• Best Voice Changers Applications and Discord

    There are too many Voice Changers but we sort out the list of Best Voice Changers for you. The voice changer for windows is the software that can modify a user’s voice pitch or tone. It is used for audio recording as well as sharing through email or on social sites like Discord, Steam, Skype, and Gaming Trolling with people. These apps provide a basic interface that can be implemented in real-time with a wide variety of effects.

    Best Voice Changers Applications and Discord

    A word changeover (also known as voice enhancer). The word voice change (also known as voice enhancer) refers to a device that changes the tone or pitch of the person or adds distortion to his voice. A kazoo/didgeridoo may be used as a fortuitous voice change but the person’s words can be hard to understand. It is not a technical or complicated procedure to add effects to voice recordings that you captured using an online tool or a digital audio workstation. However, you can select the voice modifier according to a number of audio files you can upload to a platform to adjust your voice, the longest time of the voice recording, or the list of voice effects on the platform.

    Hardware implementations:

    Electronic instruments were commonly used over the phone for disguising the earliest voice modulator. There are cheap, small battery-powering, lithium-powered voice enhancers between the mouth of a phone and the mouth of the user. More advanced voice translators have varying degrees of different fader-variable distortion effects.

    Software implementations:

    Software deployments are very popular nowadays. The voice is modified using various algorithms by numerous techniques. Most algorithms alter the voice by altering its width, pitch, and sound. The pitch is a vital factor in transforming the voice of a male into a female voice. The effects of software changes in voice are very remarkable.

    Below is a handpicked list of common features and Web links from the Top Free Voice enhancer apps. The list includes open (free) software sources. Among so many fun applications for Android and iPhone, one of the most underrated ones in recent years is the ones that function best for their users as voice filters.

    This can normally be achieved by various effects and for a variety of purposes but can be used in a comical setting more frequently. Although there is less interest, a few great apps are still available to change your voice. You can only continue reading this article to find out which are the best and start using it!

    Often, you are in the mood to have fun or prank your friends, particularly if you receive a new phone number, by changing your voice. Ok, at one point in our lives we have all tried that and it wasn’t a great success. Our lack of voice modulation skills is the basic explanation for this. But don’t worry, we’re here to help and you’ll soon know some of the finest voice change apps to get your giggles into. Well, a few voice-changer applications are flooding the Play Store and App Store, so that everybody can find the right one. We have been testing your applications and here’s a list of the 15 best Android and iOS voice enhancer apps:

    Apps and Discord & PC Software for best voice changer:

    1) Voice Changer Plus App:

    VoiceChanger App is a voice-changing program. It includes hundreds of sounds and voices. You can play voice backward with this software. Many sound effects and voices are available to users.


    • It allows you to record a single tap of your voice.
    • By selecting the ‘new voice’ and tapping on a play button you can listen to the same recording in different voices.
    • You can save and share the record free of charge.
    • Trim recording control facility.
    • The full voiceOver supports.

    Platform: iOS supported.

    More about Voice Changer Plus App:

    Voice Changer Plus is an incredible Audio Impact Changer app. It is the best app you can use for voice change in your play store A lot of audio effects are free. It is free.

    Just record your voice by talking into a microphone and choose one of the wonderful voice effects you love, use and enjoy the moment. The new algorithms are used to alter your voice with artificial intelligence (Soft Voice Maker). After a long day of work or studies, there’s no fun playing with your voice, having fun, this app works with your friends any time you’re a husband, a woman, or a guy.

    The most recent audio effects are provided by this app:

    • Voice effect of Ghost 
    • slow motion Voice impact 
    • voice effect of robot
    • normal voice
    • chipmunk speech voice effect
    • Funny voice effect
    • Voice effect of bee voice
    • Voice effect of Elephant
    • This “Voice changer Plus” FREE DOWNLOAD and INSTALL

    And take the time to install this magical app right now for your families and friends! What do you wait for? What do you expect?

    2) Voicemod:

    Voicemod-Voice Changer

    Voicemod free is a simple Discord voice modulator that converts the voice of the user to female, robot, man, properties. This application can be used for both PC and online games.


