Do you want to know Who is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is? How old is Snoop Dogg? How tall is Snoop Dogg? Where is Snoop  From? How much money does Snoop Dogg make? did snoop ever hit women? does Snoop have kids? Don’t worry all questions about Snoop Dog Net Worth are covered in this article.

    Name: Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.
    Age: 52
    Born: 10/20/1971
    Country: American
    Profession: Rapper, Record Producer, Singer-songwriter
    snoop dogg

    He is a popular rapper, singer, media personality, actor, songwriter, and as well as an entrepreneur. He is one of the most prosperous and most inspired singers who sold millions of albums all over the world. Snoop was given a star on the Hollywood Walk and Fame and also received different honors and awards for his singing and acting skills.

    Snoop Dogg Net Worth – How Much is Snoop Dogg Worth?

    What is Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth? How much money does snoop make? As of February 2022, the Net Worth Snoop Dogg is $150 million. His primary source of income at first was his music. Snoop generated large amounts of wealth from live performance shows and record sales. As time goes on, he brings variety to himself, and now most of his income is from business experiences. Snoop has successfully rebranded himself a lot of times and has become a business tycoon. Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2020 is 135 Million. what is snoop net worth? The estimated Snoop Dogg net worth 2021 is $150 Million. Now, the roughly estimated Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2022 is the same as in previous years.

    Early Life:

    What is Snoop Dogg’s real name? Snoop real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. and his birthday on October 20, 1971. He was born in Long Beach, California. Snoop’s nickname came from his mother because she think Snoop looked like Snoopy from the peanut cartoon. He sang at his local Baptist church and played piano, before starting rap in sixth grade. Snoop mother’s name is Beverly Tate

    He mostly was in problems with the law, and shortly after he graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Snoop was arrested for keeping the cocaine. He mostly was in issues with the law, and soon after he graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School, he was arrested for keeping the cocaine. All over the problem, Snoop found solace in music and people would crowd around him during school to listen to his rap. This thing gave him the hope that he could make some noise in the industry of music. He would go on to bottle up that confidence and become one of the most amazing rappers of all time.

    Is Snoop Dog crip? After graduating high school, Snoop was arrested and spent time in prison different times for drug possession. Snoop was also linked with the Rollin’ 20 Crip Gang. he started making music as a way out of his problems and recorded early demos with his friend Warren G and cousin Nate Dogg. 

    Dr. Dre was impressed by the Snoop performance and then he invited him for an audition. From there they teamed on a song which is “Deep Cover” for the soundtrack of a film of the same name and Snoop became the key rapper on Dre’s hugely successful first solo album, in 19922, The Chronic.

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus jr 90s:

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus jr 90s


    In 1992, a mixtape was handed to Dr. Dre, on which Snoop was featured. After hearing the tape, Dre was impressed and invited him to an audition. Dre became a mentor o Snoop and start teaching him how to structure his raps. After that year, Snoop Dog collaborate with Dre on his album ‘The Chronic,’ and was capable to launch a very booming solo career off the back of the album.

    Snoop’s debut album “Doggystyle” was a giant success and he continued running towards excellence in the industry on music. In 2012, he rebranded to Snoop Lion for his reggae album, with his first single release, ‘La La La’. Today, Snoop is sold mover than 35 million albums around the world and he is one of the richest rappers all over the world. The estimated santa fe klan net worth is about $13.93 million. At that time snoop dogg networth becoming up high.

    Death Row Records:

    Snoop Dog would appear on Dr. Dre’s debut album ‘The Chronic,’ and the album hit at No. 3 on the billboard top 100. This large amount of exposure for Snoop as an artist, and his fans wait for Snoop’s project. In 1993, he gives the fans what they wanted and deop the album ‘Doggystyle’ which is his debut album.

    After the album, he became a household name, and Snoop and the late Tupac Shakur were the faces of Death Row Records. Which had become one of the greatest labels in the Hip-Hop industry the Net Worth of Snoop Dogg is in millions and he is one of the best rappers in all industries. As famous as Snoop was, he was still very much involved in the streets, and in 1995 he was charged with murder. The charges were settled but life as a gang mate caught up with the label and the rapper.

    The same year Tupac was murdered and the originator of Snoop Death Row Records Suge Knight was indicted for racketeering. Snoop would drop his second album “The Doggfather” between all these messes. This impacted the sales of the album but most notably, made Snoop recognize that he had to change his life for the good. He did not like the trajectory his life was taking and also he was worried that Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. would end up either in jail or dead. His relationship with Death Row would break and he start a new beginning. In 2022 the estimated Snoop wealth is $150 million. the

    Snoop Instagram

    No Limit Records:

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. signed No Limit Records in 1998 with Master P’s. it gives him a much-needed change of environment. He would move to Louisiana with Master P and start making music there. Snoop’s First Album is “The Game is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told” under No Limit. It was a huge album for Snoop because it was the first album after Death Row. he had to change his name for contractual bases.

    The album was not as praised as his first two but showed Snoop Dog was still a huge star and could sell copies in various areas. He would rebrand his image also after leaving his gangsta style and adopting a new “pimp” image.

