• MrBeast Net Worth – How much money does Mr beast have?

    Do you want to know Who is Beast? Where does Mr. Beast live? How much money does Mrbeast have? How many subscribers does he have? Who ruined Beast? How rich is Mr Beast? What is Mr Beast Net Worth? How much does mrbeast make? Don’t worry all your queries about Jimmy Donaldson Net Worth/Mr. Beast net worth 2021 or 2022 are covered in this article.

    Name: Jimmy Donaldson
    Age: 26
    Born: 05/07/1998
    Country: American
    Profession: YouTuber, Internet celebrity, Businessperson, Vlogger
    MrBeast Net Worth – How much money does Mr beast have?

    Mr Beast Net Worth – What is Mr Beast Net Worth?

    Do you want to know What’s beast Net Worth? How much does mrbeast make a year? How much money does MrBeast have? Well, Mr Beast Networth 2020 is $36 Million. The MrBeast Net Worth 2021 is $46 Million. Now, MrBeast Net Worth 2022 is roughly estimated to be about $58 Million, and his per month salary is $3 Million.


    Where does he live? Mr. Beast real name called Jimmy Donaldson is the world’s highest-earning YouTuber for entertainment purposes. Jimmy Donaldson was born on 7 May 1998 in Wichita, Kansas, U.S. 

    How tall is Mr. Beast? Mr beast height is 6ft3inch and Beast weight is about 85 kg (187lbs).  Jimmy is a businessman and philanthropist by profession. He is also the originator of Beast Burger and Feastables. He is the co-creator of Team Trees. Donaldson is funding the Arbor Day Foundation. MrBeast age is now 23. In 2012 when he was 21, he started publicizing the video on youtube. He got viral in 2017 when views on his videos hit ten thousand in just a few days. Day by day his style of video delivering converts challenging and donating, Due to which he recompenses dollars in thousand. 

    Personal Life

    In 2016, he graduated from Greenville Christian Academy. , a high school. He went to college for a year before dropping out his focus on his YouTube channel. In 2016, his university dropped out him gone after his youtube career then His mother disapproved of his channel and forced him to leave home. Do you know Is MrBeast married? No, he is not married to anyone but Beast has a girlfriend and Mrbeast girlfriend name is Maddy Spidell.

    Mr Beast Brother

    Beast brother name is CJ Donaldson and below there is secret behind Mr Beast brother:

    MrBeast Logo

    MrBeast Logo


    In 2012, He put forwarded his video publicly at the age of 13, he began with his first video “Let’s play” and this video estimated the money of other YouTubers in a town. Some YouTubers Offered commentary on youtube drama. In his initial stage, he did his video on his own, he made his appearance in his video.

    From July 2013, subscribers on his channel were getting increasing then he changed his channel name and put it to “That-dude”.In 2015, he started popular because of his series of videos named “Worst intros”, because of this series of videos he got positioned on youtube. In the mid of 2016, he has almost 30,000 subscribers on youtube while at the end of 2016 he dropped out from his university because of his full-time concentration on the youtube business due to which he was forced to leave his home and moved out of the family. This was the early stage of his career.

    After that, he stepped on getting fame stage. Jimmy uploaded his day-long video in January 2017 while this took him approx 40 hours to complete, this video got 100,000. Afterward, in the next month, “Road of Mil” counted 200,000. According to Mr. Beast, it was too hard to accelerate these because of exceeding fifty-five hours which was beyond the youtube limit. Jimmy got popular during this period for broke glass using lots of megaphones, watching paint dry for an hour which is a difficult task, trying to stay beneath the water for 24 hours but it was failed due to his health issues, and also attempted to spin a spinner for a day which was also unsuccessful.

    “All was having a bumper doing something attractive and crazy.”

    In 2018, Jimmy got the title of “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist”, by giving $1 million through his hinder. In 2018, during PewDiePie vs T-series, in a competition for the most subscribed channel on youtube Jimmy helped PewDiePie to gain more subscribers than T-series by buying billboards, radio advertisements, and ads.

    He bought multiple seats for him in Super Bowl LIII. In the collaboration and sponsorship of Apex Legends Donaldson set up a real battle competition in Los Angeles in this competition, the prize was settled to $200,000. Afterward, In April 2020, he organized another competition of rock, paper, and scissors in which a prize of $250,000 was announced and that was the most-watched video on youtube at that time with viewers of 662,000, Nadeshot won the event. Then in 2020, Jimmy organized another tournament with a grand prize of $300,000, and this event was won by the D’Amelio family which caused controversy that they did cheating.

    From the year 2021, his highest-earning stage has started. In January 2021 he released a video “Rewind”, this video he previously told that he make Rewind but after some days youtube declared that it would not be making one. In these both videos of Rewind. He explains that YouTubers should get one more say in Rewind white in these videos he gave a shoutout to the PewDiePie.He also made a guest appearance in February 2021. In March 2021, He agreed with Jellysmack to share his videos on Snapchat and Facebook. In November 2021, Donaldson upload a dramatic television series in real life named Squid Game, in this game 456 people completed the tasks for a $456,000 cash prize, on 2 February 2022, this video got the title of the most watched video on youtube of 2021. After the MrBeast Net Worth 2021, his Net Worth is increasing most rapidly. 

