• American Horror Story Cast Net Worth

    American Horror Story made its presence felt with its very first season. Who Would’ve thought that Ryan Murphy’s sinister creation could reach the new heights of success till its ninth season? Only one episode of the ongoing season has been aired yet, and it has already started giving goosebumps to the fans who are waiting anxiously for the remaining parts. American Horror Story Seasons has solidified its spot as one of the most-watched TV series ever. And where there is a successful TV series, there is also a lot of money made by its cast members. If you’re interested to know the American Horror Story Cast’s Net Worth in 2021, then keep reading. The Squander will help you figure out the wealth of the top stars in this intriguing television series.

    American Horror Story Cast Net WorthImage Credit: Mark Gruber - Adobe Portfolio

    American Horror Story Cast Net Worth

    Kathy Bates Net Worth

    Kathy Bates Net Worth
    Source: Entertainment Weekly

    Burning with curiosity to know who is leading the American Horror Story cast’s net worth list?

    It’s Kathy Bates! Though she had appeared in only four seasons of AHS, Bates is topping the chart due to her Hollywood career which started in her early 20’s. Twelve Emmy nominations, an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Tony Award nomination under her belt, Bates became a part of AHS in the third season as Delphine Lalaurie. Kathy Bates brought an incredible and celebrating acting career to AHS as she played a crucial role in one of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies, “Titanic.” She has skipped American Horror story Season 9. It is unknown she will appear in season 10 or not.

    Kathy Bates’s net worth in 2021 is approximately of $32 Million makes her the wealthiest cast member of AHS.

    Jessica Lange Net Worth

    American Horror Story Cast Net Worth
    Source: Chicago Tribune

    Jessica Lange has won Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Tony Award, in her career which got her the honor to be the thirteenth actress to achieve Triple Crown of Acting. Winning highly-coveted Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work in 1982’s Tootsie, Jessica was one of our favorite characters in American Horror Story. Lange was part of the AHS team since the inaugural season, but she left the show after the fourth. However, this didn’t end her role in AHS, as she reappeared in two episodes of the eighth season. She was critically acclaimed for her performance in American Horror Story Apocalypse.

    Lange made her film debut in 1976’s King Kong, which turned out to become the fifth highest-grossing movie in 1976. Jessica Lange’s net worth includes her earnings with award-winning performances in a number of blockbuster movies. Jessica Lange’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be around $15 Million.

    Dylan McDermott Net Worth

    Dylan McDermott Net Worth
    Source: Deadline

    Dylan McDermott’s net worth in 2021 is also whopping at $15 Million. McDermott was the part of American Horror Story family in the first two seasons. Since AHS is an anthology, Dylan has played the role of Ben Harmon in the initial one and Johnny Morgan in the second. McDermott returned to AHS’s eight-season to play the same character he played in season one.

    Dylan’s role in the television series, The Practice, earned him Golden Globe Award for the best actor performance. Dylan McDermott had been nominated twice in Saturn Awards and Gold Derby Awards for his work in American Horror Story. The hitchhiking serial killer Dylan McDermott (Bruce) is also a part of American Horror Story 1984.

    Emma Roberts Net Worth

    Emma Roberts Net Worth
    Source: W Magazine

    Emma Roberts made her debut in acting when she was only 10 in 2001’s crime film “Blow.” Emma has been a versatile actor throughout her career, as she played various roles in a number of movies and television series. Emma became the part of AHS cast in the third season. She played the role of Maggie Esmerelda in the following American Horror Story’s season. Emma rejoined AHS cast in 2017 and is part of it till the ongoing season. We have estimated Emma Roberts’ net worth in 2021 is around $15 Million, which includes her earnings from “Hotel from Dogs” comedy movie that has grossed around $114 Million till date.

    Matthew Morrison Net Worth

    American Horror Story Cast Net Worth
    Source: Evoke.ie

    If you haven’t watched the first episode of season 9 yet, then you might not know about Matthew Morrison role in American Horror Story. Calm down! We aren’t giving you any spoilers; you can watch it yourself.

    Matthew Morrison began his career in television as Dr. Alexander in 1997’s “Relativity.” Since then Morrison had been part of a number of television series and films in which he acted in supporting roles. He also played the leading role in television series “Glee” that started in 2009 and ended in 2015. Our estimate for Matthew Morrison’s net worth in 2021 is around $10 Million, and he is the latest entry to the American Horror Story cast’s net worth list. Mathew has been also part of American Horror Story Season 9.

    Sarah Paulson Net Worth

    American Horror Story Cast Net Worth
    Source: Hollywood Reporter

    American Horror Story cast’s net 2orth list is incomplete without Sarah Paulson who has been the part of all nine seasons of this anthology horror series. We’ve seen Paulson from a pair of conjoined twins in Freak Show to a ghost in Hotel and it’s pretty awesome. She was among the returning cast for American Horror Story Season 8.

    Before AHS, Paulson starred in many different TV series and even had some significant roles in major films. Sarah was also a part of the list of 100 most influential people in the world by Times in 2017. She played a role in 2018’s “Ocean’s 8” that grossed around $300 million and our estimate for Sarah Paulson’s net worth in 2021 is $10 Million.

    Evan Peters Net Worth

    American Horror Story Cast Net Worth
    Source: PopCrush

    AHS’ resident cutie Evan Peters has also been with AHS since season one, and his journey went till the eighth season. Unlike many of the other AHS characters, Peters’ role in the first season of AHS is considered his breakout role in the entertainment industry. Peters won the best breakthrough performance award in 2004 for Clipping Adam. Evan Peters’ net worth mainly includes earnings from AHS, and Evan Peters’ Net Worth in 2021 is approximately $4 Million.

    Denis O’Hare Net Worth

    American Horror Story Cast Net Worth
    Source: Variety

    Last in the American Horror Story cast’s net worth is O’Hare. He is possibly one of AHS’ most versatile characters, starring as the transgender ghost Liz Taylor in season 5. O’Hare has participated in 5 out of 9 seasons of AHS. Before AHS, O’Hare guest-starred on popular television shows like Law & Order, Brothers & Sisters, and True Blood. O’Hare has won several awards in his career due to his supporting and leading roles, and our estimate for Denis O’Hare’s net worth in 2021 is around $2 Million.

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