    With this new style under No Limit, he would release two further albums in 1999 and 2000. The last meal and No Limit Top Dogg are his two albums and then he had fully recreated himself s a rapper. And Death Row fastly became an afterthought for him.

    How Does Snoop Spend His Money? – WHAT IS SNOOP DOGG’S NET WORTH

    There is no doubt that Snoop fortune has made him buy a luxury home.  Other than these luxury things he also makes investment ventures in the digital media, film industry, and retail. In 2009, he became the chairman of Priority  Records, and in 2015, he put money in a California-based Marijuana company which is known as Eaze. in Late 2015, he louched a digital media company, and this company known as Merry Jane. this company focused on cannabis-related news. In November of the same year, he declared his intention to establish a cannabis-based brand known as Leafs by Snoop.

    Snoop is linked with the Snoopy app that generates more than $30,000 in weekly sales. Another noteworthy investment by the singer-songwriter is a food restaurant chain that is part of Roscoe-s House of Waffles and chicken. In spans of his earnings from the film industry, Snoop starred in the film Starsky and Hutch, where his earnings were $0.5 million and he has also featured in a few other successful television series and films like Bones, Scary Movie 5, and Soul Plane. At that time Net Worth of Snoop Dogg is becoming up.

    Still in the industry of film, he had his reality show named Snoop Father Hood. The show records his unique and specific lifestyle. The rapper Snoop is also a  Vlogger in his own right and he earns a decent amount of money from his Youtube channel. He has a collection of high-end cars, which include Challenger SRT8, Parisienne, Phantom, etc.

    Personal Life:

    If you are interested enough in Snoop’s personal life, you can get all the information here. This detail was embellished to share about his marital status, interests, affairs, and many other things. This part is also about his favorite things such as activities, personalities, and so on.

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. get married on June 12, 1997, Snoop Dogg wife name  Shante Broadus on June 12, 1997. The location of his house is in  Long Beach, California. She is his high school lover. Nevertheless, their relationship didn’t work out, and then in 2004, they divorced. Nevertheless, the pair reaffirmed their marital vows on January 12, 2008. 

    How tall is Snoop Dogg? Snoop Dogg height is 1.93m long and his weight is around about 75kg(165pounds).

    Snoop has four children Cordell, Jullian Corrie, Corde, and also a daughter Cori. He has also a relationship with Laurie Hemond before getting married to Shante Taylor. He has a kid from his previous relationship whose name is Julian Corrie Broadus. R&B artists Ray J and Brandy are his first cousins. Corde is Snoop Dog oldest son and in 2015 he had a kid with his fiancee Jessica Kyzer and he became a grandfather. From the start of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. career, he has been a cannabis user. That is a snoop’s public image key distinctive feature. Snoop Dogg’s age is 50 years old. He is smoking weed high in daily life.

    Snoop Dogg Wine

    He has committed 19 crimes. Cali Red Wine is a full-bodied, rich California red wine mix with prominent black and blue fruit flavours from the Petite Sirah and brilliant red, somewhat candied fruit from the Zinfandel in the background. With a somewhat sweet aftertaste, the deeply roasted wood binds it all together.

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    Highlights – Some of Snoop’s Most Notable Work:

    • Bush in 2015
    • Coolaid in 2016
    • Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told in 1998
    • Doggumentary in 2011
    • Tha Doggfather in 1996
    • The Last Meal in 2000
    • That’s That ft R Kelly in 2013

    Snoop Dogg Songs:

    Following are some of his songs:

    • Katy Perry California gurls
    • Young, wild & free
    • Drop it like it’s hot
    • Santa Fe klan grandes Ligas
    • winter wonderland / here comes Santa Claus
    • Big subwoofer

    Snoop Dogg Movies:

    Some of his movies are the following:

    • Starsky & Hutch
    • Baby Boy
    • Mac and Devin Go to High School
    • Murder Was the Case
    • Urban Menace


    He. is one of the most popular and richest rappers all over the world AND Snoop Dogg Net Worth 2022 is &150 million. He comes a long way since Dre found him on that mixtape.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is Snoop Dogg married?

    Yes, he is married to Shante Broadus on June 12, 1997.

    Who is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. married to?

    Snoop’s wife name is Shante Broadus and he has been married on June 12, 1997. Four months after their wedding, her wife gave birth to the couple’s second son whose name is Cordell Broadus. And in 1999, Snoop’s third child is their daughter, and her name is Cori Broadus. Shante Broadus Net Worth is $5 million..

    What is Snoop Dogg’s real name?

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is the real name of Snoop Dog. He got his nickname from his mother because she think that Snoop is looked like the ‘Peanuts’ character Snoopy.

    How many kids does Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. have?

    There are four kids of snoop dog. Three were boys and one girl.

    How much is Snoop Dogg Worth?

    The estimated calvin cordozar broadus jr Net Worth is around $150 million.

    How old is Snoop Dogg?

    Now, Snoop age is 50 years.

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