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    What is VPN? / What does VPN stand for? 

    VPN stands for a  virtual private network (VPN), users can send and receive data through shared or public networks as if they were directly linked to the private network. Consequently, applications that operate through a VPN may benefit from the private network’s functionality, security, and control. It gives remote workers access to resources that may not be available on the public network. Encryption is a typical feature of a touch VPN test connection, but it is not required.

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    What does a VPN do? 

    It’s free to use a VPN to secure your internet data. Even though there are many good reasons to pay for a free VPN for PC service, it’s still true that it’s not suitable for everyone. Look no farther than our review for the information on a free VPN for PC service that can improve your digital security by keeping personal data private and protecting your computer or mobile phone from insecure eyes.

    Problems with VPN

    However, even though we’ve tested several good free VPNs, they’re simply not up to the level of commercial VPNs. Why? As a result of:

    • A large number of servers to choose from
    • What we do with our daily data
    • Our ability to link an unlimited number of gadgets
    • When we can connect to the VPN.

    Nothing in life comes for free, which is especially true for free VPN services for Android. Many of them will sell your personal information, or even your web traffic or private IP addresses, to third-party organizations to make a profit from your service. To develop targeted adverts, these businesses will sell your personal information to advertisers and marketers. You want to keep your personal information and web activities private. Thus a VPN’s privacy policy could negate the purpose of a touch VPN altogether, depending on which provider you choose. Here are the VPNs we suggest the most. Even if they aren’t free, their costs are so reasonable that we think you’ll reconsider.

    Advantages of free VPN

    Overall, VPNs offer better security, faster performance, remote access, anonymity, and lower ticket and rental prices in some situations. Aside from that, they’re pretty reasonable. This suggests that those who remain unconvinced would like to have their data accessed by other companies, rivals, or hackers.

    A VPN server can be set up in several ways.

    If your firm uses an operating system other than Windows, you’ll need to identify it before you can begin installing a chrome Vpn server.

    How to Use a VPN? / How to get a VPN?

    Step-by-step instructions for setting up a VPN server using Yonatan’s method are provided for the most prevalent OS systems listed below.

    • Cortana can help you find a VPN.
    • Add a VPN connection by selecting VPN settings and clicking the Plus symbol next to it.
    • In the first field, select the dropdown menu. Windows built-in is the best option. PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, or IKEv2 are all available options for your VPN Type, which is set to Automatic.
    • Assemble the remainder of your VPN provider’s information in the forms. Please note that the VPN provider could be a third party such as ExpressVPN or your company.
    • Save the specifics for later. On the next screen, click on your Wi-Fi connection (if you have one). Select the VPN connection that you just set up in the previous step. It’s usually the first choice. Once the connection is made, the job is done.

    List of the Best VPN Services

    1.ExpressVPN – VPN Overall


    Vpn Gratis 

    After all, we’re all young and live in Brooklyn, which means we’re always connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. We connected to Express VPN gratis quickly, and the kill switch ensured that we would still be safe even if our connection was lost. On top of the excellent performance on our iPhones, ExpressVPN also worked well on our Macintosh and Windows computers. 


    • No data retention laws take place.
    • Ratings for apps are excellent.
    • Netflix is a service top that is available to
    • High-speed Internet on Windows


    • Currently, there is no phone support.
    • Slow Mac performance
    • A single approval allows for five agreement connections.
    • For Internet Explorer, there is no add-on available.

    There’s little doubt that OpenVPN is the gold standard for the VPN software, as it’s a crowdsourced choice that is regularly updated to avoid surveillance. As a result, we had to download third-party software to use ExpressVPN. There is no doubt in our minds that ExpressVPN offers “the optimum combination of speed and security, as well as performance.”

    Requires strict logging

    We expected a google VPN-chrome to keep our web traffic and activities private, yet ExpressVPN didn’t. Our information was kept to a minimum; they just knew which program and version we used, when we did, where we were linked to the server and how many megabytes we transferred. Thankfully, our traffic, metadata, and DNS queries were not recorded.

