What is Tiger Woods net worth?

Tiger Woods’ net worth has seen his net worth fluctuate more often than his world golf rankings.

Roaring onto the professional golf scene in 1996, Tiger Woods became the youngest man, and the first African-American, to win the U.S. Masters when he took the title in 1997 at the age of 21.

Since claiming that title, Woods has seen his professional ups and downs and fair share of injuries, as well as experienced deep personal lows when news of his extramarital activities was made public in 2009.

After taking a brief hiatus from the game, Woods came back to golf in 2010 with lackluster results, until his 2012 AT&T National win, with which he claimed the title of second-leading golfer for PGA wins. Along with that title, Woods has won more than a dozen major professional tournaments, has the lowest scoring average of all time, and has been named PGA Player of the Year 11 times, among many other accolades.

So what is Tiger Woods’ net worth in 2014?


While Tiger’s wallet undoubtedly took a hit in the midst of his very public marital scandal as sponsors parted ways with the golfer during the scandal, costing him millions in potential earnings, it seems as if the golfer has survived his time in the negative spotlight.

At this time in 2014, Woods is worth a reported $500 million, thanks to both on-course winnings and off-course income made up of sponsorships, appearance fees, and his golf course design business, Tiger Woods Design.

Tiger’s average annual salary of $85 million adds to his net worth. This salary comes from his healthy list of sponsorship relationships with whom he has signed deals, including those with such big names as Nike, Gillette, Gatorade, Buick and Rolex.

On top of his normally whopping tournament winnings, Tiger earns an approximate $100 million per year on endorsement deals alone. What’s more, Tiger is paid personal appearance fees of up to $1.5 million to show up at events around the world.

Woods joins such other superstars as Michael Jordan and LeBron James to help make up the elite group of highest paid athletes in the world, and with his burgeoning design business, upswing in the golf world, and ever-growing list of endorsement partners, it seems Tiger is right on par to quite handedly add to his net worth year after year.

Tiger Woods ranked #15 on the Forbes 100 richest celebrities of 2014.