it seems as if the rapper Eminem Net Worth and success grew to infinite proportions.

Eminem’s Albums And Upcoming Releases

It all began with his first album that was “Infinite” released in 1996 which Eminem himself sold the copies made on cassettes out of the trunk of his car in Detroit. They weren’t successful but “The Slim Shady LP” covered up all the loss in 1999. After that in the year 2000, he achieved true success after the release of “The Marshal Mathers LP,” which was primarily produced by Dr. Dre. A sequel to this album “The Marshal Mathers LP 2” was released in 2013 that drove a lot of people’s attention. The other albums that are a part of Eminem’s success are:

  • The Eminem Show (released in 2002)
  • Encore (released in 2004)
  • Relapse (released in 2009)
  • Recovery (released in 2010)
  • Revival (released in 2017)
  • Kamikaze (released in 2018)

The last record was stretched out to number one in fifteen countries and according to the mixed reviews from critics, some said it lacked variation and some indicated it as a step over.

Eminem’s 1999 release of The Slim Shady EP caught the attention of Dr. Dre, who then produced the major-label release of The Slim Shady LP. That earned the rapper a Grammy. Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show, both released in 2002, earned him accolades in the form of huge commercial success. The Marshall Mathers LP became the fastest selling hip-hop album in history.

Marshal Mathers was in the restroom when he came up with the idea of Slim Shady, where he thought of giving his alter-ego a name. He gained a reputation and became the white boy who eliminated opponents in the rap clashes. According to other musicians he is always connected to his work and is a perfectionist. Dr. Dre thought he was an African American artist when he heard him for the first time and gave the impression of a black artist, but meeting Mr. Mathers astounded him.

What Is Eminem Net Worth

As of 2019, Eminem released ten studio albums and five compilation albums, as well as achieved various number one singles worldwide. He won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, and title of Artist of the Decade by Billboard magazine in 2009, among many other recognitions.

After much negative press in the late 90’s thanks to court battles with his mother and ex-wife Kim, Eminem seemed to shy away from the spotlight. Then emerged with the release of his eighth album, MMLP2, released in 2013, and The Monster Tour with Rihanna.

Eminem Net Worth 2018

Success in the hip hop world has helped Eminem net worth 2018 to be estimated around $160 million.

Among the world’s richest rappers, Grammy winner rapper Eminem net worth is purely from musical ventures as opposed to commercial deals and sponsorships.

Eminem Net Worth 2019

Eminem Net Worth 2019 is estimated at $225 million, which also places him in the list of the richest rappers in the world and successful hip hop artists in the world. The king of rap music collected awards seven times since “The Slim Shady breakthrough.”

Last Updated: 27th April 2019