Highest Paid Model 2018: Kendall Jenner is the highest paid model of 2018

For the second year in a row, Kendall Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, has topped the list of highest paid models by Forbes. She may not be the best-paid among the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but she is officially the highest paid model in the world. Kylie Jenner, the younger Jenner sister and the founder of the Kylie Cosmetics made an estimated $166.5 in the same time frame, but the older sibling still earned the highest of her career so far.

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This year’s list doesn’t include many familiar faces of the last year, including Adriana Lima, Liu Wen, and Ashley Graham, who earned just below the $8 million cut off.

The methodology involved to make a list estimates all the earnings of the models from June 2017 through June 2018. However, the estimates are pretax, without excluding the payable to managers, agents, and lawyers.

Kendall Jenner – The Highest Paid Model 2018

The major fraction of Jenner’s income comes from her lucrative partnerships with high-end brands like Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein, and Adidas. In twelve months prior to June 2018, Jenner earned $22.5 million, beating other supermodels to top highest-paid models list, including her own besties the Hadid sisters – Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Top Ten World’s Highest-Paid Models 2018:

The world’s ten highest paid models together have banked a total of $113 million in the twelve months before June 2018. Below is the complete list of this year’s highest paid models with a tie between Chrissy Teigen and Rosie Huntington-Whitely at number 3, Cara Delevingne and Gisele Bundchen at number 5, and Bella Hadid and Joan Smalls at number 8. Let’s see if Kendall Jenner would succeed in keeping her number 1 spot secured the next year.

1. Kendall Jenner: $22.5 million

2. Karlie Kloss: $13 million

3. Chrissy Teigen: $11.5

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: $11.5 million

5. Cara Delevingne: $10 million

5. Gisele Bundchen: $10 million

7. Gigi Hadid: $9.5 million

8. Bella Hadid: $8.5 million

8. Joan Smalls: $8.5 million

10. Doutzen Kroes: $8 million