FaZe Banks Net Worth

Faze Banks has been making waves in the past week for getting into quite a bit of conflict with Jake Paul’s crew. But just what does this guy do in his career and how much money has he accumulated, given the number of headlines he’s been making.
The Squander will give you the scoop on this nobody who suddenly appears to be a somebody, at least as far as social media goes.

FaZe Banks Net Worth

Who Owns FaZe Clan?

FaZe Banks is a YouTube star, operating as the COO of FaZeClan, or the Call of Duty gaming group. His actual name is Ricky Banks. FaZe Banks first created his YouTube channel in 2011. In addition to leading his immensely popular gaming group, FaZe Banks also works as a producer, composer and songwriter.
The FaZe Clan first came about in 2010. The clan became competitive in “The Call of Duty” game series. Clan members won the Call of Duty Championship 2018.

On average, FaZe members have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, with some having between three and five million subscribers. The official FaZe Clan YouTube channel has 4.5 million subscribers.

FaZe Banks Life & Earnings

Individual Social Media Following

As far as his own, individual social media following is concerned, FaZe Banks has accumulated 1.8 million followers on his Instagram, approximately 4.7 million subscribes on his YouTube channel, and 1.8 million followers on Twitter.

FaZe Banks’s Girlfriend Alissa Violet

FaZe Banks’s reputation has gained further steam as a result of his dating Alissa Violet, someone who’s also had history with YouTube star, Jake Paul.

In the past week or so, Jake Paul has gone public about having gotten into a fight with FaZe Banks. Apparently, Jake Paul has been claiming that his assistant, Meg was assaulted at a club by FaZe Banks. Reportedly, Meg witnessed FaZe Banks kissing another girl at the club who wasn’t Alissa Violet.

How Much Money does FaZe Banks Make?

However, despite the conflict, it appears that Jake Paul and FaZe Banks have called a truce this week.

So how much money is FaZe Banks worth?

Let’s break it down: According to the Economist, social media stars such as FaZe Banks with a certain amount of influence can make as much as $187,500 for having between 4-6 million subscribers and 450 million views on YouTube and $50,000 for 1-3 million followers on Instagram.

Now, while FaZe Banks make not be that big a celebrity and as likely to command the plum endorsement deals that someone like Selena Gomez is, he does also make money from advertising dollars from all of those YouTube views.

Faze Banks Net Worth – $3 million

And so, when comparing him to someone like Lily Singh, whose net worth from YouTube fame has been well publicized, FaZe Banks is certainly bringing in a reasonable income. As a result, all told, we estimate that Faze Banks Net Worth 2019 is in the ballpark of $3 Million.

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