Logan Paul Net Worth

The Paul Brothers: If there’s one thing that Jake Paul should be known for, it’s both his good looks and his laid back Californian vibe. But the Paul family isn’t just limited to Jake. There’s an older Paul brother, and it seems as if he’s the one who first wanted to break into Hollywood. So, just how rich is Logan Paul and how does Logan Paul Net Worth compare to his brother, Jake Paul?

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul Shoots to Fame

Logan Paul first shot to fame when he began posting videos to his YouTube channel, Zoosh. Although Zoosh only had a small following well into Logan Paul’s teenage years, after attending his state university for 1 year, Logan Paul decided to drop out and pursue a career as a social media entertainer full time. So he made the move from Ohio to Los Angeles.

Somehow, Paul’s career really took off in 2014, after he moved to L.A. Logan Paul began posting videos to Vine as well as multiple other social media platforms and garnered a huge following. In fact, in 2018, Logan Paul was ranked as the 10th most influential figure on Vine.

Simultaneously, Paul began to be featured in TV commercials, including advertisements for PepsiCo, Hanes and HBO. Paul is also known for a recent YouTube video that he collaborated on with Alexandra Daddario and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In 2018, Paul starred in the YouTube Red movie, “The Thinning.” Additionally, Paul signed on a for running digital TV series with Comcast.

Logan Paul’s Many Promotion Opportunities

So how much wealth has Logan Paul accumulated? To start getting an estimation, let’s take a look at Paul’s YouTube channel. He has more than 10 million subscribers on his channel and more than 11 million followers on Instagram. Now, that’s a lot of advertising money. Not to mention, Logan Paul has quite the online shop where he sells a number of goods, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops. Finally, with his movie and TV career poised to take off, Paul has more negotiating power in terms of salary.

Logan Paul Net Worth

So what’s Logan Paul’s net worth? Given the size of his social media following as compared to social media stars such as Lily Singh, whose net worth has been well publicized, Logan Paul Net Worth is estimated to be $17-19 Million. Want to know his brother Jake Paul’s net worth?

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