Ray J Set for Life Thanks to Sex Tape Royalties

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Ray J Set for Life Thanks to Sex Tape Royalties

Though Ray J remains in the public eye doing various projects like his stint on Love and Hip-Hop (which reportedly might be coming to an end soon), he could choose to never work again and watch the money still roll in thanks to his X-rated video with former love Kim Kardashian.

Ray J, little brother to singer Brandy, musician, and reality TV connoisseur made the infamous tape with the little-known Kim K in 2003 and while Kim has gone on the record regretting the tape, they both benefited from it in some way or another.

Per year, Ray J reportedly makes over $100,000 from royalties from one of the most watched celebrity sex tapes to ever exist.

This number was revealed when Ray J cheekily offered to donate 4 months of his sex tape royalties- $47,000- as a wedding present to Kim and new love Kanye West.

But get this- as interest peaks in Kim and consequently her sex tape, Ray J makes even more money than average.

When she tried to "break the internet" with her naked photos in Paper Magazine in late 2014, Ray J earned $50,000 during that week alone.

If we were him, we wouldn't really care about continuing Love & Hip Hop either...

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