• Most Expensive ‘Lord of the Rings’ Collectibles on eBay

    Do you want to know where to sell lord of the rings collectibles? When it comes to fantasy in popular culture, fanatics will do whatever they can to get their hands on the best merchandise from their favorite movies and books. For those who are fans of The Lord of The Rings, that means paying a pretty penny.

    Most Expensive ‘Lord of the Rings’ Collectibles on eBay

    From statues to costumes, Lord of the Rings enthusiasts will pay up to thousands of dollars for some trinkets and collectibles. Fanatics can find these products via fan-based websites or bigger purchasing websites, like eBay, where sellers put their handmade or unwanted items online.

    An article published by Daily Mail in the UK looks at an auction on December 6, 2013, in Los Angeles. At the auction, $2.4 million worth of costumes, prosthetic feet and ears, and movie props were being sold. The collection was gathered by a lord of the rings ring eBay enthusiast, who spent 10 years hoarding memorabilia. Experts have described his collection as “the best in the world.”

    Among those items is Frodo’s sword, “Sting”, which was one of the most expensive items. The sword was estimated to sell for $164,000. Another item was an 18-carat gold replica of the “one ring” which was expected to sell for $82,000. The other eight rings, the article said, went for about $20,000 each.

    These particular prices aren’t seen on eBay.com’s latest page of Lord of the Rings merchandise, but they still fall on the expensive side. The first item on the list is an original painting of Smaug by Jerry Vanderstelt, a licensed art painter at San Diego Comic-Con. The painting is going for $9,450. There are no offers, but there are two people watching the piece of art. The best place to sell Lord of the Rings toys. … Wheeljack’s Lab has been buying vintage toy collections for over three decades. 

    The second most expensive Lord of the Rings item goes for $3,913.13 and is a statue of Balrog, a creature from the series. So far there are 42 people watching the statue. In the piece, Balrog is hovering covered in fire. The statue also comes with a whip of fire which was never attached.

    The third most expensive item is a complete set of twelve lord of the rings ring ebay characters and a stand, which is selling for $3,500. The figurines do not look like those characters portrayed in the films, since it was made between 1979-81 before the films were released. It includes Gandalf, Frodo, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas, lotr collectors items, and more.

    For those fanatics who enjoy collecting Elvish memorabilia, there is a high Elven war helm priced for $2,500. So far there is one bid for $1,750. The helm comes with a stand and a plaque verifying that the piece is one of 6,000 ever made.

    A life-size statue of Gandalf the Grey from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, falls fifth on the list for $2,500. The statue currently has four people watching the item. The statue, which stands 5.8 feet and weighs 132 pounds, is said to be in pristine condition and has been inside since its purchase.

    The most expensive lord of the rings memorabilia item on the list is a 10-carat and 14-carat gold ring set in wooden ring boxes for $1,200. There are two people watching this item.

    With famous books and movies like The Lord of the Rings, there are hundreds of collectibles out there worth a good chunk of change, along with those who are willing to pay the price.

    Rare Lord of the Rings Collectibles:

    Following is the list of lord of the rings collectible.

    1. Lord of the Rings Sting Sword.
    2. Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy The Helm of Sauron Prop Replica.
    3. Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Smaug King Under the Mountain Statue.
    4. Lord of the Rings Ringwraith Statue.
    5. Lord of the Rings Anduril Sword of King Elessar.

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