Unbiased news is based on an impartial narrative that does not reflect the owner’s views or support any particular party. But biased news is the opposite of that and gives news to people that are not based on truth. Mostly, government-funded news agencies are hiding news and only portray a positive image of the government. That sort of reporting is quite misleading for the readers who are trying to know unbiased news. In this article; we are going to compile up the list of top unbiased news websites. You can trust these websites for getting to the bottom of the truth.

    Unbiased news

    Here are some vital points for unbiased news;


    They never compromise on honesty. Unbiased news websites evaluate and present news as such, you will not find any false news.


    They must portray views of both sides, and all the details should be provided to the readers so that they can make their judgments based on facts.


    Unbiased news websites are responsible enough to check all the facts and details. They have an obligation towards society to provide them with impartial news and have a good impact overall.


    They do not get influenced or blackmailed by anyone, their integrity should be an utmost priority.


    Let’s get into the detail of best-unbiased websites;

    1, Associated Press

    Associated Press

    AP is on top of the list because it always provides unbiased news to the readers. There is no doubt that they used a neutral approach in every discussion, they avoided unnecessary arguments to stop fueling matters more. They stay true to their motto “Advancing the power of facts”.

    Their main focus is on stating the truth, giving references to their news, and proving whether the news is true or false. If you are hearing about something and want to confirm the integrity and truth of the matter. You can visit Associated Press’ website to get into the depth of facts you wanted to know.

    2, Reuters


    Reuters is an impartial news agency, known as one of the most reputable news resources nowadays. The news you found mostly on this channel might seem basic; there is not much news about international conflicts and topics.

    According to Media Bias Fact Check, Reuters is listed as one of the most unbiased world news websites among other sources. If you are seeking impartial news, Reuters saves the hassle of searching for the best-unbiased news websites.

    All the topics are covered by Reuters in their news area. You really have to save these websites on your bookmark list to seek true information. This news website provides all the fair information and facts, making it different from the other biased websites.

    3, The Real News

    The Real News

    The Real News is quite different from other news websites, their team does not accept advertisements or any other funding. The website runs on donations and funds from the viewers. It means that they lost much revenue, but it is worth it at the expense of giving fact-checked news. If you are looking for an unbiased news website, The Real News is one of the best options.

    4, Christian Science Monitor

    Christian Science Monitor

    Christian Science Monitor might seem like a typical news website, but their reporting is quite impartial. You will find a narrative of both sides on this website; readers can decide which side holds more weight.

    5, The Economist

    The Economist

    The Economist is one of the most popular TV news websites in the world. They cover all the aspects like politics, media, technical and economic news. According to their website, their mission is to unite right and left to create the classic liberalism of America. That is the reason why The Economist is trusted by readers to know the truth, which is missing on other news websites.

    6, CBS News

    CBS News

    If we talk about the most popular news website when it comes to political news, CBS news can not be beaten by any other news source. They carry out discussions on highly controversial topics with an impartial and balanced approach.

    CBS News polls of conservatives are much higher than other channels like CNN, NBC, USA Today, etc. Most of their headlines seem to be anti-rightist, but as a whole, they provide news based on facts. Their articles are free of impartial narrative and reflect every aspect of the matter.

    According to the statistics, 40 percent of CBS news audiences are from the far left and only 20 percent hails from the right. Sometimes, it gets evident that their focus shifts more towards the left. But now, people from the right are also viewing the website to get true information.

    7, BBC News

    BBC News

    BBC News is undeniably one of the best-unbiased news websites, one of the few websites that made it to top news sources in the world. BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is located in the United Kingdom but trusted by readers in many other countries.

    When it comes to headlines and their articles, they do not get influenced by any political party or government. They keenly focus on stating facts to the people and let them decide who is right and who is wrong, you can check fake news checklists on their website. BBC’s reporting is not only political news, they also report about science, health, sports, and business.

    8, Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal

    Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular news sources among the people. It is one of the most impartial and trusted news websites. Since the time of printing, Wall Street Journal maintains its standing as the most reputable news source.

    You can get all the true news here, their team makes sure to deliver news that is fact-checked about true or false ones. Wall Street Journal provides news on all the diverse topics in an unbiased way.

    9, NPR


    NPR (National Public Radio News) is sometimes more inclined towards the left, but overall they deliver unbiased news. Mostly, their news is impartial and does not get influenced by any political party or organization.

    10, Al Jazeera

    Al Jazeera

    When we talk about leading news websites in the world, how can we not mention Aljazeera? Aljazeera is basically located in Qatar, this country is not like America or other countries. It is unique of any middle east news agency to expand its news coverage as an international news source. Many Americans even rely on Aljazeera for getting information, its reporting is unbiased and based on facts.

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