    The Split Tunneling Technique

    In the course of our work, we were required to use both a private and a public network simultaneously. Usually, this meant turning off the VPN extension connection when we needed to view files on the public network. This is because they use split tunneling, which allows us to access both networks at once. All our traffic was routed through ExpressVPN’s encrypted tunnel. Our favorite part of split tunneling was that we didn’t have to perform a lot of toggling.

    2. NordVPN – Best Encryption

    We were delighted to try Nord VPN  login because it has over eight million users worldwide, making it one of the most popular Nord VPN software free. Overall, it operated admirably; we could pirate movies and stream Netflix without experiencing any noticeable lag. Nord VPN download is domiciled in Panama, which is not a member of the Four Eyes, Nine-Eyes, or 14-Eyes, which is also a plus for us. Because Nordvpn free can be legally compelled to hand up data, it is a perfect solution for anyone concerned about their privacy. Nordvpn also provides a free trial.


    • Netflix is a great resource.
    • A strict logging policy is implemented.
    • High ratings for mobile apps


    • IP addresses with a fixed IP address
    • Unable to contact customer service
    • In the iOS app, the kill switch doesn’t work.

    Wasn’t it interesting to learn that the TV series and movies available on Netflix depended on where you watched them? We were able to stream Netflix on Linux, Mac, and Windows PCs using NordVPN’s services. It also works on smart TVs and TV devices, so if you want to watch on the move as we did, you can do it on Android or iOS devices. Not all users will access Netflix because it only works on servers located in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

    Strong Encryption 

    During our NordVPN study, we delved into the company’s encryption techniques. NordVPN’s usage of double-VPN, software that encrypts our online traffic twice over different servers, was one of our favorite features. Activists, bloggers, journalists, or anyone working in a place where surveillance and censorship are common, this is for you!

    Prices are low

    A month’s subscription to NordVPN costs us $11.95. As it turns out, we could have received some beautiful savings if we had stayed a little longer. If we had signed up for a year or two, the monthly charges would have been $6.99 or $3.99, respectively. Up to 75 percent off! Long-term commitment pays out in the end.

    3. IPVanish – Best VPN for Android

    Best VPN for Android

    IPVanish performed strangely well on our Android devices, with boost encryption mechanisms, awesome download speeds, which helped us out when working from home. Plus, unlike many other VPN server chrome extension businesses on the market, IPVanish provides outstanding customer service, available 24/7 by email, phone, or live chat. This is a rarity, as most VPNs only have email assistance for a certain number of hours per week.


    • Fast download speeds
    • Tormenting
    • Split tunneling
    • Up to 10 simultaneous connections


    • History of exchanging customer logs
    • Based in the United States
    • Not all servers operate with Netflix
    • Slow speeds on Windows

    While a kill switch doesn’t seem nice, it’s a pretty vital free touch VPN download feature. IPVanish was utilized at the library one day, VPN failed, all of our Web windows were shut down, ensuring that our IP address and web traffic weren’t revealed. This was a lot better than the alternative, but we had to reopen the windows that were “killed.” The kill switch was disabled when we were downloading enormous files and didn’t want to be interrupted.

    Customer support

    IPVanish is also a winner when it comes to customer support. Additionally, they have a phone number, which is extremely rare for turbo VPN router companies. They have a 24/7 live chat and an extensive FAQ section. Our questions were answered within five minutes, and based on ratings on Amazon and Trustpilot, other consumers had a similar experience.

    Easy to use the app

    It was easy to connect to IPVanish from the iOS app because we were always on public Wi-Fi networks. No errors or issues occurred during the connection process. According to over 42,000 evaluations, other IPVanish iPhone customers appear to agree with us.

    4. PureVPN – For Travelelling


    One of the best VPN-free online for travel is PureVPN is Because of this, it was easy for us to travel without connecting to dodgy Wi-Fi networks or running into internet filtering issues while abroad. As a result of PureVPN, we were able to be more anonymous online.


