Behati Prinsloo Opens Up About Her Relationship With Mother-In-Law, Adam Levine’s Mother Patsy

According to model Behati Prinsloo, she doesn’t have any clue what it’s like to deal with a monster-in-law. Behati, who is married to Adam Lavine says she is best friends with her mother in law Patsy Noah.

Behati Prinsloo Opens Up About Her Relationship With Mother-In-Law, Adam Levine’s Mother Patsy

Unlike some mothers-in-law, Patsy is very respectful and considerate when it comes to giving her son and his family their space. Adam Lavine’s mother makes sure she calls every time she drops by.

“Oh my God. She’s at our house all the time, and she’s so respectful. She will be like, ‘Can I come by?’ And I’m like, ‘Patsy, just come by. You can always come. Every day,’” Behati told US Weekly at a recent Hollywood charity event.

The mother of two also mentioned that her mother in law is an excellent grandmother to her daughters. Ah, she hit the jackpot with Patsy.

The stunning Victoria’s Secret model also added that her daughters, Dusty and Gio call their grandmother, Pappy. Cute, right?

The model recently attended a charity event which benefitted Your Moms Care, a charity which has been co-founded by Jonah Hills mother, Sharon Feldstein, and Patsy. The non-profit charity which was co-founded in 2014, works to raise money for organizations whose prime focus is the mental health of children.

Prinsloo is very proud that Patsy, Lavine’s mother is part of such a fantastic organization. The model gushed:

 “It’s just an amazing platform, and I’m happy that my mother-in-law is part of a beautiful thing.”

The Maroon Five frontman and Victoria’s Secret model, hope to raise their daughters as kind and big-hearted as their grandmother.  Duty and Gio’s parents are adamant to focus on the mental health of their children, and also their manners.

“It’s all about manners,” she told US Weekly. “My kids are always like, ‘Please and thank you.’ I’m like a crazy person, but I think at this stage of their lives, manners matter. When they get older, it’s about accepting people, like, ‘you are who are you. You are beautiful no matter what.’”

When asked more about their family life, the model revealed that at home Levine is the firmer parent. Initially, this really surprised Prinsloo. Yes, this came as a surprise to us as well! We imagined Levine being the more chilled dad!

“I thought I was going to be the strict one, but he’s actually stricter than me,” said the model. Levine has a strict rule that there should be no TV during breakfast because it’ll become a habit. Adam Levine is photographed all the time with his eldest daughter Dusty, during the morning coffee run. The singer loves spending one on one time with both his daughters and is a very hands-on father. Namibia-born beauty admits that she feels fortunate. However, don’t hold your breath for the pair to announce baby number three just yet. One of Prinsloo’s goals for next year is not to get pregnant but do eventually plan on expanding their beautiful family.