This Guy Is Eating The Most Expensive Steak On Earth And It Looks Amazing

The most expensive steak on earth comes from Mu Ramen and it looks pretty extraordinary. Nick Solares of Eater had the opportunity to chomp down on the almost majestical piece of meat that will probably break your bank, should you decide to indulge.

Joshua Smookler is the mad scientist behind the meat that has been dry-aged for 400 days. The meat is is top grade Wagyu beef famous for it’s incredibly marbling. The meat actually loses about 30% of it’s size during the aging process and is almost unrecognizable. It’s a cross between a loaf of bread and cheese.

Solares believes that the piece of meat that Smookler used has to be a $1000 steak. He might be correct in that statement as a decent cut of Wagyu beef can run you somewhere around $150 with larger cuts coming in even more expensive. So imagine giving an already expensive cut of meet a pretty exclusive dry-aging treatment, yeah, that’s big money for sure.

Meanwhile, the general reaction from Solares is enough to tell you that the Mu Ramen 400-day dry-aged Wagyu steak is a thing of beauty for sure. You can check out all of the tasty details of this expensive steak in the video below.

What The Most Expensive Steak On Earth Tastes Like

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