Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Indefinitely Postpone Their Summer Wedding in Italy

Well, sad news for Alex Rodriguez, as he has to wait yet to see his ring on Jennifer Lopez’s finger. Jennifer and Alex were fantasizing to have a marriage of their dreams in the beautiful sceneries of Italy and they were planning for it over a long time. However, where this current COVID-19 pandemic disturbed every single person on this planet, it has also spoiled all the plans of the famous power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. In an interview a few weeks ago, Lopez said, “see what happens,” when she was asked a question about her wedding. 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Indefinitely Postpone Their Summer WeddingImage Credit: Today Show

Now, as per the reports, the Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez has postponed their wedding that was planned in summer due to this pandemic. The singer and former pro-athlete took this decision after struggling for weeks over the decision. The couple was waiting for the things to get back to normal, but now as things are not going in any better direction, they decided that postponing the wedding would be the safest and best option right now. 

Jennifer and Alex were planning to have the wedding in Italy, which is disastrously affected by the COVID-19, so they decided to wait for the right time. Also, the guests have been informed that the wedding is postponed. This is the worst scenario for both of them, but still, they are hopeful about having the ceremony just like the way they were planning it for months. Lopez also said that timing of the marriage doesn’t matter to her, ‘’But if we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives, what is the rush”.

On the other hand, Alex said in a funny mood that he might have a casual wedding, just like he celebrated his daughter’s 12th birthday. But in reality, the couple has planned a splendid and expensive wedding. Jennifer Lopez, who is famous for her fashion sense and beautiful looks, was also expecting a flourishing wedding this summer. With such a lavish wedding planned, we can only image Jennifer Lopez net worth. 

The singer was focusing on this wedding for quite long; she had to left her work behind many times for it. She was working on various songs, and videos before this pandemic. 

Jennifer’s Career Highlights

JLO is considered one of the most popular entertainers of today, who has proved her versatility to the whole world as an actor, singer, dancer, and businesswoman. Jennifer is standing among the most prestigious entertainers of recent times. JLO always wanted to become a movie star from her childhood, and this dream encouraged her to leave her town for New York. She started her journey as a dancer, and soon she cast in movies because of her beauty and talent. 

Later, she gained considerable fame in acting and moved towards singing and again proved herself as a fantastic singer. Her songs converted into a rage and were charting at no.1 in America within no time. Jennifer’s exotic dance in the music videos increased the sales and made her a celebrity. Lopez has won various awards till now and also considered one of the wealthiest entertainers of the world. According to the reports, Jennifer Lopez Net Worth is more than $250 million.

The super-talented actress married thrice, and have two children, but none of her marriage could last for long. Now, she is going to get married to a pro-athlete Alex Rodriguez. So, just like everyone else, both of them are hoping that things will get settled soon and they can have a wedding as per their desires.