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    Every minute, thousands of videos get uploaded on various social media platforms. Billions of users from all across the globe watch these videos daily. Even if you are someone who loves to watch videos online, chances are you might have thought about downloading those videos on your devices for later use. Maybe you want to save those videos to your smartphone so you can share them later with your family and friends, or maybe you wish to upload those videos on your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or WhatsApp, etc. If this thought has ever come to your mind then congratulations because you have now come to the right website!

    Online video downloader

    Welcome to our incredible Downloader for video downloading that supports all major social media platforms! It is the best online tool for converting and downloading videos into both Mp3 and Mp4 formats. The usage of this website is absolutely free-of-cost and doesn’t require any sign-up process. This service will do wonders for you and is definitely a game-changer for many users!

    Steps to Download Videos with this tool:

    – For PC

    Here’s how you can online download unlimited videos on your computer with the help of our tool;

    • Open the video-sharing app which contains the video you want to video download online on your browser and search for the video you wish to download.
    • Copy its URL address from the address box given on top.
    • Now, go to our Downloader for downloading videos from a website and paste the link in the field textbox given above on this page.
    • Now, press the “Download” button.
    • A new tab will open, giving you a variety of options to choose your preferred file quality, format, and size.
    • Select the ones that fit your requirements perfectly. Your downloaded file will be saved into your PC immediately.

    – For Android:

    Follow these few simple instructions to videos download using our Video Downloader:

    • Open the social media platform that contains the video you want to download.
    • Copy the URL address of the video.
    • Go to our online Video Downloader, copy the link of video from the website on your browser and paste the video link in the textbox given on the top of the website’s page.
    • Click the “Download” button.
    • Choose the format, size, and quality of your downloaded file and you’ll get the results within seconds.

    – For iPhone/iPad:

    Downloading Instagram videos for IOS devices is quite similar to the android devices. Here‘s how you can do it:

    • Open Instagram.com in any browser you have on your IOS system. Look for the video you want to online save video on the platform.
    • After opening the video you want to download url, tap on the three dots given on the top-right side of your screen. From there, press the “Copy link “option.
    • Now, open our Instagram free Video Downloader and paste the URL address in the textbox of our online tool.
    • From the given options, select your desired format (mp3 or mp4) and quality (HD or SD).
    • Click “Download” and your file will get saved to your IOS device automatically.

     About Our Video Downloader:

    This Online Free Video Downloader is one of the most popular and widely used video downloading tools you’ll find on the internet. Reason? Mainly because of its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. It is a free tool that lets users download from URL and convert their favorite videos from all types of major video-sharing platforms in HD quality. After downloading those videos with our tool, you can easily watch them anytime you would like to, without or without having access to the internet.

    Why do people use Online Video Downloaders?

    • Online Video Downloaders are a savior for all users who like to save videos to their devices in the format of their choice. 
    • These web-based third-party tools are great for making the process of downloading videos relatively easier. 
    • Most of the time we don’t have a good internet connection or our data is running short, or we just want to convert our favorite music videos into Mp3 files for offline use. So, as a solution to this problem, many people use Downloader for Videos and converters.
    • You’ll indeed find plenty of Downloaders all over the web nowadays, and we cannot deny the fact that thousands of users use these third-party services to download their favorite videos. 
    • However, if you opt for our tool, you will receive the best results within a matter of seconds. Due to its friendly and sleek interface, our Video Downloader is one of the best you’ll ever use!

    Best things about our Video Downloader:

    Some of the main features of this fantastic Video Downloader are:

    • Easy to use: 

    By using our fast and easy-to-use Video Downloader, you can download and save any video you want from a variety of social media platforms. Simply copy the URL address of the video and paste it into the text box of this tool.

    • Without limitations or restrictions: 

    Download video from link and save as many videos as you would like to without having to give them a second thought. Our tool offers unlimited downloading of videos for FREE.

    • 100% safe and clean: 

    Keeping in mind the rising awareness about internet security, we designed a tool that is 100% safe to use by everyone. This web-based service is clean and protected from all kinds of harmful malware and viruses. It is always under intense supervision, which is based on the security database.

    • Supports Multiple Platforms: 

    This tool supports a large variety of social media platforms, including Facebook video downloader, Instagram video downloader, Soundcloud video downloader, Pinterest video downloader, and Dailymotion video downloader, all for free. It is compatible with different kinds of devices and browsers. We provide our users with the easiest way of converting and downloading videos from all major social media apps in HD quality. You can use our tool with your Android, IOS, Linux, and Windows.

    • Cloud Support: 

    Video Downloader totally supports uploading the converted or downloaded video files to your Dropbox and Google Drive directly.


    Although the use of major video-sharing platforms is very massive, they do come with certain restrictions. Most of the popular social media platforms don’t allow their users to download the content uploaded on it due to copyright issues. This is where Video Downloader steps into the arena. With our fast and FREE Online Video Downloader, downloading videos from all major social media/ video-streaming platforms has become a piece of cake. Our website has made other downloaders for specific platforms for converting and saving your favorite videos the easiest!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to use Video Downloader on my browser? 

    Copy the video link.
    Paste the link address in the textbox of our video downloader’s website.
    Select the desired size and format, and press the “Download” button.

     Will this Video Downloader tool store copies of my downloaded files?

    Our user’s privacy and security have always been our number one priority! Our Video Downloader never stores the copies of your downloaded files. Every video that you choose to download is hosted on the platform’s server. Our tool’s main job is to simply help its users download those videos directly to their phones for later offline use. As we are known for never keeping the track of our user’s files, using this video downloader is 100% safe and keeps your identity anonymous. 

    How can I download private videos?

    You can download any video using our Video Downloader. This tool is capable of downloading unlimited videos from all types of major social media platforms and keeps the videos private. However, we always suggest that you should respect the copyrights of the videos you want to download with third-party tools.

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