• Most Expensive Food Items in the World

    The phrase expensive food varies widely; for some, it turns out to be truffles, while for others, its red salmon. There are food items in the world, and the price tags they have would get you into disbelief. In a world where appallingly food is tough to put on the table, while certain food items could be beyond your comprehension. Your curiosity would be stretching to know the most expensive food items in the world. The price tag of these food items isn’t high due to the customary fine-dining experience and luxury ambiance, but the outrageously rare ingredients that are added to those items. Well, it’s quite tough to imagine a dish that could be ridiculously expensive. The Squander would provide you the chance to look at the most expensive food items that could make your wallet empty. 

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    Saffron is among the most expensive spices, and you wouldn’t believe that red spice is worth more per ounce than gold. Have you ever seen rice that is luminous yellow? There are chances that the saucepan is shared with saffron? The spice is popularly known as Red Gold, and it is commonly used as a coloring agent in food. The red spice is found in the mountains and is quite difficult to harvest, and that’s the reason behind being the most expensive food. 


    Source: BBC

    Oysters are now considered the food of the filthy rich, but it hasn’t been a luxury one. In the early 19th century, oysters were the food of the working class community alongside coastal communities. However, the pollution and overfishing have bumped up Oyster’s price, and now a restaurant in New York will charge you around $100 for oysters. Undoubtedly, low-priced food is now listed among the most expensive food items in the world. 

    Iberico Ham

    Source: BBC

    Iberico Ham is produced in Spain and Portugal. The finest Iberico Ham comes from a pig that is fed on acorns during their life. The Iberico Ham is classified on strict grounds, and the best one is considered black label’ ham and it comes from pure-bred Iberian pigs that have a diet of acorns and roams in the oak forests. According to Guinee’s World record Book, the most expensive commercially available Iberico ham costs around at the whopping price of $4094.20. 

    Foie Gras

    Source: BBC

    Foie Gras comes from duck or goose liver and is fattened ten times of its normal size. Its flavor is rich, buttery, and delicious; therefore, it is known to be the most expensive product. The birds have to pay a higher cost than us, as they are fed corn through tubes. The practice is carried out from ancient Egypt, and now there is a ban in many countries on the production, import, and sale of Foie Grass. 

    Wagyu Beef

    Source: BBC

    Wagyu could be simply translated as Japanese beef. It comes from all our types the four types of Japanese cow. The meat is high in fat and renders down during the cooking to make it tender. Many Wagyu beef fans create their similarity with a soft fish. The cows are feed on strict guidelines. The price of the Wagyu Beef starts from $641.17 per KG. Undoubtedly, that cost couldn’t be imagined. 

    Bluefin Tuna

    Source: BBC

    Bluefin Tuna is oddly satisfying, and everyone loves its taste. However, environmentalists are warning that Bluefin Tuna is an endangered species and its coming to extinction. However, the supply of this Tuna isn’t hampered yet. Could you believe a mere pound of Bluefin Tuna is sold for over $4000, and all the dishes which incorporate it are extraordinarily expensive? 

    Hacienda La Esmeralda

    Source: BBC

    You would love to know that the tongue-twisting term means coffee. It’s quite expensive and isn’t similar to Starbucks. You would be amazed to know that a single pound costs over $400. The cultivation of Hacienda La Esmeralda is very less, and only a few numbers of people consume it every year. It’s possible that you would have wandered a lot of places to find this coffee because it’s quite rare. 

    Black Truffle

    Source: BBC

    You would find Black Truffle in France. They are the most expensive truffles you would ever come across. You would love its taste. The item is served as a luxury food in restaurants and is commonly used as a taste enhancer in the meal course. The price of Black Truffles can go around $1700, and it depends on the location of your buy it. Black Truffle is popular among Europeans, and they love to have it in the main course. 

    Moose Milk Cheese

    Source: BBC

    Cheese is one of the food items that no one could resist. Cheese adds royalty to our food, and it’s been said that if cheese doesn’t exist, there would be no taste in the world. Moose milk cheese is an expensive dairy product, and it costs around $500 a pound. The cheese can magically change the taste of any dish, which is why it is expensive and has a high demand among cheese lovers. If you haven’t tasted moose Milk Cheese, your taste buds would love to taste it. 

    Matcha Green Tea

    Source: BBC

    The ingredient is commonly used for health reasons. The natural ingredients found in the Matcha Green Tea have some great nutrients, and it’s a perfect anti-oxidant. The product is also caffeinated and used to add some supreme flavors to ice-cream and other desserts. The Matcha Green Tea costs around $180 per kilo. It is widely popular among North Americans, and they love to have the Matcha Green Tea in the evening. 

    Most Expensive Food Items in the World

    You must be craving for all of these luxury and most expensive food items in the world. However, you would need megabucks for spending on a single meal. Trying all these expensive food items is what everyone dreams of, but it requires to pay some additional amount to fulfill the hankering. If you think it’s not affordable, then you need to curb your cravings. In the last analysis, luxury food items are what everyone desires to taste once in their life. It’s a just short list of most expensive food items in the world. Stay tuned to The Squander to get interesting news.

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