• Top 5 Best Free VPNs

    What is VPN?

    There are the Top 5 Best Free VPN that makes a secure connection between you and the Internet. Which keeps your IP address safe is called a VPN(Virtual Private Network). It handles your traffic data in a very secure way and when you are using the internet it helps you to hide the IP address. It helps us stay safe from foreign attacks. Furthermore, it helps to hide your current location.

    top 5 vpn

    Why do we use the VPN?

    When some sites and websites are not open or run properly, we feel not comfortable and secure, then we use the free safe VPN to save and secure our data easily. Some sites restrict their personal information due to the government, so they cannot be opened without using a Virtual Private Network. But using it is considered an illegal method for the government, so they punish its user. It provides us with a secure and private online network. Nowadays, the number of users of free VPN is increasing day by day because it is not an alien thing some people are afraid of this, however, it is a support and very useful for us.

    what is VPN

    Top 5 Best Free VPNs

    ProtonVPN (Best Free VPN with Unlimited Data)

    This free VPN software is very cooperative and too beneficial for you. The Editor rating of this VPN is 8.8 out of 10 (8.8/10). It is a very useful and trusted VPN, we can depend on it without any risk. ProtonVPN protects your data and does not show your data because it follows humans rights are necessary for all.

    ProtonVPN (Best Free VPN with Unlimited Data)

    Features and Effects of Proton VPN:

    • However, it takes the privacy necessary for everyone, so it delivers itself for free so that you feel safe and comfortable when you are using your browsing data it has no catches as the others do, and it delivers not commercial. By using this truly free VPN, we can do a live stream of anything.
    • Virtual Private Network accelerator is a set of technologies that is very useful for vpn free because it increases the speed of proton VPN up to 400 times. We use the VPN Accelerator dramatically to eliminate delays, change our code, and increase the speed of our devices.
    • The main focus of a free VPN server is to make sure security, which we learned a lesson from doing work with the journalists and reporters.
    • By using this VPN for free your data is completely safe because it does not record your activities when you are using it so, it’s fully reliable, and therefore it does not give your data to third parties.
    • Proton VPN protects your data is right but when claiming falls on it, it’s preferred to solve this problem through talking, and we know it’s free so, the best Free VPN  gives the best which it has capacity.
    • Our mission is to provide a free safe VPN to everyone so that everyone does his work with passion and fully relax. It is good free VPN  and if you want this on Iphone best vpn for iphone for online security and access for all, to achieve his goals.

    Tunnel Bear Free (VPN for PC)

    Tunnel Bear Free (VPN for PC)

    The tunnel VPN is specially designed for the beginner’s user it is very easy to understand, it is a very secure way to access your web data. The Editor rating of tunnel bear VPN is 8.8 out of 10 (8.8/10). The Average rating of this VPN is 4.5 out of five stars. It is very grateful for the mobile devices. Its special ability is to not logging data.  It is the best free VPN for PC very good for you, but it has many disadvantages, so we see how it may help for us or not. Tunnel Bear is the best free VPN for PC and free VPN for windows

    Features and Effects of Tunnel Bear-Free VPN:

    • Tunnel VPN is not a common server, it is only a handful. But it does not mean it has not been affected. It is not useful for some websites like Netflix, which gives the slow speed on web windows and Surveillance of Five Eye country.
    • It secures your data with full security and grantee. Because the network owners and internet providers can see your activity status but, tunel bear VPN protects your account and your data.
    • Some contact only shows in some regions or places, through the help of the best free VPN we can see everything anywhere because it changes your online virtual location.
    • It does not provide the best customer support.
    • Its main aim is who popular websites and sites that are blocked by the government, you can run it with the help of tunel VPN.
    • Tunnel bear uses strong encryption be like AES-256 bit.
    • It is helpful to stop IP-address locations that may be tracked by the hacker and third parties.
    • It is always on, don’t worry about logging off because it’s always-on, and it is not waiting for you to re-connecting the tunnel bear.

    Hotspot Shield – Best Free(VPN for Windows)

    Hotspot Shield - Best Free(VPN for Windows)

    These VPN services touch the first rank status because their Editor Rating is 8.9 out of 10 (8.9/10). The average rating of this VPN is 4.7 out of 5 stars.  This best free VPN is very useful for securing data especially for gaming, streaming, and for other network working and browsing data. But it has its own features and effects.

    Features and Effects of Hotspot-Shield Free-VPN:

    • It only works in the IOS, MAC android, and Windows. But it does not work in Fire TV, Xbox, Linux, and extensions for Chrome, etc.
    • It is very impressive for hotspot shield VPN because it connects to the  VPN tunnel only in 5 seconds. One device may be connected at a time to the hotspot shield but is a very valuable thing because its switches between the two connections at a very high speed.
    • It is a free vpn for Netflix but for now hotspot shields access with Netflix and video streaming for Mac users or websites.
    • It gives a very marvelous speed, hotspot shield provides maximum speed when we checking it, for downloading.
    • Not only that, but vpn free provides a free option for their users, hotspot shield chrome prefers a free version, but it accesses only 500 MB’s every day.
    • Likewise, it gives very slow customer support because you can only contact support by submitting a ticket or can doing a live chat.
    • Furthermore, it is not a good free VPN for retention of a stick data laws, because its membership with a Five Eye, Nine Eye, and Fourteen Eyes, and most important thing for creating Virtual Private Network server, America is not an applicable place for that.
    • It gives only Five simultaneous connections per subscription, and it does not cut for some people just a five.
    • When you are uploading and want to speed test, so you cannot find this type of freevpn. Because it is a truly free VPN to use.