    In December 2021 he organized another tournament which was won by Zach King. in this tournament two rounds happened, in the first round there was 15 competitor and 10 challenges were held between them after that in the second round there were 10 competitors from the first round of a highly hide and seek competition. January 2022 Forbes claimed that Beast income in the year 2021 was the same as the salary of Vin Diesel and Lewis Hamilton in 2020. Forbes also ranked him as YouTube’s. So, Mr Beast Net Worth 2021 is estimated in the millions.

    Highest Earning creator Mr Beast net worth 2021 is $46 Million. He gets one of the top 20 most-subscribed-to YouTube channels. His channel got lifetime views of 12.3 trillion.

    He usually makes videos in which he donates several money to an individual. He organized and host lots of games and events with a grand cash prize. Many people sponsored him for videos. He organized Minecraft in which he donated a house. His videos gave him a big profit so he donated $100,000 to a homeless shelter In 2018 he donated $32000 to the veteran’s Army. He also donated $70,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and $10,000 to the local animal shelter. Jimmy Donaldson-worthy videos are sponsored by many known brands. he claims that he continues his main youtube channel at loss.

    He has been in credit for launching a new style and high-cost videos on youtube where creators pushed him to sponsored giveaways and challenges. When his channel goes viral and starts getting grown-up then His Crew members name is Chris Tyson, Tyler Oliveira, Bradley Marschke, Karl Jacobs, and Chandler Hallow to work with him for his channel.

    Afterward, Karl got his profession and become a YouTuber on his own while Jake and Garrett left youtube. In 2020, with the collaboration of Brooklyn, he released a game name” Finger on an app” having a task to hold a finger on a phone screen then four people ended up this and won $20,000  each of them holding their hands for 70 hours. After the success of the game “Finger on the app 2” plane to launch, this game was won by 18 old boys on held the finger for up to 51 hours.

    Beast Videos:

    This is one of the best Beast Videos:


    Jimmy was the winner of Breakout Creator in 2019 while he was the nominee of Ensemble Cast and Creator of the Year in 2019, Mr. Beasts was the winner of  YouTuber of the Year, Creator of the Year, Live Special, Social Good: Creator and Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO in 2020. Donaldson was the nominee of Favorite Male Social Star and winner of Creator of the year 2021.

    MrBeast awards

    MrBeast Merch

    This Merch is the official merchandise for his fans. We are #1 his Apparel & Collectibles.

    MrBeast Merch
    mr Beast shirt

    MrBeast Burger:

    He also launched a virtual restaurant called MrBeast Burger which deals in online delivery across the US. In January 2022, he announce to set up a new restaurant name Feastables, and set up with his branch named “Mr. Beast Bars.” This bar has 3 flavors of chocolate bar recent. Now in February 2022, Feastables announced partnerships with Turtle Beach Corporation and Roccat.

    Earnings and achievements of Beast Burger:

    He earns a profit of about $24k per day. That means his total profit every month through the burger is $720k.  These were the analytics when he had only 300 outlets in beginning But recently in his chain, he added 120 more restaurants. Therefore his profits are increasing day by day. And even he has a perfect plan to expand into the international market. He is one of the most popular creators on YouTube, with over 90 million subscribers. As a content creator, his career has seen him take on some huge projects,  that gather millions of views for the dedicated efforts of him and his team.

    Jimmy is an investor in a smartphone controller and a backbone app that provides content and social tools to normal users. He got a partnership with a creative juice financial network which introduce juice funds and invest two million. In 2021 he become a long-term investor but this year he lost a lot of money in cryptocurrency.

    He created three philanthropy namely Team Trees: This was created On October 25, 2019, more the fourth purpose of funding the Arbor Day Foundation.

    Beast Philanthropy: On September 17, 2020, this channel was created, where he announced charity.

    His Youtube Channel

    Team Seas: On October 29, 2021 he organized this challenge with Rober.

    He has known early future creator-entrepreneurs.

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    Frequently Asked Question:

    What is MrBeast real name?

    His name is Jimmy Donaldson.

    Where does Mr Beast live?

    Jimmy Donaldson born on May 7, 1998 and he lived in Greenville.

    How much is mrbeast worth?

    Mr.Beast Net Worth is around to be $58 Million.

    How many subscribers does MrBeast have?

    Jimmy Donaldson has 90.6 Million subscribers.

    Who ruined him?

    Streamer Karl Jacobs ruined his videos in an interview.

    How old is MrBeast?

    Mr Beast height is approximately equal to 6ft3inch tall.

    How much does MrBeast make per video?

    He spends 300000 to produce one video.

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