    • Compatible with many chat services, such as Hangouts, Viber, Paltalk, and others.
    • This PC voice distortion supports lots of effects like distortion of voice.
    • Sound can be loaded in WAV or MP3 formats.
    • In real-time, change your SDK voice.
    • With the mainline, you can easily choose a voice.
    • Supported systems for Windows PC, Android, and iOS.
    • This is the Best Voice changer fo Windows.

    More about Voicemod:

    Windows Voice Effects is best integrated. Voicemod is an excellent tool with an even more impressive voice filter list. You can choose from a variety of voice effects, which can be enjoyable and realistic. You can help Voicemod make your voice sound like a robot. The tool will help if you want an impressive Baritone to your voice.

    The tool is extremely simple to use, works in real-time, and is completely free on all Windows platforms. Even if the app works for discord, Skype, Twitch, and other online chat and streaming services can also be used.

    Voicemod is a great free voice enhancer for discord, especially if you are a player who wants to remain anonymous on a streaming platform. Yes, it’s good for disagreement, but since it is compatible with several common games such as Fortnite and League of Legends, it’s a game player needs.

    3) Voice Changer:

    Voice Changer

    Voice modulator is an online application for transforming the voice and adding results. It allows you to personalize voice effects as you want. This free software allows you to add sound effects like a real thing.


    • In a web browser or by using a microphone you can record speech.
    • You can upload the files saved on your hard drive with this online voice effects free.
    • It supports several voice effects.
    • In a pre-recorded audiobook, you can change voices or build a new voice.
    • Platform supported: Online

    More about Voice Changer:

    Best for adding audio or background music. VoiceChanger is just as simple as a tool for voice change. There are three easy choices for you. You can either upload and tweak an audio file, use it through a microphone to cover up your voice or create text expression.

     Immediately it welcomes you to your welcome page with all sorts of voice effects. The voices range from a generic baby to the voice of a girl to a common film and cartoon. This can be efficiently used during online gaming sessions or when talking online with your friends. 

    Voice enhancer online is just as generic. But it is working with the phenomenal comfort that it sets out to do. Don’t be misled by its core look, as its voice changes functionality can be extremely competent.

    4) Voice Changer with Effects:

    Voice Changer with Effects

    Voice software with Effects is a smartphone app that allows you to alter or change your voice. It allows you to set a voice as a notification sound or a ringtone. More than 40 effects were part of this application.


    • In WhatsApp, eMail, etc you can share the result with others.
    • You can save the recording using this voice software app.
    • The pre-registered sound can be imported.
    • Create a single text file speech.
    • It lets you build a sound picture.
    • Platform: Android supported.

    More about Voice Changer with Effects:

    Best for android speech modulation. Now an app has been developed exclusively for Android users. The tool is very simple to use and use as a voice changeover. You get an option to mask a range of options in your voice while adding pure fun effects.

    The method can be used to import and tweak the pre-recorded sound to you. The tool comes with more than 40 different voice effects. With chat applications in Android, the tool can function competently

    This is the finest tool only if you use it with your friends for fun. Though it helps to mask your voice on android, the audio quality is still unclear

    5) Best Voice Changer – Free:

    Best Voice Changer – Free

    Best Voice Changer is a free app that allows users to quickly alter their voice. It supports the formats mp3, WAV, and other files. With just one tap, this program lets you add impact.


    • You can record your sound or pick a voice shift audio file.
    • With WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LINE you can communicate with others.
    • The platform supports a wide range of effects: Android.

    More about Best Voice Changer – Free:

    The Best VoiceChanger App is a humorous app that can transform your voice into various voice effects and sound effects. You can easily alter your voice free of charge with its voice avatar and ambient sounds. For voice recordings or audio files, you may alter the voice. You can change your voice to more fun for videos or share it on social media. It’s one of the strongest shifts in the speech of free voices.

    Voice Editor to Change Your Voice:

    You can easily convert your voice into various voice and voice effects through tp. It’s just recording or choosing audio and using the voice effects in this voice application. Download the amusing voice effects to social media or post them. You can also render more music and song effects by using this singing voicechanger.

