Trump’s Legal Team\: Jay Sekulow Net Worth, Marc Kasowitz Net Worth and Salary

Top of the line lawyers can make a ton of money. In fact, senior partners at prestigious New York and Washington law firms make $1,000,000+ every year. So it’s not surprising that Donald Trump’s legal team is wealthy, and draws a nice salary.

Trump’s Legal Team\: Jay Sekulow Net Worth, Marc Kasowitz Net Worth and Salary

But how much do Jay Sekulow and Marc Kasowitz charge Trump? What are Jay Sekulow and Marc Kasowitz worth? Read on…

Marc Kasowitz Salary, Net Worth

Marc Kasowitz is the founder of the law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres in New York. Kasowitz attended Cornell Law School before going to work at a firm in New York. He has previously defended Bill O’Reilly.

Kasowitz has worked with Trump for decades, in his cases regarding Trump University, his divorces, his bankruptcies, and more. He has little experience working on criminal cases. Kasowitz has also represented Russian oligarchs.

According to MSNBC, Kasowitz charges $1500 per hour. That equates to a salary of over $2 million annually after overhead. We estimate Marc Kasowitz net worth at $15-20 million.

Jay Sekulow Salary, Net Worth

Jay Sekulow is the Chief Counsel for the ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice). The ACLJ is Pat Robertson’s Christian social activism organization. Sekulow has argued multiple cases in front of the Supreme Court, with mixed success.

Sekulow also has a radio show, and appears on multiple TV and radio programs. He was close with the Bush administration.

There have long been questions about Sekulow’s earnings, considering that he works for an activism organization. Here’s what was written in the Legal Times about him:

It is the Jay Sekulow who, through the ACLJ and a string of interconnected nonprofit and for-profit entities, has built a financial empire that generates millions of dollars a year and supports a lavish lifestyle — complete with multiple homes, chauffeur-driven cars, and a private jet that he once used to ferry Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

According to that article, Sekulow earned over $600,000 per year in 2001, and had his non-profits spend over $2 million to buy him houses. They also have paid to lease a jet and other items.

Sekulow is likely being paid between $1000-2000 per hour to represent Trump. In total, we estimate that Jay Sekulow net worth at $30-50 million.