• 10 Best Tasty Chicken Breast Recipes you must try!

    Confused about what to cook for a classic dinner date?

     Here are the 10 best tasty chicken breast recipes you can prepare at home with just a few basic ingredients. They are tasty, creamy, and sure to become family favorites for generations to come! 

    Chicken Breast Recipes

    Simple Chicken Breast Recipe is one of America’s most favorite parts of meat, whether it is papers seared, fried, baked, or grilled, we can prepare so many delicious meals with it.

    Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts: 


    The following nutrition facts about healthy chicken breast receipt are according to 3 ounces of boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast. You should know that many commercially packed easy chicken breasts receipt pieces might be more than 3 ounces, so if you are consuming a single breast piece, there are chances that you are eating more than just a single serving. 


    Calories 128 
    Sodium44 mg 
    Fat2.7 g
    Protein 26 g 
    Sugars 0g 
    Fiber 0g 
    Carbohydrates 0g 

    Why Should I Choose Chicken Breast to eat? – Health Benefits: 

    It is a known fact that chicken breast is a low-fat protein source that provides the consumer with many essential benefits. Here are some of the main health benefits of eating healthy chicken meals: 

    • Strengthens your bones: Many doctors believe that a diet rich in animal protein can reduce our bone density and increase the risk of broken bones as protein works well with calcium, and strengthens our bone structure. 
    • Maintains and Builds Muscle Mass: Consuming a diet that is rich in protein can prove to be a great way to build and maintain our overall muscle mass. 
    • Reduces Appetite and promotes weight loss: It is a proven fact that consuming protein can help you feel fuller, which can automatically reduce appetite and promote weight loss. According to studies, people who consume more protein meals have improved appetite control. 

    Chicken Breast for Weight Loss and Dieting purpose: 

    Tasty chicken Breast is rich in protein, which is a great source of weight loss. It will make you feel full and reduce your appetite than usual. It is because proteins can have a satiety effect on your body. 

    If someone is trying to lose a couple of pounds, this will surely help them to lose that extra weight sooner. The best thing about it is low fat. Chicken for recipe-breast pieces have a lower daily calorie intake and thus promote weight loss. If you pair up this diet with a couple of exercises or daily walks, you can easily retain muscle mass and reduce extra body fat. This is an important factor because it can influence your metabolism rate, which plays a great role in maintaining your muscle mass.

    Best Chicken Breast Recipes: 

    Breasts are one of the most-loved parts of a chicken, as it is greatly rich in protein and low in fat. If you are looking to lose some weight and take low-fat meat, then easy recipes for chicken breast are your clear winners. 

    And who said that choosing healthy has to be boring? We have brought the 

    10 Best Chicken Breast Recipes that you need to try. All of these are super-easy to make and will put this lean meat to great use. 

    Who to make with chicken breast? Time to say goodbye to bland and dry meals because, with these 10 recipes, you’ll never get bored of eating chicken ever again! 

    10 Best Chicken Breast Recipes

    1. Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Pasta: 

    Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Pasta

    Need a super-quick, cheap, and easy chicken breast recipe for a busy weekend? 

    This sun-dried tomato pasta with a creamy cheesy flavor is all you need to fulfill all your pasta cravings. To prepare this recipe, all you need is a skillet and a 10 minute cooking time. This is one of the easiest and the yummiest recipes on our list. Feel free to use any type of pasta that you like for the dish. Personally, Penne Pasta and Spaghetti noodles are my top picks! 

    2. Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie: 

    Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie

    Have some leftover chicken breast pieces left? 

    Dinner ideas with chicken if you are having a busy weekend and don’t quite have the time to prepare a classic easy chicken breast recipe pot pie then here’s a simpler and quicker version for you to try at home. To make this Puff Pastry recipe for Chicken Pot Pie, create a seasoned mix of meat and vegetables for the filling and place them in casseroles. Now, top it with the puff pastry and bake it for 35 minutes, until it’s golden and puffed. 

    3. Boneless Chicken Breast Recipe Cracker Barrel Fried Chicken: 

    Boneless Chicken Breast Recipe Cracker Barrel Fried Chicken

    We all love Cracker Barrel’s fried chicken right! 

    Season the healthy boneless chicken breast recipes pieces with your favorite spices, bread them, and fry them until it spans, it spans and pans, golden brown. Dinner idea with chicken Oh my, they’re delicious! The best part about this good chicken recipes idea is that you can easily prepare it at home. The secret ingredient to make it even juicier is buttermilk, which brings a classic southern flavor to the fried chicken piece.

    4. Grilled Chicken Strawberry Pizza: 

    Grilled Chicken Strawberry Pizza

    Are you bored of serving the same old hot dogs, burgers, and grilled meats at an outdoor summer Barbeque party? 