    Various Voice Effects and Audio Effects:

    Best Voice reversal– The  Voice Changer free app has different voice effects and audio effects, free of charge. You can change your voice, for example by changing a female voice to a man’s, by transforming a baby voice into the old one’s voice with an integrated voice mod. You can also turn your voice into certain creatures, such as the sound of sheep or bees.

    Or you can transform voices into amusing avatars such as zombies, robots, aliens, and monsters, etc. You can make the sound like in a winery or rainy day, in a busy street or a train, etc with the aid of ambient sounds. You are waiting for more voice characters and effects. This amusing sound changer and voice editor gives you a lot of fun. Come play the game of the voice!

    Change Voice App for Audio:

    The free voice change with effects helps to change voice in an audio file that is captured or opened. You can use the ready-made voice mod to edit the audio, for example, to make the pitch change by using the baby voice distorter mode, to change instant voicechanger mode in the women or male voice effects mode to the opposite sex, to speed up the voice modder with the rapper, to pretend to be a foreigner by using the Accent Change mode. You can also adjust the voice pitch of voice effects, like changing the voice thrill, voice clarity or volume, and so on.

    Change Voice App for Video:

    This Video Effects Voice mood download will help to adjust the voice for captured video or video files. This video voicemail can be used to alter the audio in video clips. You can make voice-over or funny videos that share voice-over on YouTube, TikTok, etc.

    Free Voice Changer:

    It’s a well-known free speaker. Most sound and voice-avatar effects are free. You can make several funny voice effects with this free voice changer app. Funny VoiceChanger – Free Voice Changer app is fun that can alter voice plus tone, has many voice effects, and is continuously updated with realistic functions. Experience this particular enjoyment in comparison with another voice modifier. 

    6) MorphVOX:


    MorphVOX is an online experience enhancement software. It alters the voice’s consistency and tone and pitch. This tool will create a sound similar to a man and a woman.


    • High-quality facilities for voice change.
    • This app can be easily integrated with online games and chat programs.
    • This free Discord voice changer uses less CPU.
    • The voices and sound have been integrated.
    • Mouse and joystick functions can be customized.
    • Platform supported: Windows and Mac.

    More about MorphVOX:

    The best way to change strong and dominant voices. The capacity of MorphVox to provide crisp audio quality only while not burdening the CPU is a key component of this list. The tool will imitate your voice so that optimal sound effects can be created.

    MorphVox evolves steadily, too. In addition to its normal features, MorphVox provides MP3 readings, files restore from the same folder, improved list management, plug-in support, and support for multiple users.

    The method is fun to use as well. When you chat with your friends online, you can add background music to enhance your gaming experience online. Even to enhance the overall experience you can install a range of wonderful sound effects. MorphVox is a present for gamers who can make their online gaming experience more enjoyable. It is an intuitive and effective voice changeover that continuously evolves to provide more choices for sound effects and functionality.

    7) Voice Changer:

    free Voice Changer

    Voice Changer is a smartphone application that can be used to modify voice using audio file effects. On Android devices, you can use it. This application is simple to use and can produce humorous effects.


    • You can save or open audio and add an impact easily.
    • The audio you saved can be viewed or edited.
    • You can share the recorded audio via social networks or Bluetooth through this app for voice changes.
    • This application supports tones with various voice effects.
    • Platform supported: Android. Supported.

    More about Voice Changer:

    Voice Changer is a voice modifier app that is higher than average. Dozens of effects are supported, including bee, old man, martian, fan, hot, intoxicated, underwater, and many more. It functions like most apps to switch voices. You record a few words and use a filter. The app also lets you apply filters to audio files that have already been registered. It works as much as you would imagine. No sales are available free of charge. However, there are a few commercials.

    It’s also one of Android’s best-known pure voice changers. This covers a total of almost four tons of effects, a basic user interface, and several other choices. The audio and effects can be recorded as desired. You can subsequently submit it, place it as a ringtone or notification tone, and just save it to everyone you want. If you want to change something you already have, you can also import audio files.

