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    The Shark Tank cast, much like any other judges of competitions, tend to be overly scrutinizing and ruthless about candidates they feel deserve their investment. We previously told you the net worth of these entrepreneurs, investors, and moguls here. But just how much is the cast of Shark Tank worth now that the year comes to an end? With all of the market fluctuations, let’s see who was a winner and who was a loser! We’ll also get to see the net worth of a few of the newest judges who made appearances on the show.

    Shark Tank Cast Net Worth

    The Shark Tank cast includes Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O Leary, Daymond John, and Barbara Corcoran. But in the past season, quite a few guest judges have made an appearance. These include pubic figures such as Ashton Kutcher and Chris Sacca. Additionally, most recently, Bethenny Frankel has been added on to become a judge. Read on to find out the collective net worth of this very valuable cast!

    Mark Cuban Net Worth

    Shark Tank cast member Mark Cuban has been a longstanding entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He’s started multiple companies including HDNet, MicroSolutions, and Broadcast.com. In addition, he is the co-owner of the Landmark Theater Chain, Magnolia Pictures, and Magnolia Home Video. Mark Cuban also gained fame when he predicted the demise of Yahoo and sold all of his share in the company, right before it plummeted from $163 per share to $8.11 per share. As of the summer of this year, Mark Cuban has invested in 85 deals from Shark Tank entrepreneurs for a total of $19.9 million invested. The last couple of years has been a success for Mark Cuban net worth of around $3.3 billion. He has the highest shark tank net worth.

    Robert Herjavec Net Worth

    Robert Herjavec family immigrated from Croatia with reportedly no more than $20 in their pockets. While Herjavec began his career in film. He obtained his first job at Logiquest as a salesman by offering to work the first 6 months for free. He supported himself during this period by waiting tables. After being fired from Logiquest in 1990, he founded his own company, Brak system, an internet security software system, and sold it to AT&T for $30.2 million. Though he took a few years off after the sale, Herjavec went on to found Herjavec Group in 2003, one of Canada’s largest internet security provider companies. As of 2013, the company had 150 employees and has now done $500 million in sales. Unfortunately for Robert Herjavec, he also underwent a divorce. As a result, this Shark Tank cast Net Worth declined from $200 million to around $100 million. The overall Robert Herjavec Net Worth 2020 is $200 million. The estimated Robert Herjavec Net Worth 2021 is $200 Million. In 2022 the estimated net worth of Robert Herjavec is the same as in previous years.

    Lori Greiner Net Worth

    It wasn’t long ago when Lori Greiner was essentially unheard of. Although she has been a multimillionaire for decades, she only became known for her wealth relatively recently, after the success of Shark Tank and its related brands and entities.

    These days Lori Greiner is thought of as the queen of QVC, and she is the president and founder of a company called For Your Ease Only, Inc., a holding company that owns many of her products and businesses. But Greiner wasn’t always so wealthy. In fact, at a young age, she had to borrow money in order to sell earrings to make money.

    So how rich is Lori Greiner? What is Lori Greiner net worth? How has her net worth grown from 2014, 2015, and 2016 to now? And of course, how did Lori Greiner earn so much money? Read on…

    Lori Greiner Career, Earnings, Salary

    Lori Greiner has had a long and storied career. In fact, her career actually began in the 1970s, when she was just a young girl. After her parents divorced, she decided she was going to be “self-sufficient,” she said in an interview with Crain’s Chicago. That meant that she would not have to rely on anybody for money or support except herself. She said “you need to pave your own way in the world. I want to show that I could do it.”

    She quickly started along a track to meet that goal. Although she originally wanted to be a writer, after finding a book that was almost the same as the one she had been working on, she decided to look into other ways of making money. As a side project, she began to sell small items that she conceived of while writing. But she never made much money – and certainly not a huge net worth – out of this.

    Lori Greiner’s longtime husband, Dan, helped her borrow $300,000 in order to turn her side project into reality. While the couple didn’t have a particularly huge bank account, they managed to get a loan, and Lori Greiner took that loan and created an earring organizer. The organizer had been the product of many years of tinkering – Greiner’s mom had always had trouble keeping track of her jewelry, and she needed a way to better organize her earrings.

    With our $300,000 loan, Lori Greiner built a prototype and managed to convince JCPenney to sell it. Nearly overnight, Greiner became wealthy. She turned her initial success into a business, which currently is the bulk of her vast net worth, named For Your Ease Only, Inc. Seeing immediate success with our first product, Greiner ventured into other products.

