• 🖤Black Heart Emoji

    Do you want to know what does a black heart means? What is the black heart Emoji? Read the article to know.

    Black Heart Emoji

    Black Heart Emoji Meaning:

    Following are the black heart emoji meaning:

    Selfless Love: 

    🖤Black heart emoji is the perfect emoji that shows you just love sad stuff. It is also used for a rainy day when you are sitting inside alone, feeling angsty and misunderstood.

    Symbol of cruelty:

    🖤With black heart emoji you can designate a cruel and heartless person. This emoji has a bucket of meanings in different situations. It is the symbol to express emptiness, bleached heart, lack of emotions as it looks lifeless.

    Black lives Matter Movement:

    🖤This emoji is increasingly used to express support for the black lives matter movement. It is a political movement that supports black people and opposes the brutality of the police against black minorities.

    🖤Fashion and chic:

    Since it is a heart that expresses love and color black is an iconic symbol in the fan of glamour. It is used to adore someone’s outfits or looks.

    Symbol of power:

    Blackheart symbol meaning🖤 displays emotional power. We must be stronger than circumstances, no matter how cruel life is. 

    Be powerful don’t lose hope = 🖤 💪 

    Symbol of Morbidity:

    Black Heart 🖤 shows a form of dark humor, sorrow, morbidity, emptiness, R.I.P, grief, or shows condolence for someone’s death.


    In 2016 it was added to Emoji 3.0 and approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016.

    Another name:

    • 🖤 Dark Heart
    • 🖤Black heart


    • 🖤U+1F5A4


    • :black_heart:(Github,Slack)

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    Lavish combo to use 🖤

    • When you love someone’s dress = 👗🖤
    • Like someone’s coat= 🧥🖤
    •  Stylish handbags =👜🖤
    • How great is the look =🖤🔥👍
    • WOW!= 🤩🖤


    • Left loved one ​🖤​👣​
    • You are save in my heart no one can see you ​🖤​🗝​🔒
    • Wilted love ​🥀​🖤​
    • Heart with Religious sympathy ​🖤​✡️️​💯​
    • The memory of a person ​🪦​💭​🖤​
    • Love for chocolates ​​🖤​🤍​🤎​
    • Emoji looks different on different platforms so have a look at the collection of black Hearts.

    Apple Emoji:

    For Apple devices 
    For iPhone iOS 14.6 
    For iPhone iOS 11.1
    For iPhone 10.2

    Google Emoji:

    For Google devices 
    For Android 12.0
    For Android 11.0
    For Android 8.0
    For Android 7.0

    Samsung Emoji:

    For Samsung devices
    One UI 2.5
    One UI 1.0 
    Experience 9.0 
    TouchWiz 7.1

    Microsoft emoji:

    For Microsoft devices
    For windows updated on 10 May 2019 Update
    For windows updated on 10th Anniversary

    WhatsApp emoji:

    For WhatsApp 
    For version
    For version 2.17

    Twitter emoji:

    For Twitter 
    For version Twemoji 13.1
    For version Twemoji 11.2
    For version Twemoji 2.1

    Facebook emoji:

    For Facebook 
    For version 4.0 
    For version 3.0
    For version 2.0

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