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    We all are stuck in this boredom – lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, Netflix has been busy supplying quality content to its viewers. The number of viewers who have been increasing ever since this crisis hit the whole world. It is shocking that the Spanish crime drama series Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) has the viewership of Tiger King, a true-crime documentary. As Money Heist season 4 was released on 3rd April, its cast members have fans from all around the globe. Part 4 was released no less than a year ago, and fans have already been looking forward to Money Heist season 5. Let’s delve into the Money Heist Cast Net Worth and some insight into their careers. Now at that time net worth of money heist is too much to calaulate.

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    Money Heist Net Worth – How much money did Money Heist Make?

    Professor – Álvaro Morte Net Worth:

    Álvaro Morte Net Worth
    Source: Koimoi

    The heart of both robberies that took place in Madrid, Professor, is the favorite character of the audience. He is portrayed as the mastermind behind these heists. The 45-year old Spanish actor received worldwide fame and love after the release of Money Heist’s first part. Morte’s acting career began with a minor role in Hospital Central, a Spanish television series. Álvaro Morte’s net worth is a whopping $ 4 million approximately. However, his worth could observe a huge bump in the future as he has signed with Wheel of Time, an Amazon TV series.

    Álvaro Morte Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alvaromorte/

    Álvaro Morte Movies And Tv Shows:

    • The Pier
    • Mirage
    • The Head
    • The Wheel of Time
    • Boundless
    • Love Intertwined

    Berlin – Pedro Alonso Net Worth:

    Pedro Alonso Net Worth

    The second-in-command of the first heist in Royal Mint of Spain, Berlin Money Heist character is so good to discuss Berlin, was also the brother of Professor, and also one of the most popular Money Heist characters till season 2. The Spanish actor’s career started in 1995, and due to his great work, he has been nominated 7 times for his terrific performances in the leading and supporting roles. Pedro won the International Star of the Year award in 2018 due to his much-loved performance in La Casa De Papel. Pedro Alonso’s net worth is around $6 million.

    Tokyo – Úrsula Corberó Net Worth:

    Úrsula Corberó Net Worth

    The Spanish actress also became known to the international audience after her appearance as Tokyo in the Netflix hit, Money Heist. Ursula Corbero’s net worth is a whopping $3 Million, which makes her the richest star in the money heist cast. The 30-year old actress started her career in 2002 in a television series, Mirall Treat. Ursula’s most recent achievement was in 2018’s Atv Awards, where she won the award for best actress due to her outstanding performance in Money Heist.

    Nairobi – Alba Flores Net Worth:

    Alba Flores Net Worth

    Who doesn’t love Nairobi in Money Heist? Nairobi Money Heist act is soo good she has an amazing role in this series Alba Flores’s net worth is around $03 Million. Playing the role of Nairobi in the famous Netflix series, Flores became part of the heist as the expert in forgery. Flores won the award for the best-supporting actress in a television series in 2017, for her work in Vis a vis. Alba Flores made her debut in 2005’s El calentito.

    Denver – Jaime Lorente Net Worth:

    Jaime Lorente Net Worth

    Another rising star in the entertainment industry, Jaime got quite famous due to his role in the Money Heist Netflix hit. For this role, he created hilarious laughter that amused and won the hearts of the fans who have watched this series. Apart from this Spanish hit, Jaime also played a role in another Netflix blockbuster series, Elite. Jaime Lorente’s net worth is a whopping $03 Million, approximately.

    Rio – Miguel Herrán Net Worth:

    Miguel Herrán Net Worth

    The incredible roles in the Spanish TV series and films have earned Miguel a massive fan base outside his origin. Just like Jaime, Miguel also played a role in both the famous Netflix series, Rio from money heist is the cutest character in this series. Money Heist and Elite. In the heist, Miguel was given the name Rio, and he took part in the heist as a young hacker. The 23-year old star has grabbed much public attention within a short period of his acting career, and Miguel Herran net worth currently is $1 Million.