    8) RoboVox Voice Changer:

    RoboVox Voice Changer

    Roblox Voice Changer is a tool that can transfer with other voices such as music and robots. The voice types with pitch modulation are more than 32 different. You can save your recording with this smartphone application.


    • It offers different real-time modes, such as real-time recording, etc.
    • Your voice can be easily recorded.
    • You can share your SoundCloud performance (online audio distribution platform).
    • We can save and mail as WAV files your creations.
    • We can create ringtones with this application.
    • It provides a vocoder with an FFT spectral analysis in real-time ( method measuring signals from devices).

    More about RoboVox Voice Changer:

    Roblox – Make your voice transformed! Make your voice look scary or funny, musical, evil, or like popular robots with RoboVox! RoboVox is a voice recorder that uses vocoder technology for the voice changer app.

    Select from 32 different voice types and jams, slide your finger across the X-Y control panel, with the pitch and modulation setting. Change your voice live on, record, and turn your voice or use the parrot mode to automatically repeat your changed voice. Save your album, email it or share it in SoundCloud directly. Get your speech alienated now!

    9) Skype Voice Changer:

    Skype Voice Changer

    The app Skype Voice Changer allows you to turn the voice in real-time. It can be easily used for Skype conversations with programming. This application can be used with a voice created by the computer.


    • The sound of your voice quickly transforms.
    • A pre-recorded voice can be played again.
    • You can record your conversations using this app feature.
    • You can talk with a computer-generated voice.
    • Platform: Windows supported.

    More about Skype Voice Changer:

    Skype Voice Changer Pro allows you to convert your very own voice sound in real-time with a voice created by your computer or say something. You can also repeat pre-recorded sounds and record your conversations with the person to whom you are talking. You can easily use it, and now you can test it.

    Would you ever want to make it sound like you’ve sat in a car waiting for a flock to get out? No problem! No problem! You can playback pre-recorded sound effects for someone else’s listening with Skype Voice Changer Pro. In the trial version, we included some built-in ones just to get you started. And yes, a flock of sheep and a truck horn are included. So have some fun! So have some fun!

    The effects of Skype Voice Changer Pro change the sound of your voice, but what if you want to use a completely different voice? Well, there we also have you covered! Thanks to Windows speech synthesis capabilities, you can simply type in what you want to say, pick the voice you are using and click on play. The voice generated by a machine will then communicate on your behalf to the other individual. The available voices depend on your Windows version, but they probably include a minimum of one: Hazel, Zira, Heera, Sam, David, or Microsoft Desktop. Each has its personality and its focus.

    10) Voice Changer Voice Recorder:

    Voice Changer Voice Recorder

    Voice Changer, a super voice editor that enhances your voice quality – is a mobile device application. It allows you to record HD voice quality.


    • It can be used to call and messengers.
    • This application supports a lot of effects, such as robots, children, old men, etc.
    • Provides singing voice effects
    • You should give your friends voice effects
    • Platform supported: Android.

    More about Voice Changer Voice Recorder:

    The robot and cartoon effects change the super voice. Were you dull voices fed up? Do your friends need some wonderful audio? Dream you of a smooth and attractive voice for songs? Wanna become a great voice maker? What you need is a great change of speech.

    You can easily have a charming voice with various effects using the voice modification and recording device! To configure parameters and have the best sound effects now you can download the sound changer and voice editor.

    Why Voice Change?

    • A funny phone call and messaging voice converter.
    • A fascinating memory speech recorder & a voice game and voice enhancement software
    • An application with strong voice singing and editing sound effects
    • Superhero voice gathering and other movie appearances
    • An audio playback tool in the saved list when you call and record

    You can find voice effects from your favorite hero, alien, robot, animals, etc. in the digital voice converter apps. You can also sing songs here and change parameters to edit them! A strong voice changer is coming! Just change your voice and play like a movie star or genius singer, and share your funny audio with your families and friends in this changing voice app!

