The Chainsmokers Net Worth 2018

The Chainsmokers is one of the most popular EDM groups to break on to the scene. Naturally, we wanted to find out what The Chainsmokers Net Worth 2018 is as they continue to reach new peaks in music.

The Chainsmokers Net Worth 2018

(The Chainsmokers Net Worth 2018)

If you’ve heard the hit song, “Paris,” the guys behind that hit happen to be the EDM duo known as The Chainsmokers. These guys know the perfect recipe for a radio hit and it really shows throughout all of their projects.

For some time, The Chainsmokers had only been releasing music int he form of singles and at most short 4-track EPs. Later on, they decided to give the fans what they wanted by releasing a full-length album titled, Memories…Do Not Open.

The album featured artists such as Halsey, Florida Georgia Line and more. The hit-making factory that is The Chainsmokers has been cranking out plenty of live shows.

EDM festivals? Yep, you can check that off their lists. These guys are bringing the party with them to every show and the success is shown through their incredible fanbase.

Over the years, the single sales have been racking up and it’s looking like it will continue to do so soon enough. So, after taking a look at their salary, endorsements, show revenue and more, we estimate The Chainsmokers Net Worth 2018 is approximately $10 million.