Pocket Knife Made Of Meteorite Worth Every Penny Of $5,200 Asking Price

A pocket knife made of meteorite is, dare we say, an out of this world accessory that will be the envy of every chef.

Chef Anthony Bourdain made the knife-made-out-of-meteorite thing cool when he featured the unique tool on the fourth episode of his web series. If you’ve been longing for your own ever since but haven’t been able to find it, look no further. L’atelier Perceval, or “The Perceval Workshop”, is a French company that specializes in creating speciality knives and is now selling its own knife made of meteorite. Hypebeast.com says:

The folding knife that evidences concentric circles on the blade (denoting the Damascus steel) has been coupled with a handcrafted meteorite handle, polished and finished in the brand’s Theirs workshop

It’s called the L08 Damascus and this pocket knife made of meteorite can be yours for $5,200. If that price seems a little steep, you can find comfort in the fact that the unique tool comes with a lifetime guarantee. You’re on your own for the $119 Ostrich leather sheath, though. A Pocket Knife Carved From a Meteorite | Hypebeast[frontpage_news widget=”2529″ name=”Latest Posts”]