Offset Begs Cardi B For Forgiveness & Gets Thrown Off Stage

It seems Offset wants his baby mama back for good! After a very public split, the rapper now wants to save his marriage. So what does he do to win the heart of his lady love? He crashes her concert! Yes, you read that correctly, he crashed her concert!

Offset Begs Cardi B For Forgiveness & Gets Thrown Off Stage

In true Cardi nature, she wasn’t very thrilled about the crash. First of all, it took all the attention away from her, and maybe she’s just had enough of his excuses.

Cardi B headlined Rolling Loud festival at the Banc of California Stadium on Saturday. Multiple videos were made by fans of Offset crashing her performance begging to reignite their romance. For some reason, we feel there is a reality show in the works.

In a video that was recorded by Twitter user Emily Nunez, stage helpers rolled out three boxes that spelled “Take Me Back, Cardi.”  Then, Offset made a dramatic entrance with a bouquet of white flowers (we’re guessing the flowers were supposed to symbolize surrender or truce?) to win her back. He proclaimed his love for the rapper and said into the microphone, “in front of the world, I love you.”

The Money singer looked irritated and seemed to give him a piece of her mind, off of the microphone. At one point during what seemed like an argument, the lights went dim on stage.

First of all, how did Offset even get on to the stage? Who gave him backstage access when the couple has supposedly broken up? Also, why are the stagehands helping him? Did they think they were taking part in something romantic? Ah, all these burning questions! Rolling Loud has not responded to any of the questions made by different publications; many who are wondering the same thing as us.

There is another video during Fridays line up at Rolling Loud; Savage told his audience to say, “in the count of three, we’re gonna scream, ‘Cardi take Offset back.’ ”

Many fans were quick to criticize Offset, but Cardi B was quick to jump to his defense. The Girls Like Me singer said saying hurtful things to my “baby father” is “not going to make me feel any better.” “It became public, and I just want things to die down, I just need time so we can see eye to eye. I can’t predict the future, I don’t know,” she said.

So basically, there is a slight chance that the couple might get back together, despite the claims that her baby father cheated on her. The couple has a daughter together, so anything is possible as Cardi B pointed out.

Kulture’s parents broke up a month ago via an Instagram video after allegations surfaced that Bad and Boujee singer had been unfaithful to his wife. Since then Offset has been on a mission to win his wife back. The Rolling Loud crash was not his first attempt, earlier had tweeted, “F— YALL I MISS CARDI.” Eloquent and to the point, don’t you agree?