    11) MasqVox Voice Changer:

    MasqVox Voice Changer

    MasqVox voice switch is the talk and Skype voice switch in real-time. This tool can be used easily.


    • This Discord voice modifier has plenty of voice effects based on humans and cartoons.
    • This is a lightweight program, which can shift the voice in many respects.
    • The operating system operates for Windows.
    • Platform: Windows supported.

    More about MasqVox Voice Changer:

    Just move the cursor on the MasqVox matrix, change your speech. You can mask, mask, cover-up or make it higher, more profound, change your gender, your age, your cartoon as you talk on Skype with friends, online, or online in almost all voice chat apps. You’re free to talk. MasqVox is an innovative, easy-to-use, advanced real-time voice changeover. It took over three years to improve his voice modifier algorithms. Setup in 3 easy steps is easy. There are no complex settings. Enjoy online chatting for hours of fun.

    Select limitless voice effects for Humans and cartoons. Connect and install in three easy steps the Skype/VoIP software. Simple to use with the matrix of MasqVox. Low computer load, great for chatting online games. Low sluggishness. Fifty sts. For reuse, save your favorite voices. Use the matrix to change the voice of your fly call. A variety of basic effects are added.

    12) Clownfish Voice Changer:

    Clownfish Voice Changer

    Software that changes people’s voices in real-time is Clownfish Voice Changer. It can be mounted at the device level and used with any microphone program. Skype, Hangout, Viber, etc can be synchronized.


    • supports a plugin for Virtual Studio Technology (VST).
    • Both 32 bit and 64-bit versions are available for this tool.
    • Male pitch, silence, robot, and radio are supported effects.
    • An integrated sound player for sound control is included in this voice change app.
    • This tool includes a player sound with enhanced audio control and playlist functions.

    Platform: Windows supported.

    More about Clownfish Voice Changer:

    Clownfish is a very easy voice change tool that works fantastically well not only with discord but also with other chat apps such as Skype or steam. Clownfish acts as a sound machine that can operate in the background and change any audio from the microphone or any other line.

    It’s easy and fast to set up. The tool is usually going well with all versions of Windows. Though we wish it had more tone, it’s still a tool for its austere interface that we would recommend. Clownfish prevents the advanced implementation of voiceless austerity to change sophisticated speech. Furthermore, it should encourage beginners to try this method, as it can be used completely free of charge.

    13) SuperVoiceChanger:


    SuperVoiceChanger is a program that changes voice in real-time. It is suitable for all audio applications. In real-time, this application will alter male or female voices in simulation.


    • No additional settings are needed for users to automatically adjust the system’s voice.
    • When you speak with someone, you can toggle on SuperVoiceChange and change the voice automatically.
    • Much of the Windows versions of this Discord voice changer for online are supported.

    Platform supported: Windows.

    More about SuperVoiceChanger:

    SuperVoiceChanger is a sound processing app for all Windows audio programs in real-time. It can support Skype, WhatApp, Viedo Platform, Recorder, Mobile Simulator, and Line App, etc. It can adjust the voice in real-time to simulate voice for men or women without device configuration. Only open it, your voice is modified automatically in other audio applications. It is really easy to adjust the voice with SuperVoiceChanger. Users do not have to adjust the system’s voice automatically. You just turn on the SuperVoiceChanger when you speak with someone on the voice and your voice will change automatically. I hope you will benefit from our goods.

    14) All-in-One Voice Changer:

    All-in-One Voice Changer

    An easy-to-use voice change app for Skype calls is the All-in-One Voice Changer. You may adjust the sound by adapting the sliders to the corresponding voice pitch. You can easily adjust the pitch of your voice with this app.


    • It offers a simple way of testing various effects of voice change.
    • Changing this speech Discord app has a voice determination predictor.
    • Without exporting, recording will listen.
    • It syncs with your call platform automatically.
    • Platform: Windows supported.

    More about All-in-One Voice Changer:

    This Voice Changer is the most updated version. It functions in the same way, but lets you link it to other IM instruments like Yahoo Messenger and QQ International. So All-in-One tool is essentially a voice distortion specially designed for online chatting.