    Surfshark – Best Free VPN Overall

    Surfshark - Best Free VPN Overall

    It is the free VPN software and its touches the second rank status, but its Editor rating is 8.6 out of 10 (8.6/10). But its rank is the second 2nd, the average rating o this VPN is 4.4 out of five stars. It is a very friendly option for beginner users, it also passes the Mac test e.g. DNS test and Web RTS test. So let us see how it is useful for us or not. This Vpn provides a free VPN service

    Features and Effects of Surfshark VPN:

    • It works on many websites and sires like Docs, IOS, Windows,  Macs, Android, Extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and Opera. But it does not work well for Streaming and gaming purposes etc.
    • This is the best free VPN for Netflix and torrenting, so that’s why it’s considered a very good freeVPN.
    • When we need a private network server for work, so we may use the surf shark to connect with the Via-connected.
    • The best thing for the users of surf shark is it independent of FIVE eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes, so that’s why it does not give our data to the United States.
    • The main cause of surfshark VPN is, it gives up only one IP address when we log in, so that is why it is very easy for hackers to show and hacked our personal data.
    • If we don’t help with the surf shark free safe vpn, so we may not find any content number if you have fond of live chat.
    • It is very useful for split tunneling.

    Windscribe (Free unlimited vpn for windows)

    Windscribe (Free unlimited vpn for windows)

    It is the very best VPN service for security because it protects your data at a very sufficient rate. It touches the Fifth rank status. The Editor rating of this VPN is 8.7 out of 10 (8.7/10). The average rank of this VPN is 4.4 out of five stars. It also the members of Five Eyes country. If this VPN for free has many benefits, but it has also many effects, so let see how it may help us or not. This is Best Vpn for Android and Windows. This Vpn Provides a free VPN service. This VPN is one of the best VPN for windowns

    Features and Effects of Windscribe VPN:

    • It is also a member of Five Eyes, Nine Eye, and Fourteen Eyes countries, so it may give your data to the United States if they want.
    • It works on Windows, Mac, extensions for chrome, IOS with browser, and Firefox and Opera, etc., but it does not work on streaming gaming and many other purposes, etc.
    • Likewise,freevpn has no speed limit, so we can use it without any problem and difficulty.
    • With the use of windscribe VPN, we use only Netflix in the USA and U.k.
    • It is a very good free vpn for iPhone and Android users and Also  best vpn for pc freebecause it has many positive things about both.
    • It has a very slow speed, like uploading data, and when we check it on MacBook Air It provides not good speed.
    • Not only that, but it is very useful for split tunneling access, but only for android apps.
    • Its main feature is tormenting data.
    •  It can not show your IP address.

    Advantages of VPNs:

    • Some sites and websites may track and hack your personal information, so the best free VPN is very helpful to secure your data.
    • It secures the inside data that you send and receive, and it may stop the other user that tries and want to see your sites and websites.
    • Some countries restrict some sites, websites, and browsing data due to some reasons, but it is very helpful to use these sites and drowsing data.
    • We avoid when you’re traveling abroad by using censorship e.g. some countries, some websites abide to restrict the access of certain data websites just like social media platforms and content to certain censor, but by using Virtual Private Network it is so simple and secure. 
    • It is used for network scalability.  We use the free VPN servers, you can provide the personal data and files to the workers in a very secure method, and you can also run your key applications in a cloud environment by using the secure tunnel and beneficial platform.

    Disadvantages of VPNs:

    • Some Virtual Private Networks slow your system to a very high rate. So we use a very reliable and modern server that keeps our system safe and fast in a legal way.
    • Some countries do not allow using of some sites, websites, and apps due to some reasons and unconventional matters. So they add restrictions about these things that may cause to create a problem. That’s why this is an illegal thing in the principles of governments, so if you are caught while using any free VPN So you will have to pay a hefty fine, and you may have to go to jail.
    • Some websites and sites May blocked its user. So we need to be careful about it and use the best and royal free unlimited VPN to maintain your system and site.
    • Some Free servers may not be useful for us because they may discard your IP address to third parties. So we need to be careful about this and use the Best VPN.

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    How do VPNs work?

    A VPN hides your IP address( Internet Protocol Address) by letting the network redirect it through a specially configured remote server run by a VPN host. This means when you use a VPN it hides your actual location and shows it another location to the server. You can easily explore the websites of your choice  … in simple words it acts as a filter that puts your data into “gibberish”

    What do VPNs do with your IP address?

    A VPN hides your Internet Protocol address by a remote host VPN server to protect your privacy. This means when you will go online through a VPN, this VPN server will act as your data resource.

    How secure are VPNs?

    VPN usage is completely safe and secure. It hides your actual location or IP address and maintains your privacy as well. If anyone tries to hack your data or location he will get the location of the host VPN server and your location will be secure.

    What are VPNs?

    VPNs stand for Virtual Protocol Network and usually, we use them for the safety of our IP address. A VPN server behaves as a barrier to our IP address and keeps our information secure and secret.


    This is the just list of the top 5 best free VPN. We cannot at all these services. We just Sort out and Compare different VPNs to guide the people.

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