    But Greiner’s real success only came when she saw the potential of using home shopping television in order to sell products. Currently, Greiner sells hundreds of products on QVC and online, as well as through stores. Her products range from cosmetics and jewelry organizers (the stuff that built her initial wealth) to Shark Tank products, travel products, kitchen tools, and even keys.

    Lori Greiner Builds Her Net Worth

    At this point in 2018, according to her website, Lori Greiner has 120 patents and 600 products all under her brand. Through QVC, Greiner became a brand on her own and was, therefore, able to connect with customers and better sell her products, generating significant earnings and causing her net worth to swell. Greiner’s patents helped her protect her products and ensured that the unique designs that she developed would not be copied.

    Unlike some of the other Shark Tank cast members, Lori Greiner did very well with her Shark Tank investments, and a significant portion of her net worth is related to her work on the show.

    Some of her most successful Shark Tank businesses were Scrub Daddy, Simply Fit Board, and Sleep Styler. Greiner took each one of these products and work on them personally, helping build out the designs, and working with the inventors from start to finish. She was actually asked to join Shark Tank because of her ability to help design package and ship a product, according to Parade Magazine.

    In an Interview, Greiner said, “I’m really hands-on with my entrepreneurs… I often talk to them at all hours of the night and on weekends… I truly love them and I do what I do to make them successful.”

    As of 2018, the total sales of her three major Shark Tank wins surpassed $300 million. was one of the best, Of course, only a small percentage of that goes to Greiner’s net worth. Greiner took 20% of the Scrub Daddy business in exchange for $200,000. The company did $50 million in business in 2016, according to Money. Given the valuation of the company and the size of Greiner’s stake, her investment is now worth an estimated $20-30 million.

    In total, we estimate that all of Lori Greiner’s Shark Tank products have earned her around $50 million in additional net worth. Greiner also has a top-selling book, and she has branched into other areas as well.

    Lori Greiner Net Worth 2021, Dan Greiner Net Worth 2021

    So how much money does Lori Greiner have in 2018? What’s her net worth as of this year?

    We first wrote about Lori Greiner in 2016. At the time, she had been early in her Shark Tank career, and she hadn’t seen as much of the success from her portfolio businesses as she has seen now.

    At the time, we estimated that Greiner’s net worth was $50 million. Much of that wealth was from her own products and businesses, although some were attributed to her early Shark Tank investments.

    Today, however, Greiner has earned a significant amount more, due to her continued success with QVC as well as her online product portfolio. Additionally, as we noted in the previous section, her net worth has swelled significantly due to some extremely lucrative investments from Shark Tank. This puts her in the same category as other successful Shark Tank investors, like Kevin O Leary net worth, who shot up to $200 million in part due to the show.

    In 2018, we estimate Lori Greiner net worth at $80 million. Over the next few years, that number is likely to increase dramatically as her biggest investments continue to grow into viable businesses

    Kevin O Leary Net Worth

    Kevin O Leary Net Worth

    Kevin O Leary may be best known for his appearances on Shark Tank and his investment style, but he has been a well-known figure in the business world for decades. O’Leary made a name for himself by founding and building companies all over the world.

    So how did Kevin O Leary become so rich? What is Kevin O’Leary’s net worth in 2021? What does he make every year? Read on… shark tank people’s net worth are as follow:

    Kevin O’Leary Career, Earnings, Salary

    Kevin O’Leary was the son of a small business owner and investor. As a child, he watched his father build and run a small business until he passed away. After his father passed away, O’Leary’s mother took over their family business, and she ran it for decades, while she also carefully invested money into the stock market.

    Although the O’Leary’s didn’t have a huge family fortune, much of their fortune was the result of smart investing on his mother’s part.

    Kevin O Leary Career:

    Kevin O’Leary got started in the business when he ended up doing an MBA in Canada after he graduated from college. His first real job was at a cat food company, where he acted as a brand manager. O’Leary only did that job for a short while, before he went on to start a media company, with some of his close friends from business school.

    In the early 1980s, O’Leary and his classmates started a company called Special Event Television. The company made TV shows about sports, which were distributed by other media companies. That company didn’t do particularly well, and O’Leary left the company within a few years.

