The Most Expensive Things on Amazon are Bizarre

AOL just released a list of the most expensive items found on Amazon and absolutely every single one of them are ridiculous.

The Most Expensive Things on Amazon are Bizarre

For instance, take into consideration just the 10th most expensive item on the list: the “Virgin Human Hair Extensions” available for $24,858. We can promise, however, they’re not *exactly* what you’d think.

The extensions get their expensive price because they’re from donors who have never dyed or done any chemical process to their hair whatsoever, hence the “Virgin” part to the title.

As the list progresses, the items get seriously more expensive by the hundreds of thousands.

Number three on the list is an Indian ten-dollar coin from 1907 for $624,000. AOL said the quality of the coin is “designated to be very high,” which we would hope would the bare minimum description of a coin worth the amount of money it is.

The most expensive item on the list? A piece of memorabilia that only horror movie buffs would care to know.

“Freaks 1932 Movie Poster. $850,000. This incredibly rare piece of horror movie memorabilia is said to be the only known one of it’s kind. The 27 inch by 41 inch print comes shrink wrapped and will be shipped free of charge,” AOL said of the number one spot holder.

Free shipping. Who would have thunk.