    • Encryption with AES-256
    • The OpenVPN protocol is a virtual private network protocol.
    • In more than 180 countries, over 6,500 servers
    • Five Eyes non-member based in Hong Kong


    • There are times when torrenting doesn’t function.
    • IP addresses that remain the same
    • Windows and Macs have a latency problem
    • There is no free trial.

    More than 180 countries are covered by PureVPN’s worldwide server network, which is one of the largest in the world. The free VPN download has servers in the following locations:

    Requires strict logging

    Our IP address and browsing history were hidden while we were on the road and connected to foreign PureVPN servers. However, the turbo VPN merely gathered the following information about us:

    • Addresses for email
    • Information about payment
    • The total amount of bandwidth used.

    Every single thing else was ours to do as we pleased, including our online VPN activities. Due to its location in Hong Kong, which is not a member of the Five Eyes, PureVPN cannot be legally compelled to provide any of our information to the authorities.

    Accessible via Dedicated IP Address

    We get the same IP address every time PureVpn is connected. As a result, we were prohibited on several websites that recognize shared IP addresses, which is why we were so thrilled to learn that PureVPN offers dedicated IP addresses for only $0.99 per month! Our device’s IP address remained hidden because we were the only ones using this IP address, making it easier for websites to remember who we are.

    5.CyberGhost – Best VPN for Mac

    CyberGhost – Best VPN for Mac

    CyberGhost boasts over 5,500 servers in 90 different countries, so while we only tested it in the United States, you should have no issue connecting wherever you are in the world. The company is situated in Romania, which is not a member of any international monitoring networks we keep mentioning. Romania has no data retention rules of its own, making CyberGhost an excellent choice for privacy.


    • Excellent client service
    • Cost-effectiveness
    •  Thousands of servers are all over the world.


    • Policy on logging
    • There will be no split tunneling.
    • IP addresses that remain constant

    Windows performance is slow

    CyberGhost employs AES-256 encryption, which is the current industry standard. We were assigned an anonymous IP address that we shared with other CyberGhost users on the same server whenever we connected. When we utilized CyberGhost to explore the Internet, we knew that our identities were hidden because of the encryption.

    Discounts are available.

    We’re constantly seeking a reasonable offer, which is why CyberGhost piqued our interest. At $12.99 we register, which is really regular related to other VPNs, we could have signed up for one, two, or three years. Our monthly charges would have been reduced to $5.99, $3.69, or $2.75 with these programs, which is quite fantastic. Each membership provided us with access to seven devices and unlimited data. Not bad at all!

    Excellent Customer Service

    We’ll be honest: most free VPN download providers drastically underinvest in customer assistance, with few options and unhelpful representatives. CyberGhost, on the other hand, does not fit the model in that regard. We received replies in just a few seconds with their 24/7 live chat, assuming we couldn’t find what I was looking for in their vast blog and FAQs.

    6. Hotspot Shield – Super VPN for Netflix

    Hotspot Shield – Super VPN for Netflix

    Hotspot Shield got us covered with fast speeds on our Mac and Windows laptops when it came to Netflix-watching parties. On our Android devices, we didn’t experience any significant delays or lags when using Netflix. This came in handy when traveling. If you’re on a tight budget, Hotspot Shield offers a free option, but you’ll be limited to 500 MB of data per day, which could make watching Netflix and other online VPN for streaming services a bit of a challenge for you. The monthly plan was $12.99 a month, but there were cheaper options if you signed up for a year or two.


    • A high rate of speed
    • There is also a free alternative available.
    • Netflix is a service that is available to
    • Tormenting is available.


    • Five connections are active at the same time U.S.-based
    • No response from customer service
    • Retains the IP address

    We’re not fans of Hotspot Shield’s American headquarters. Our only surprise was the annual transparency reports that reveal the company does not share customer data, even when asked. This year alone, they were asked 56 times for their users’ data and refused each time. Hotspot Shield’s transparency reports reveal that the company is committed to preserving users’ privacy.

    VPN for Android without cost

    As the saying goes, there’s nothing free in life, yet Hotspot Shield is a free Android app. Because of its 500 MB daily bandwidth cap, it’s not ideal for viewing Netflix or downloading torrents, but for short Internet searches, it’s a good choice for many. Note that there will be adverts, but we think they’re worth it for a good free VPN.

