• Most Expensive Lego Set Ever in the World

    It would be quite an onerous chore for you to find out the most expensive Lego set ever on the finest toy stores’ shelves. Collectors and the Lego enthusiast are always ready to pay megabucks to buy the most expensive Lego set ever. Lego sets were first created to entertain the Danish children, but they later evolved as a world phenomenon. They have become a part of pop culture and have shown an extensive range of endless imagination. Similar to Wall Street brokers, some collectors are always eager to buy and sell the Lego sets. You won’t believe that Lego sets have emerged alongside gold and stocks as one of the top investments in the World. You might be wondering, what is the most expensive Lego set ever? The Squander has come up with a list of 5 most expensive; so let’s get marveled by the price of the most expensive Lego set ever in the world.

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    1. Statue of Liberty 3450

    Source: SYFY

    The Statue of Liberty is among the few iconic landmarks in the World. That’s the reason it has been adopted as a Lego building set. The statue of Liberty was initially released in 2000 and stood nearly three feet when it is completed. To complete the entire build, it provides you 2,800 green pieces. However, a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty has also been released. To buy a new one is an extremely laborious ad you wouldn’t be bel to find one. However, it is also the most expensive Lego set and would cost you around $3,000 – $4,000.   

    2. Market Street 10190

    Source: SYFY

    Could you believe that, when Market Street 10190 was first released in 2007, you would have bought it for $90 only? It is one of the earlier modular sets and was targeting the adult market. The Lego set had 1200 pieces, and the major feature that attracted most of the collectors was interchangeable floors and its rotating parts. Many other similar products have been released in the market, but only a few of them have met the core features and standards of the original Market Street 10190. If collectors are looking to buy this Lego set, it would cost them around $2,500 – $3000. You would wish to buy this set 12 years ago, isn’t that true? 

    3. Taj Mahal 10189

    Source: SYFY

    Taj Mahal 10189 was originally released in 2008, and it is considered to be the most expensive Lego set ever. It costs around $299.99. It had 5500+ piece and was replicated the World’s most splendor wonder of the World. It holds incredible details. From gleaming spires to the stunning walls, every part of India’s great mausoleum was brought to life. If you track down the most expensive Taj Mahal Lego set, you would have to pay around $2500. If you think the price is too high, then there is a second version of the Taj Mahal 10189, and you would find them at a low price. However, they don’t meet the original one’s standards and would be of any interest to the collectors.

    4. LEGOLAND Train 4000014

    Source: SYFY

    You would find two variations of this set. One of the sets was offered to the fans at the LEGOLAND weekend event. At the same time, the other one was available for the employees. The one offered to the fans comes with 350 pieces, and another one comes with only 80 pieces. Apart from that, both the sets are identical. However, there is a difference in the price; you would get the weekend edition for $800. Regardless of being identical, the black version is cheaper, and you would get it for $2,500. The price of the weekend edition is 300 percent more than the black box version. Moreover, it is considered to be the most expensive Lego set ever in the World. 

    5. Grand Carousel 10196

    Source: SYFY

    You would get 3,200+ pieces with an additional rotating feature; the Grand Carousel comes with remote control. It could be considered as an amusing piece of engineering. When the Grand Carousel 10196 was released back in 2009, the Lego set’s price tag was quite high, and it was around $249.99. However, the functionality and the size of the set didn’t feel that the price is exorbitant. If you are looking to magnify the splendor, it could be one of the best and most expensive Lego set ever. If you are looking to buy Grand Carousel 10196, you would have to shell out $1,600. 

    Most Expensive Lego Set Ever in the World

    These are the most expensive Lego set ever. In the past few years and especially in the last decade, Lego sets have undoubtedly become a world phenomenon. They are loved by teenagers, children, and adults as well. Now the companies are making different versions for different age groups to satisfy their needs. 

    If you are a Lego set collector or only looking to buy the most expensive Lego set in the World, then the ones discussed above will surely amaze you. No one who has fallen in love with Lego sets would deny the fact that these are not only the most expensive Lego sets but have some exceptional features and functions that everyone would love. 

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