• 👋Waving Hand Emoji

    👋Waving hand Emoji Meaning: 

    This emoji is used to express feeling. Feeling of hello to bye. This emoji starts with Hi and ends on Goodbye. A yellow palm with two vibrating waves is also called Hi emoji, Bye Emoji, Hand Emoji, Wave emoji, Hand wave emoji, waving goodbye emoji, waving smiley. You can copy and paste the multi-emojis combo from our article saying hay whats app Long time to see you etc. These moving waves also mean that a slap in a friendly manner like Hay Damn Hell where are you? That is the journey from Hay to Goodbye. This emoji can also be used to send a sixth sense alert of not being friends anymore when used on WeChat in China.

    Waving Hand emoji

    Grab Attention:

    If you want to notice you enter these yellow two vibrating waves just to say that HAY I AM HERE or If you want to say bye you can also use this like I AM LEAVING. This vibrating wave emoji shows feelings of Hays’s to bye.

    Texting after ages

    These waving hand emojis play an important role in long-distance friendship and long-lost friends just say a simple hi. You use waving emoji to boost your friendship.


    Waving Hand was allowed as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the label of “Waving Hand Sign” and combined to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

    Lavish Combo to use 👋 Waving hand Emoji 

    • 👋Sunshine 
    • Hola 👋
    • Milk 👋
    • 👋 Listen 
    • Good 👋kiss😗
    • 👋Long time No👀
    •  ðŸ‘‹I love you ❤️
    • 👋 Happy 🎂
    • Yo 👋party🎉
    • See you, My friend, 👋
    • 👋 To all of you 💖ones
    • Good 👋
    • 👋Smily 😊

    Other names:

    • Hi 👋emoji 
    • Hello👋emoji
    • Whatsapp 👋emoji
    • Goodbye👋emoji
    • 👋See you emoji
    • Slap👋emoji emoji 
    • Hand wave emoji 
    • Waving  emoji
    • Yo👋 emoji

    You Also Known As:

    • 👋Good bye
    • 👋Hand wave
    • 👋Hello
    • 👋Waving 

    Apple Name

    • 👋 Waving hand

    Uni code Name:

    • 👋 waving hand sign 
    For Apple Devices Waving emoji 
    For iPhone iOS 14.6
    For iPhone iOS 10.2
    For iPhone iOS 10.0
    For iPhone iOS 8.3
    For iPhone iOS 6.0
    For iPhone iOS 5.1
    For iPhone iOS 4.0
    For iPhone OS 2.2
    For Google Waving emoji 
    For Android 12.0
    For Android 11.0
    For Android 8.0
    For Android 7.0
    For Android 6.0.1
    For Android 5.0
    For Android 4.4
    For Android 4.3
    For Samsung Waving emoji 
    One UL 2.5
    Experience 9.1
    Experience 9.0
    Touch Wiz 7.1
    Touch Wiz 7.0
    Touch Wiz Nature Ux 2
    For Microsoft Waving emoji 
    Windows 10 May 2019 Update 
    Windows 10 Anniversary Update 
    Windows 10
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 8.0
    For Whats app Waving emoji
    For Twitter Waving emoji 
    Twemoji 13.1
    Twemoji 11.3
    Twemoji 2.5
    Twemoji 2.2.3
    Twemoji 2.0
    Twemoji 1.0
    For Facebook Waving emoji 
    For Messenger Waving emoji 

    Code points:

    • 👋U+ 1F44B


    • wave: (Github, Slack)

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