Nick Cannon ‘Exposes’ Homophobic Tweets From Female Comedians In Defense Of Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart refused to apologize for old homophobic tweets and has stepped down as the host of the Academy Awards. Now this is a big gig to step down from. Nick Cannon (aka Mariah Carey’s ex-husband), has been quick to defend the comedian following the backlash over his old tweets.

Nick Cannon ‘Exposes’ Homophobic Tweets From Female Comedians In Defense Of Kevin Hart

So what did Nick Cannon do? He resurfaced old tweets from female comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler and Amy Schumer that he says had used similar homophobic slurs like Kevin Hart. Cannon likes to play dirty!

He posted a screenshot of Handlers old tweet from 2010 with the caption that said “interesting, I wonder if there is any backlash here.” So what did the old gem say? Her tweet said, ” This is what a f— bird likes like when he flexes,” it included a picture that is now no longer available. Hhhmm, we wonder why! If you’re wondering, Handler did not receive the same backlash as Hart.

Nick Cannon, on the other hand, did not stop there, he then posted Schumer’s old tweet from 2012, in which she had written, “Enjoy Skyfall f—. I’m about to get knee deep in Helen Hunt #thesessions.”

Now, with all the evidence on full display to the world, Nick then tweeted, “should we keep on going?” Yes, Nick! You know we’re addicted to celebrity drama! His next target was a tweet from Sarah Silverman from 2012 where she wrote: “I don’t mean this in a hateful way but the new bachelorette’s a f—.” In Silverman’s defense, she has gone on record to say that she cringes at her old material and has learned from her past mistakes. According to an interview that she gave to The Guardian, she said: “I am changed forever by my mistakes, and do what I can to make it right going forward.” The female comedian also said her humor is very different now. In an interview to a different publication, Silverman went on record to say that she doesn’t mind taking full responsibility for her words.

Does that mean we should forgive Silverman and not Hart?

When a fan asked Cannon to “audit” his own tweets, he firmly replied, “nope.” “You know I’ve been saying f— up s— since twitter started! I don’t play that politically correct bulls—! F— politics!! Only Truth!” Nick added.

You know how the internet police are, right? They’re holier than thou and just troll everyone. One Twitter user took upon him to go through Nick Cannon’s Tweets and pointed out that he had previously spoken out against black men and comedians for making homophobic jokes. Instead of applauding Cannon, another Twitter user pointed that he shouldn’t have gone and “exposed” white women because a black man was in the wrong. It started with homophobic jokes and ended up with the racism card! Typical!

Kevin Hart, on the other hand, has chosen to stay quiet initially, but later apologized for his words. He did or was forced to step down as a host of the Oscars though! We wonder who’s laughing now!