• World Teacher’s Day 2021: When and why do we celebrate it?

    With World Teachers Day just around the corner, we thought that it might be a good idea to tell you everything you need to know about this special day. 

    teachers day

    The best Teachers are those extraordinary human beings that mold young students’ futures and help them become a better version of themselves. Almost every single one of us has had a favorite teacher, with whom we felt free to share everything. A  teacher who is best went above and beyond to make us feel worthy and encouraged us to work harder to achieve our dreams because she was the only one who saw our potential. So don’t think about it when is teacher’s day, it is celebrated on October 5 of the year 2021, take some time out to appreciate that incredible person that helped you at your worst. 

    When is Teachers Day 2021? 

    Each year, World Teachers Appreciation Day is celebrated on October 5. This has been going on since this day was first launched in 1994. 


    Even though National Teacher’s Day is not exactly a public day, it is still celebrated with utmost pride and enthusiasm. This day marks the annual anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO recommendation concerning the rights and status of teachers in our society. 

    World teachers appreciation day 2021 is a global event that was first commemorated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the year 1994. This day sets the standards for teachers’ rights and responsibilities, employment, initial preparation, and their initial preparation. 

     A special day for teachers is specially commemorated for appreciating, assessing, and improving the teaching conditions for educators all across the globe. Each year, this day is observed to address the issues related to teachers and their teaching conditions at schools. This day is seen as an opportunity to focus on different aspects of teaching and letting the educators know what an important role they play in our society’s development. 

    How can we celebrate Teachers’ Day? 

    Following are some of the best ways to celebrate World Teacher Appreciation Day: 

    Show your appreciation with gift: 

    The Best Teachers help us develop our character and shape our talents for the future. On Teacher’s Day, students can show their appreciation for their best educator by presenting them with a small gift. By gift, we mean writing a sweet poem, or a heartfelt “Happy World Teachers Day” card, or you can even surprise them with homemade crafts. 

    Make your teachers feel special: 

    Us teachers appreciation week 2021 was formed to thank teachers who have worked so hard their entire lives to make us better people. Show them how much they mean to you on National Day for our Heros by setting up a raffle with coffee mugs, special gift cards, and other such gifts and wishing them a happy teacher day. The students can present their favorite teachers with coffee, tea, donuts, or pancakes for breakfast before school begins. 

    Give them the royal treatment: 

    We might think that our teachers are perfect but the truth is that their life is just as stressful as yours. Being a teacher is a hard task and can be very frustrating at times as well. On national teacher appreciation day, the school management should pamper their teacher and faculty members for their excellent service. Preparing a surprise lunch, giving them presents or singing them a poem are some great ways to let them know how much they mean to us. 

    How to celebrate World Teachers Appreciation Day during Covid-19? 

    This national teacher’s day is observed annually to focus on the working conditions of our teaching staff and their employees because these are some issues which the government seldom neglects nowadays. This happy teacher day provides our society an opportunity to elevate our teacher’s status in the country in the interest of premium education. 

    However, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our teachers more than ever. It has caused serious problems in our education system, creating challenges no one has ever faced before. The Covid-19 pandemic forced our education process to consider new methods of delivering education to the students. Us Teachers appreciation week 2021 from all across the globe have played an exceptional role in providing remote education to our future leaders and making education accessible to all. 

    World Teacher Day Dates: 

    Year Date Day 
    2021October 5Tuesday 
    2022October 5 Wednesday 
    2023October 5 Thursday 
    2024October 5 Saturday
    2025October 5 Sunday
    2026October 5Monday

    Why is World Teachers Day so important? 

    National Teacher’s day holds great significance. It is particularly celebrated to pay tribute to our educators and figure out ways to eradicate the problems which teachers have to face related to their profession/career. 

    It honors every teacher:

    Waking up early in the morning 6 days a week, having the patience of a saint, and trying their best to always have a positive influence can be hard. One this year, praise them with gifts and sweet poems to show them that you care. 

    It highlights important issues affecting teachers: 

    This allows the educational management and government to discuss the current issues affecting teachers nowadays via webinars, seminars, meetings, and conferences. 

    It applauds progress: 

    Over the years, our teaching faculty has played a great role in shaping society and no doubt they have come a long way. World Teacher day is a reminder that we still have a long way to go and that we need to encourage our educator to keep the hard work up. 

    Teachers Day Cards

    Check out these Teachers Day Cards Images and Know How to make Teachers Day Cards?

    Teachers Day Cards - How to make Teachers day cards

    World Teachers Appreciation Day Quotes and messages: 

    Here are some inspirational World Teachers Day quotes and messages for you! 

    • Another word for happy is “A teacher has the power to change the world”. 
    • “Teachers inspire, entertain, and mold future generations.” 
    • Whenever you discover something extraordinary, you’ll also find the fingerprints of a great teacher behind it.” 
    • Teachers are the most respectable and vital members of society. We salute our teachers!” 
    • “A good teacher builds character, intelligence, and courage. Happy Teachers Day to all our honorable sir” 
    teachers day

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    Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs:

    When was World Teachers Appreciation  Day first celebrated?

    World Teachers’ Day was first celebrated back in the year 1994. UNESCO declared October 5 to be National Teachers Day.

    Why do we celebrate World Teachers Appreciation Day?

    Another word for happy is National Teachers Appreciation Day provides everyone with a great opportunity to thank their favorite teachers for all they’ve done for them. No matter where someone is in the world, they can find a way to make their teachers feel special on this day. Remember teachers appreciation week  2021 to say thanks to your greatest supporters!

    When is World Teachers Appreciation Day this year?

    Another word for happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day will be commemorated on October 5 (Tuesday) this year.

    How can we honor our teachers?

    There are plenty of ways to make your best teachers feel special and respected. Firstly, you should think about thoughtful ways to say “Thank you” to your best teachers ever for all they have done for you on our teachers appreciation day. We are sure that they will love even the smallest gestures. 

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