Most Expensive Yacht in the World

What’s common among all rich people? Well, they don’t have to check price tags and like to spend money whole-heartedly. You’ll be left totally flabbergasted after finding out how much a person can squander upon a yacht. If you’re wondering whether you can afford this particular yacht or not, then sorry to shatter your dreams. That’s only possible if you’re a part of the Billionaires club (yes, not even millionaires qualify). We are going to tell you all about the Most Expensive Yacht in the World.

Most Expensive YachtImage Credit: Stuart Hughes

An anonymous Malaysian businessman owns the most expensive yacht – History Supreme. Breaking the curiosity, this yacht’s owner is no more hidden as he is reported to be Robert Kuok – The Richest Man of Malaysia. Are you wondering how this yacht is the most luxurious one in the world? In this article, The Squander will provide you the insight into this most expensive yacht.

History Supreme – Built with Precious Metals

The most expensive yacht in the world, History Supreme, is covered with gold and platinum from top to bottom. The yacht has been designed by Stuart Hughes, who is a well-known British designer of luxurious products. The construction of this 100 ft. yacht took over three years, and you will be astonished to find out that 100,000 kilograms of platinum and gold have been used to complete this sumptuous invention. 

One of the eye-opening features of History Supreme is its dining area. The dining area is covered in a glass atrium, and all the utensils, furniture, and crockery are made of gold and platinum. It won’t be wrong to say that the billionaire who owns the yacht must feel like a king in his exclusive haven.

History Supreme - The most expensive yacht
Source: The Sun

The master bedroom of the extravagant yacht is furnished with precious metals. One of the walls in the bedroom is adorned with the bone of Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur and meteoric stone. If that wasn’t enough to make it the most expensive yacht in the world, it is decorated with an aquarium made up of 24-carat gold. The base of this yacht is built entirely of pure gold; plus, the anchor, rails, and deck are wrapped in exquisite metals. 

History Supreme - Most Expensive Yacht
Source: The Sun

That’s not all! The History Supreme is equipped with an iPhone that isn’t an ordinary Apple’s product as it has been covered in 500 cut diamonds, including a 7.4-carat pink diamond. Another rarest on-board investment of this yacht includes a liquor bottle fitted with an 18.5-carat diamond. Isn’t it insanely amazing?

Most Expensive Yacht is Worth $4.8 Billion

The mammoth History Supreme easily overshadows all the other expensive yachts. This epic creation’s worth is whopping $4.8 billion. And no other yacht is even close to the worth of Stuart Hughes’s masterpiece. Robert Kuok anonymously bought the yacht in 2011, and chose to stay away from the spot light. Robert Kuok net worth is around $15 billion, making him the richest man in Malaysia. 

The most expensive yacht in the world is more than double the price of the yacht that the richest man in Russia, Roman Abramovich owns. The owner of the Chelsea Football Club has possession of Eclipse, which is equipped with a missile defense system. Eclipse is worth over $2 billion, but still it is far less than History Supreme.

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to spend time on your own yacht worth over $4.5 billion? Well, Robert Kuok must be familiar with that feeling, and that’s what we call a lavish life.

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