• Steve Ditko Net Worth 2018: What was this comic book artist/writer worth?

    Steve Ditko was an American comic book artist and writer. He along with Stan Lee created some of Marvel Comic’s most recognized superheroes including the likes of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange just to name a few. Sadly, Steve Ditko died in late June2018 at the age of 90 years old. So what was Steve Ditko’s net worth in 2018? What were Steve Ditko’s salary/earnings? Read on…

    Steve Ditko Net Worth 2018: What was this comic book artist/writer worth?Image Credit: Marvel Comics

    Steve Ditko Career, Earnings, Salary

    Steve Ditko was born on November 2nd, 1927 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S. His most famous creations are of course Spider-Man and Doctor Strange although he has been a part of the comic book industry for several decades. He actually studied under Batman artist Jerry Robinson in New York City while he attended the Cartoonist and Illustrators School. It was not until the year of 1953 did he become a professional and started with the likes of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. His first drawing work was doing illustrations for a story called “Stretching Things” but then he went on to publish his own work after that. 

    While Steve Ditko managed to get himself published in lots of other comic books, he sadly got tuberculosis in mid 1954 which prompted him to take a hiatus from working in the comic book industry. He actually had to move back in his parent’s house during this time to recover so that he can get enough energy to work full time once again. He moved back to New York City in 1955 where he started to work for a big company called Marvel Comics. It’s here with Marvel Comics did he become a household name and an inspiration to many artists around the world. 

    While the creation of Spider-Man was not just the work of one man, Steve Ditko did most of the illustrations for the character in his first issue called Amazing Fantasy. Ditko was important for the creation of Spider-Man because he designed his red and blue suit as well as his web shooters. Even in today’s world, many other Spider-Man designers and artists copy his design as Spider-Man has become the most popular superhero character of all time. Sure Batman and Superman are famous, but nobody sells as much merchandise on a yearly basis like Spider-Man. Even The Avengers pale in comparison to the amount of merchandise Spider-Man sells every year. Ditko also helped create many of Spider-Man’s most famous villains including the likes of Doctor Octopus, Sandman, the Lizard and Green Goblin just to name a few. 

    A few years after Spider-Man became such a worldwide hit, Ditko helped create Doctor Strange in 1963. While Doctor Strange never became as famous as Spider-Man, people know the character more today thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch playing the character in the Doctor Strange movie as well as 2018’s epic Avengers: Infinity War. Sadly, Ditko left Marvel comics shortly after this after having a fight with Stan Lee. Ditko then moved on to work for DC Comics a few years later, although none of his DC creations were as popular as both Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. 

    Steve Ditko Net Worth 2018: How Much Money Does Steve Ditko Have?

    Steve Ditko managed to live a good life and his creations have made him rich in his later years. That said, there have been conflicting reports about whether or not he received any royalties from the recent movies of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. He still managed to become a millionaire thanks to the work he did in the comic book industry. Sadly, Steve Ditko died on June 27th, 2018. His cause of death is unknown at this stage, but his body was found motionless in his New York apartment. He lived to the age of 90 years old. 

    In all, we estimate Steve Ditko net worth in 2018 at $5 million.

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