    Lisbon – Itziar Ituño Net Worth:

    Itziar Ituño Net Worth

    Last but not least on the list of Money Heist cast is Itziar, who was an inspector in charge of the first heist and later became part of the heist. Besides her acting works in the film and television industry, Itazir is also a singer. However, she has earned most of her fame due to her role in La Casa De Papel (Money Heist). Itziar Ituno’s net worth is around $1 million.

    Arturo Roman – Arturo Roman Net Worth:

    Arturo Roman - Arturo Roman Net Worth

    Arturo Roman is a character in the Netflix series Money Heist He was the general director of the Royal Mint of Spain before the heist took place.

    Personality :

    Arturo Roman has short brown colored hair. Arturo is a great attention seeker as he said he wants to be the one who saves all the lives like a hero.

    In addition to this, he was also a misogynistic narcissist and entitled to the bodies of women. And make their use sure to satisfy his own needs by entertaining them with the sleep-inducing anxiety pills.

    Arturo Roman Net worth:

    The Arturo Roman Net Worth 2020 is $5 million. Now The estimated Arturo Roman Net Worth 2021 is $5 million

    Bogotá – Hovik keuchkerian Net Worth:

    Arturo Roman - Arturo Roman Net Worth

    The Bogota character is played by Hovik Keuchkerian in the money heist Season. In the series Money Heist, he portrays Bogota.

    Personality :

    He is actually Lebanese-born and was a Spanish actor as his mother was Spanish and his father belongs to America. In the money heist, he acted as a former boxer.

    Nominations and awards:

    Hovik keuchkerian in his life career made 5 nominations and got three awards.

    Hovik keuchkerian Net worth:

    The Hovik keuchkerian Net Worth 2020 is $3 Million. Now The estimated Hovik keuchkerian Net Worth 2021 is $3 Million

    Mónica Gaztambide – Esther Acebo Net Worth:

    Mónica Gaztambide - Esther Acebo Net Worth

    Esther Acebo in the Money Heist portrays Monica gaztambide. It is a hit super crime drama show. In the Money Heist, Monica gaztambide joined the gang in Stockholm after leaving as a secretary at the Royal Mint of Spain. In the start, he convinced the audience of Arturo’s girlfriend but afterward, she fell in love with Denver and was ultimately accomplice to the robbers.  


    She is a Spanish Actress, model, and reporter.

    Esther Acebo Net Worth:

    The Esther Acebo Net Worth 2020 is $3 Million. Now The estimated Esther Acebo Net Worth 2021 is $3 Million

    Awards and Achievements:

    Due to the web series ‘’Money Heist’’, she has won many awards.

    Helsinki – Darko Peric Net Worth:

    Helsinki - Darko Peric Net Worth

    He is a Serbian actor. Darko Peric is well known for playing Helsinki in the crime thriller Spanish series Money Heist. This show was presented by Netflix as it became the most popular show all over the world.


    Darko Peric Net Worth has Serbian Nationality. He is a big fan of basketball. Helsinki is also a tattoo lover. He teaches or guides the master class named ‘’Qigong’’ for the mental and physical preparation of the Actors. Helsinki has alternate names like Darko Perich and Darko Perick.

    Darko Peric Net worth:

    His net worth in 2021 is $02 million. He totally depends on Acting to earn wealth.

    Awards and achievements:

    Darko Peric has won the ‘’Emmy Award’’ in 2018 for the money heist series.

    Money Heist Earnings – Money Heist Earnings From Netflix

    In initial phase Money Heist Earnings From Netflix is just $2. After that this season viral all around the word. From its earning you guess the money heist worth. The Esther Acebo aka Stockholm charges $100,000 (Rs. 73,00,000) per episode.

    Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) Stars & Their Earnings Per Episode:

    • Aníbal Cortés(Rio): $55k
    • Jaime Lorente(Denver): $65k
    • Itziar Ituño(Raquel Murillo): $65k
    • Najwa Nimri(Alicia Sierra): $65k
    • Darko Perić(Helsinki): $70k
    • Alba Flores(Nairobi): $75k
    • Ursula Corberó (Tokio): $100k
    • Pedro Alonso (Berlin): $100k
    • Álvaro Morte(The Professor): $120k

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