• ❤️ Red Heart Emoji

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    Red heart emoji

    Emoji explanation:

    For the expressions of romance and adoration, a warm emotional red love heart emoji is used. This is the most classic integral attribute of lovebirds’ posts and conversations. This Red Emoji is also used as a love emoji. This can also be adaptable to declare happiness, gratitude, love, hope, even flirtatiousness. The symbol of the heart emoji is ❤️ and you copy and paste the heart symbol from here.

    Vital essence:

    Its vital essence is love. It is used to disclose the sensation of love for relatives, friends, and partners. Apart from love, these emoji convey fondness of adore. Which you can feel in the eyes of your partner. 

     Sarcastic nuance:

    Sometimes it is used in the nasty meaning when commenting on something distasteful but irresistible.

    Snapchat meaning:

    On Snapchat, shows this emoji shows next to a friend when you have been #1 BFs with each other for two successive weeks. 


    This was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 and in 1993 red heart was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 under the name “Heavy Black Heart”. And emojipedia is also one of the best places for all emojis.


    When the style attribute to a solid black ❤︎ heart character the Unicode Character Database (UCD) name “Heavy Black Heart” pre-dates the color emoji. You can Heart symbol copy and paste from here.

    Lavish combo to use ❤️ Red Heart Emoji:

    The red heart comes with other emojis like smiling face with heart-eyes😍, happy emoji with heart 🥰, face blowing a kiss emoji with heart 😘, smiling cat emoji heart eyes 😻, love letter with heart💌 etc. And all these heart symbols present love.


    • I love you by ❤️
    • I’m full of ​❤️​😭
    • Love ​❤️that
    • You ​❤️ is my property🔐
    • Heartless​❤️​❌​
    • Love formula ​👦🏻​+​👩🏻​=​❤️​
    • Love has no limits ​👩🏻​❤️​👩🏻​
    • Speaking straight from the heart ​🗣​❤️​
    • He loves someone else ​🤷🏾‍♀️​❤️​😔😭​
    • Love you ​😗​+​❤️​=​😘​
    • A wish for love ​❤️🤞​

    You Also Know:

    Apple Name:

    • ❤️Red Heart

    Unicode Name:

    • ❤️Heavy Red Heart

    Otherwise called as 

    • ❤️ Red Heart
    • ❤️Heart
    • ❤️Love Heart
    Red Heart Emoji
    For Apple Devices
    For iPhone iOS 14.6
    For iPhone iOS 10.2
    For iPhone iOS 8.3
    For iPhone iOS 6.0
    For iPhone iOS 5.1 
    For iPhone iOS 4.0
    For iPhone OS 2.2
    For google android 12.0
    For google android 11.0
    For google android 8.0
    For google android 7.0
    For google android 5.0
    For google android 4.4
    For google android 4.3
    For Gmail
    For Samsung devices 
    For One UI 2.5
    For One UI 1.0
    For Experience 9.0
    For TouchWiz 7.1
    For TouchWiz 7.0
    For TouchWiz 6.0
    For TouchWiz 5.1
    For TouchWiz Nature UX 2
    For Microsoft
    For Window 10 updated on May 2019
    For Windows 10 updated on Anniversary
    Windows 10
    For Windows 8.1
    For Windows 8.0
    For WhatsApp
    For version
    For 2.17
    Twemoji 13.1
    Twemoji 11.1
    Twemoji 1.0
    For version 4.0
    For version 3.0
    For version 2.0
    For version 1.0
    For Messenger
    For version 1.0
    For version Firefox OS 2.5


    • ❤U+2764
    • U+FE0F

    Short codes:

    • :heart:(Github,Slack)

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    What does the Red Heart mean on Snapchat?

    “1 best friend with” The meaning of Red Heart on Snapchat is that you have been #1 best friends with each other for two weeks straight

    What does a Red Heart mean?

    For the expressions of romance and adoration, a warm emotional red love heart emoji is used.

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