    Extremely Fast Speeds

    One of the quickest VPNs we tested on our Windows and Mac systems was Hotspot Shield. On Mac and Windows, download speeds declined by 30 percent and 18 percent, respectively, while upload speeds decreased by 0.2 percent and 26 percent. Despite the high latency, Hotspot Shield is a superb choice for tormenting or viewing Netflix.

    7. ProtonVPN – For Zoom

    ProtonVPN – For Zoom

    Thanks to its quick connection rates, using Zoom and other meeting software was a breeze with ProtonVPN on both Mac and Windows PCs. Also, when we utilized Zoom on our Android smartphones, we didn’t see any significant delays or lags, which came in useful during the epidemic when we were working from home. And for people who do not want to spend money on VPN, ProtonVPN offers a free option. However, you can only use one device at a time with this free plan. However, there were cheaper possibilities if we had signed up for one or two years.


    • A high rate of speed
    • There is a free option available.
    • Netflix is a great resource.
    • Access to torrenting


    • Relatively high prices
    • Only tickets are available for customer service.
    • There is currently no browser support.

    Few servers

    That ProtonVPN publishes transparency reports annually to establish that it does not share customer data, even when asked for, impressed us greatly. There are no surveillance agreements with the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or fourteen eye organizations. The corporation is situated in Geneva, Switzerland, and is not subject to the monitoring agreements with those organizations. It was comforting to know that the organization collects a minimal amount of information about us, such as our email addresses, payment information, and timestamps, to provide the best possible service. A 2019 data request for information from Swiss courts was the sole notable movement on the transparency report at the time of our previous review. No information was collected about the users of ProtonVPN, such as IP addresses or internet activities.

    VPN for Android without cost

    However, ProtonVPN offers a free version that works on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux. But there are certain drawbacks to this free version. One device is required to connect, and there are only servers in the U.S., Japan, and the Netherlands, with no others. As long as you’re using the free version, there are no speed or data limits.

    Lightning-fast upload speeds

    We need fast upload rates and low latency so that our meeting software runs properly, especially now that more people are working from home than ever before. When you laugh at someone’s joke, but they don’t hear you for two minutes, it’s awkward. ProtonVPN was one of the fastest turbo VPNs we tested on both Windows and Mac machines regarding upload speeds and latency.

    8. Surf shark – Best VPN for Torrenting

    Surf shark – Best VPN for Torrenting

    Without fear of retaliation, Surfshark allowed us to pirate and download movies and TV shows. Each time we connected, our IP address changed, making it much more difficult to track us. However, we had the option of staying with the same IP address if we preferred. Apart from that, it’s also located in a country that isn’t a member of either FiveEyes or NineEyes of the 14Eyes alliance, and it supports Netflix and torrenting.


    • Outside of surveillance alliances in the Virgin Islands
    • Subscribers can use as many devices as they like
    • Low-cost subscriptions of one or two years
    • Trial period of 30 days


    • There is no telephone assistance.
    • Have to put up a kill switch in Windows manually
    • IP addresses that remain the same
    • Not the most rapid

    Because the Virgin Islands are not a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes, Surfshark will never be compelled to send over consumer data to a third party. These British overseas territories have their self-governing laws, even though they are part of the United Kingdom. Plus, they have no data retention rules of their own, and spying isn’t lawful, even when it’s government-sponsored surveillance. In our humble opinion, it sounds like the perfect area to establish a VPN company!

    Servers located in other countries

    Surf Shark is available in over 60 countries, from Vietnam to Albania. Servers can be found in more than 20 cities around the United States. Therefore, Surfshark’s server locations exceeded our expectations.

    Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)

    What was great about Surf Shark was that we didn’t have to try out several different servers for different platforms because Surfhsark handled everything for us. Let’s take a look at an absolute-life case. In addition to the obvious Nick Cage-related reasons, we couldn’t wait to watch National Treasure on Disney+. Surf Shark VPN review instantly found the proper server for the exemplary streaming service, saving us the trouble of trying a few different VPN router servers before finding one that the streaming provider hasn’t blocked. As well as streaming Disney+, we also used Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Spotify, and Youtube, although the VPN is compatible with even more services than that. Find out more about the best VPNs for Youtube TV by visiting our website. Also compatible with Apple TV, Surf Shark is among the top VPNs for Apple TV.

    9. Private Internet Access VPN– Best VPN for Windows 

    Private Internet Access VPN– Best VPN for Windows

    When it comes to Windows users, Private Internet Access is the only choice. When we tested it out on our Vivobook, we were blown away by the speed, but it also has excellent apps for iOS and Android smartphones. In addition, we were pleased with their tight privacy policy. There has never been a request for the corporation to pass up any user data, and even if they were, they wouldn’t have any to hand over. There’s no logging at all, according to the founder. Keep in mind that the corporation is situated in Denver and that the United States is a member of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes organizations.


    • A strict policy on logging
    • Achieve a high performance on Windows
    • Very positive app reviews
    • Netflix is a service that is available to


    • Based in the U.S.
    • Poor customer service
    • Split tunneling is not allowed.
    • Slowness on the Mac

    Private Internet Access, on the other hand, allowed us to tailor how their VPN functioned. In total, we had four choices: the default suggested protection, a speed-focused option, a security-focused option, and a no-authentication option. If speed and security weren’t a factor, we might have chosen the alternative option.

    Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses 

    Whenever we connected to Private Internet Access, we got a new IP address, far better than static IP addresses. This made us more difficult to track, allowing us to remain anonymous on the Internet. Try to imagine it as being like wearing a mask. If you wore the same show all the time, eventually, people would figure out who you were. I liked that every time I connected to the internet, I was given a fresh new mask, which kept any potential hackers guessing.

    10. Norton Secure VPN – With Dynamic IP Addresses

    Norton Secure VPN – With Dynamic IP Addresses

    Norton, arguably best known for its LifeLock identity theft protection (see more in our LifeLock review) and Norton antivirus software, has a VPN test that isn’t half terrible. Each time we connected to the macOS program, we received a different IP address, making it harder to track us down online. We were pleased with this VPN program because we were looking for internet anonymity.


    • Encryption with AES-256
    • Every time you connect, you will be assigned a new IP address.
    • Affordable
    • Maximum of ten devices


    • A Five Eyes member based in the United States, Split tunneling is not supported on iOS or Mac devices.
    • Netflix is not available in every location.
    • Macs, iOS, and PC devices do not have a kill switch.


    You may be wondering how much the Norton Secure VPN costs. If you only sign up for a month on one device, the cost is $4.99. However, for ten devices for a year, the charge is only $59.99, which equals less than $0.50 per device every month. If you require a VPN for chrome for your entire family, this plan is one of the most OK VPN prices we’ve seen in a long time (and that includes VPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!).


    Norton Secure VPN used AES-256 encryption to encrypt our web activity and hide our IP address, the same encryption used by the US government and military, so you know it’s secure. Aside from that, the VPN encrypted our web activity and altered our IP addresses numerous times in some areas, a practice known as multi-hop or double hop. That made it much more difficult to track us down online, from our emails to the stuff we purchased on Etsy. After all, no one needs to know about our vintage cookie jar addiction.

    Easy to use mobile apps

    We’re all aware that connecting to a public Wi-Fi network directly is a beautiful way to be hacked, which is why we always connect to a VPN like Norton Secure when waiting in line for croissants. Norton Secure VPN— Security & Privacy WiFi Proxy Android app and Norton Secure VPN router & Proxy VPN iOS app, on the other hand, do mobile apps well. We connected to nearby servers in seconds after downloading the apps, with no issues or difficulties.

    What is the best?

    Aside from the top VPN proxy list, you’re currently reading; we’ve also examined the best VPNs for games, iPhones, and Androids, as well as the best free VPNs and Xbox VPNs. The majority of the VPNs mentioned above and a few others that we tested and liked are on these lists.

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