    It’s the perfect software to call your friends and family. In the middle of the talk, you can also change your accent to make it funnier. It was never so easier to change your voice than with this software. It has a slide bar, which is either left or right to adjust the voice’s pitch. Until you reach your desired option, you can preview each update. A recorded.wav audio can also be imported and changed in the app.

    This software is unfortunately not free. Unfortunately. They give a free trial, however, only in a very underwriting Cat Voice. On the upfront, you will be able to use a video change feature that is not accessible from any other software after upgrading. You can use them in video chatting to add humorous dubs.

    15) Voxal voice changer:

    Voxal voice changer

    In any application or game that uses a microphone, adjust and mask the voice to add a level of imagination. The voice-changing options from ‘Girl’ to ‘Alien’ are unlimited.


    • Use a microphone or other audio input system to implement effects in real-time
    • Vocal Effect Library consists of robots, females, kids, aliens, echo, and more.
    • Creating limitless, personalized voice effects
    • Works for all software and games that exist
    • Create voices in audiobooks for characters
    • Exit the modified audio to speakers to listen live to the results
    • Windows Platform supports this software. 

    More about Voxal voice changer:

    Voxal Voice Changer pc is software that lets you change the voice of games, music, or other platforms so that you can set your voice’s tone and volume. You just need a PC-linked microphone to be able to use this program. After opening the software and setting the tone you want to play, the same changes will be made to all voices playing on your screen.

    Various values can be adjusted with the equalizer: amplitude, pitch, bass, frequency, and mono or stereo output. If you want to play a joke in your VoIP contacts, a voxel voice changer might give a barrel of laughter. It can also help if you wish to make a tutorial or publish your anonymity on the Internet.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Discord?

    Discord is an instant messaging and networking software for VoIP applications. It gives users a digital delivery channel for community building and communication through servers with voice phones, video calls, messages, and media files.

    Why Use Voice Changers?

    Voice changes enable users to listen with different results to the same voice in different accents. It can also save and share the voices that have been registered. Voice changers are most device compliant and give users easy-to-use features.

    What are the best Voice Changer Apps for PC?

    Here present some of the great voice changer apps for your computer and laptops :
    Voice Changer Plus
    Skype Voice Changer
    Clownfish Voice Changer
    MasqVox Voice Changer

    How to Choose the best Discord Voice Changer?

    You should prefer the given aspects while selecting the good voice changer for your Discord:
    They are easy to use
    Voice effects offered. 
    Additional features offered
    Integration with other software
    Plugins support
    Real-time voice changing feature
    Import/Export feature for media files. 
    It must enable you to save and upload your recorded audio files.

    Are voice apps legally approved?

    Yes, it’s legal to use it. Their violence, however, is not. Some trolls can, for example, use these resources online to bully people. Children may also use it to access non-eligible online spaces. These are both unlawful circumstances that can have a severe legal effect.

    Who is responsible for these voice changer tools?

    They are mainly for gamers who want to remain anonymous on platforms for streaming. These tools are often used by call center staff who want to disguise their voices or to appear audible online or by people who want to use these tools just for fun.

    Can an app that changes the voice alter one’s accents as well?

    Although difficult, applications have succeeded both in masking and in changing accents. It depends on the shift of the voice and whether it helps to alter the accent.


    Voice filterers are fun tools that contain a good practical function for them. Employees of Back-end Call Centers can use these tools to cover up their voices, support gamers on streaming platforms, and help chat applications, such as Discord and Skype, to do the same.

    Though these tools can be a great way to spend time and stunned your friend online if you have no need for them. For our suggestions, you can find VoiceMod to be up to your satisfaction if you are looking for a Voice modulator compatible with chat applications and online gaming platforms. We recommend using Voxal Voice distortion if you want a tool to provide you with a highly efficient audio editing and voice change function with low CPU use. Changing your voices digitally in your audio recordings is an easy, free, and effortless operation. While most voice converters can be found on the web, they do not have the software you need to edit audio files you make with them. Which of the above-mentioned changes do you like the most?

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