Tyler Perry Paid $430,000 Worth Of Layaways At Walmart In Georgia

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s the season for giving. For Tyler Perry, he doesn’t need to wear a Santa suit to play Santa simply because his random act of kindness has paid off more than a thousand people’s bills for their layaways at two Walmart branches in Georgia.

Tyler Perry Paid $430,000 Worth Of Layaways At Walmart In GeorgiaImage Credit: RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com

Reportedly, Perry donated $432,635 to the Walmart stores. People who get to receive this heart-warming Christmas gift from the actor are likely to consider it as a Holiday Miracle. Layaway is a purchasing method that allows a customer to reserve an item at a retailer with a small amount (as a deposit), and then pay the remaining balance over time. Once fully paid, the customer can already get the product.

Tyler Perry is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, and playwright. In 2011, Forbes ranked him as the highest paid man in the entertainment business. He earned $130 million between May of 2010 and 2011. He came a long way since he started in the entertainment business and now he is one of the biggest names in the filmmaking industry. As of today, Perry’s estimated net worth is $600 million.

In a Twitter video that came recently, Perry said: “I was trying to do this anonymously.” “So I just wanted to go ahead and tell you, if you have a layaway at Walmart at 844 Cleveland Avenue in East Point, GA, in Atlanta, or if you have a layaway at the Walmart at 7001 Concourse Parkway in Douglasville, GA… If you have a layaway at either place and it was in there as of 9:30 this morning…I have paid for all of your layaways for Christmas. So Merry Christmas to everybody.”

“You gotta go into the Walmart, get your layaway, pay a penny, one penny, and you get your layaway.” “I know it’s hard times, a lot of people are struggling, and I’m just really, really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this. So God bless you, go get your stuff, and Merry Christmas.”

According to a Walmart spokesperson: “Tyler Perry’s generous donation is making an unbelievable difference for so many families, and we can’t thank him enough for his kindness. The heartfelt excitement and joy we’re seeing from our customers as a result of his holiday gift have been touching.”

It could be that Tyler Perry wanted to give back to people all the love, support, and blessings that he is receiving. But, still, it gets to show how kind and generous he is as a person. He has given over a thousand people a Christmas gift without expecting anything in return.