Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat is a YouTube celebrity born on 25the March 1981. Casey has three siblings. He is a school dropout and ran from home at the age of 15, after getting into a fight with her mom. In the YouTube arena, Casey Neistat is a living legend. Usually, when we count the net worth of YouTubers, plenty of that depends on their ad-revenue. However, Casey Neistat Net Worth is quite different. So what is the worth of co-founder of Beme?

Name: Casey Owen Neistat
Age: 39
Born: 03/25/1981
Country: United States of America
Profession: YouTuber, Vlogger, Filmmaker
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YouTube Monetization & Beme

His fan following may remember, Neistat revealed back in 2014 that he makes no money from YouTube because he does not monetize his channel. It is important to note that when Neistat co-founded Beme, he and his team had to pitch the idea to investors. No one was interested in investing money in the project.

Beme has now been sold to CNN for a reported $25 million; however, Neistat explained that it was not like winning the lottery. Neistat was working with CNN for crafting the fortune of Beme.

Neistat House – Family, Wife & Kids

Candice Pool is the wife of this famous YouTube content maker. They have dated many years before marriage. On December 2013 they got married, and now they have two beautiful daughters named Francine and Georgie. He has an expensive four-bedroom house worth $3.5 to $4 Million in Venice, Los Angeles, Calif.

Casey Vlogs and Ad-campaigns

In the meantime, let’s take a look at his Vlogs and ad-campaigns with companies like J. Crew, Mercedes-Benz and sneaker giant Nike. His film school experience has helped him create meaningfully and some of the great videos. In some cases, Neistat even inspires people to participate in charity to go out there and help others in any way we can. His videos are quite personal, and the style is quite unique.

If you can grab anything from Neistat’s videos, it depicts that he is working hard on the quality of the videos. Now let’s get down to what you’ve been waiting for.

Casey Neistat was born in America in 1981. Since dropping out of high school when he was just 17, he became a famous vlogger on YouTube and is also the co-founder of the lucrative multimedia company, Beme. After dropping out, he lived in a trailer park with his girlfriend for three years until he decided to move to New York City. He began his first job there as a bike messenger.

Casey Neistat Career, Earnings, Salary, Job

The media first noticed Casey Neistat in 2003. He made a short video called IPod’s Dirty Secret which chastised Apple for providing no replacement battery for the iPod music players. The video raised global attention and brought to light Apple’s battery replacement practices. Not only did the video received rave reviews, but it also prompted Apple to review their battery replacement policies.

How Did Neistat Get Rich?

In 2004, Casey Neistat and his brother produced 15- minute long films called Science Experiments, where they performed various experiments. It also received wide acclaim.

In 2010, Casey Neistat produced videos criticizing the NYC subways emergency procedures, as well as taking a comical shot at the NYCPD for irregular ticketing against cyclists riding outside bike lanes.

In 2011, Casey Neistat was named number 82 on New Media Rock star’s Top 100.

How Much Money Does Casey Neistat Have?

In 2015, Casey Neistat began creating daily vlogs, which he hoped would provide a platform for discussion. Neistat went viral when he collaborated with his brother and few friends and created a short video during the 2016 American Blizzard. In the video, Casey was shown being towed behind a vehicle through New York City. A police officer stops him but lets him go free. In less than one day, the video had 6 million views on YouTube.

In September 2016, Casey Neistat was honored with GQ’s “New Media Star” Man of the Year Award.

Casey Neistat is still producing daily vlogs, with an incredibly wide variety, and today he has close to 9 million subscribers.

In 2015, Casey Neistat told that he and his partner Matt Hackett would shortly release a video sharing app called Beme in a YouTube Vlog.

How Much Did Casey Sell BEME For?

Beme received praise from the New York Times as well as Buzzfeed, within eight days, 1.1 million videos were shared. Late in 2016, CNN proclaimed they were to buy Beme for a sum of around $25 million; users were told the app was going to be discontinued. Earlier this year, he produced a vlog stating that he would no longer be working with CNN.

Not only was Casey Neistat a video content creator, but he also directed TV adverts, and his debut video starred himself in a commercial for Nike. He produced the video with his classic comical flare, and it went viral in three days it had 1.5 million views.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Because of his success, Casey Neistat also participates in some public speaking. In 2011, he spoke at the Museum for Modern Art in NYC. The talk was titled “Casey Neistat will show and tell you how he taught himself everything from design to film making since he dropped out of high school.” The venue was sold out, and tickets were $40 each.

Casey Neistat also gave a speech at The Nantucket Project in 2011. It was praised for its depth of intelligence, and his methods were also praised for giving hope to future filmmakers.

Casey Neistat’s fame as a vlogger, as well as his other endeavors, have meant that he has earned a lot of money. According to our estimate, the Casey Neistat Net Worth as of 2019 is approximate $12 Million to $15 Million.