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Dana Linn Bailey net worth

New Year, New You: Fitness Guru Dana Linn Bailey’s Net Worth

There are few better candidates out there to motivate you for your upcoming fitness new year resolutions. Dana Linn Bailey is an Instagram-famous professional body builder who has gained popularity through her competition wins, her  fitness camp and her clothing apparel endeavors. She owns a private gym that she opens to the public several times a month for seminar-style training days; these dates sell out almost instantly. She inspires her fan base comprised of over 500,000 followers with regular fitness posts through her Instagram, Facebook, and regularly updated blog.

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Diamond Armor is the most expensive suit in the world. Did we mention it’s bulletproof?


There isn’t a better investment a man can make than dropping some coin down for a finely tailored suit. It’s just an added bonus if the double-breasted jacket can stop bullets.

Presented by watch brand Carl F. Bucherer and SuitArt at this year’s BaselWorld watch and jewelry show, the “Diamond Armor” suit is bulletproof, equipped with an integrated cooling system and waterproof thanks to special nanotechnology sealing.

The Diamond Armor is also set with 880 black diamonds — 280 on the watch-grade steel buttons and 600 on the lapel and contours totaling 142 carats. The suit’s lining includes artwork by Luciano Goizueta. The suit comes standard with a Carl F. Bucherer watch and a 24-carat gold tie.

The total price comes in a shade over $3.2 million dollars.