    Well, this delicious easy chicken recipe for strawberry pizza will make your guests licking their fingers. You can use naan or pita bread as the pizza crust and add some creamy white sauce to give it a creamy taste and top it with your favorite ingredients, or maybe, add some strawberries as I do. 

    5. Cheesy Chicken dinner ideas Burrito Skillet: 

    Cheesy Chicken dinner ideas Burrito Skillet

    This recipe is super filling and will bring you everything you love in a recipe for chicken for recipe burrito. This recipe is a very easy chicken breast recipe to prepare, just cook the canned tomatoes, beans, rice, taco seasoning, and broth in the skillet. Add some mozzarella shredded cheese to give that taco the best cheese pull! 

    6. Lemon Easy Chicken Piccata: 

    Lemon Easy Chicken Piccata

    Looking for a fancy recipe to prepare for a date night but don’t have a lot of time on your plate? 

    Lemon Best Chicken Piccata is a classic Mediterranean dish that is surprisingly super easy to cook. Just prepare the creamy sauce, add some lemon juice, capers, and white wine. Now, put your crispy healthy chicken recipe and sauce on the bed of pasta, and ENJOY! 

    7. Simple Chicken Breast Dinner Ideas Black Bean Chicken: 

    Simple Chicken Breast Dinner Ideas Black Bean Chicken

    Black bean healthy chicken recipes are a flavorful mixture of some black beans, salsa sauce, corn, and some perfectly seasoned stir-fried chicken. If you want to give this chicken dinner recipe a spicy kick, add some cumin, pepper and chili flakes, or powder. Serve it with some egg-fried rice for a deliciously filling supper. 

    8. Honey Pecan Chicken Breasts: 

    Honey Pecan Chicken Breasts

    Love the sound of a flavorful mixture of chicken and honey butter sauce infused with pecans? 

    We are sure that you’ll love this recipe so much you’ll add it to your go-to-recipes. This dish looks rather fancy but it is such an easy chicken recipe idea to prepare. The seasoned pecan nuts add an elegant touch to your dish and will give your kitchen that inciting aroma we all love. Serve this recipe with white rice to give your dish an authentic southern feel.

    9. Grilled Chicken Breast: 

    Grilled Chicken Breast

    Craving some juicy and spicy grilled chicken? 

    This recipe with quick chicken breast recipe calls for a wet spice rub of onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, red chili flakes, and oregano. Your easy chicken recipe easy will turn out to be so scrumptious that you’ll finish it in minutes! You can serve your grilled healthy chicken dishes with some baked veggies and brown rice, or a creamy side salad. My personal favorite is pairing grilled easy chicken breast pieces with some Caesar salad. 

    10. Quick & Easy Chicken Breast Recipe with Mushroom Gravy:

    Chicken and gravy might be the most iconic combination out there and we all know why. 

    This recipe with chicken includes a pan-seared chicken breast dipped in some rich mushroom gravy. I personally love to use beef broth for the gravy rather than chicken broth because it tastes more flavorful. Serve this delicious combo with some boiled rice and mashed potatoes. 

    Ideas and Tricks to prepare Chicken Breast Recipes: 

    Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your chicken breast recipes even more delicious: 

    • Marinating the boneless skinless chicken breast recipe before you cook them is very important as it’ll make it moister. This will ensure that your chicken breast pieces are juicy, tender, and loaded with rich flavors, and oil. 
    • Try marinating your recipe with chicken breast pieces with salt, black pepper, mixed herbs, yogurt, oil, cream, sugar, vinegar, and oregano. 
    • Quick chicken breast pieces work well with distinct pungency ingredients such as mustard, basil, pesto, teriyaki, and so forth. 
    • It is not smart to overcook a recipe with chicken breast pieces. When you marinate the pieces with the right ingredients, they cook relatively quickly. Whether you are using a pan or baking the pieces, they usually take less than 20 minutes. 
    • If your recipe says to marinate the healthy chicken breast receipt pieces for more than 1 hour, you should put them in the fridge.
    • As important as it is to marinate the recipe with recipe for chicken  dinner recipe for breast pieces before cooking them, make sure that you avoid over marinating them. Keeping a balance between oil, yogurt, and acidic elements is the key to perfecting the taste. If you accidentally over-marinate your easy chicken dishes breast pieces, they might turn squishy and mushy. 
    • Glaze the recipe for chicken breast pieces while you cook them as this will render instant flavor.
    • It is important to know which type of pieces and cuts you need for a dish. Larger or thicker pieces take more time to cook than thinner pieces. You can even put gashes in between the pieces to ensure better seasoning. 
    • Last but not the least, when you are done with pan-frying or baking your best chicken breast pieces, do not rush to cut them right away as this can result in all the delicious flavoring juices seeping out of the piece. Put it aside for a few minutes and let the cooked piece soak in all the rich flavors and juices. Cut, plate, and serve! 

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