    But Kevin O’Leary’s biggest stepping stone to success was likely a company name Softkey. O’Leary started SoftKey after being bought out at Special Event Television. After looking around for investors, he ended up having to beg his mother to lend him $10,000 in addition to his own savings in order to get started with the company.

    O’Leary made the company successful by getting the software bundled with hardware products, thereby ensuring that and users all over the world would be using his software. In fact, much of the software that O’Leary distributed was in his at all – it was freeware which he merely put on CDs as an added value.

    Kevin O Leary Earnings and Salary:

    The company benefited significantly from the early computer and Internet boom, and it began to grow very rapidly. However as competitors moved in, the company started to falter. In fact, according to The Globe and Mail, by 1993, it was taking a loss of $60 million a year.

    In a bold move, O’Leary decided to spend $600 million to do a hostile takeover of another company, The Learning Company, and change the direction of Softkey.

    The Learning Company was an educational software business, and it quickly bought another company called Broderbund, which produced well-known games and productivity software like Printshop, and Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego. By acquiring all of these other businesses, O’Leary built a conglomerate made up of several smaller companies, which he named The Learning Company.

    Nevertheless, O’Leary’s company never did particularly well after the acquisitions, and it ended up with several hundred million dollar losses every year. At one point, the company had to be bailed out by Bain Capital, which tried to change the management, too little success.

    Eventually, O’Leary had to sell the company to Mattel for $3-$4 billion (depending on how you look at the deal). Given that the company was publicly traded, and had a significant amount of public investment, O’Leary didn’t make a huge amount of money on the sale (approximately $6 million), but he got a $650,000 salary from Mattel plus a $5 million severance. Mattel, meanwhile, took a huge hit from purchasing the company and suffered significant losses in the future.

    Making Money From Failure

    After selling The Learning Company/Softkey, Kevin O’Leary went onto build several different ventures. At one point, he tried to purchase the Atari company. He then tried to start a TV channel about video games, but neither venture worked out.

    O’Leary then went on to invest in a company called StorageNow. According to reports, he gave $500,000 for 13%. He got into a dispute with the founder of the company, and a major lawsuit followed. Although O’Leary had a potential profit of several million from the business, a significant amount was lost in legal proceedings. In the end, he walked away with around $4.5 million.

    His later projects included a wine company, a mortgage company, and a book publisher. None of them did particularly well.

    Another company that O’Leary started, was called O’Leary Funds. That company started off with $400 million under management and grew quickly. But according to McLeans, it had lots of problems. It was mired in lawsuits and had many rounds of layoffs. The company raised nearly a billion dollars, even though it started to perform terribly.

    O’Leary Funds lost a lot of assets, as investors fled the underperforming company. It was sold in 2016. According to McLeans, the sale price was $13.7 million immediately, with a performance bonus of up to $8 million.

    O’Leary still runs an ETF company, called O’Shares, which sells Exchange Traded Funds that are supposed to track certain target indices. O’Leary also sells gold. It’s not clear how much money O’Leary makes from these businesses.

    Kevin O Leary Net Worth: How Much Money Does Kevin O’Leary Have?

    So how much money does Kevin O’Leary have? Well, many people think he’s a billionaire…but he’s definitely not. Even though he has sold numerous businesses with revenues or assets in the billions, he’s made only a tiny fraction of that.

    As we wrote earlier, O’Leary made less than $50 million in total from the sale of his businesses. He also didn’t make a particularly large amount from his investment fund, or some of his smaller ventures. However, O’Leary has made several million from successful Shark Tank businesses, and he has earned a significant salary and earnings from his work on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Other stars who gained significantly in net worth from Shark Tank include Lori Greiner net worth now tops $80 million.

    He has also earned money through his book sales, his advisory work, and other adjunct businesses he runs.

    Many estimates put Kevin O’Leary’s net worth as high as half a billion dollars. However, looking at his individual businesses and investments, it appears that the number may be far lower. From court records and other public information, it appears that the amounts that he earned from the sales of his business make up less than $50 million. Even though he’s made a significant amount investing, it’s hard to imagine his net worth shooting up to $400 million or more.

    The Evin O Leary Net Worth 2020 is $400 Million. The estimated Evin O Leary Net Worth in 2021 is $400 Million. Now in 2022 Net Worth of is Evin O Leary is the same as in previous years.

    Daymond John

    Daymond John is the founder of FUBU and made his fortune by building a fashion empire. She was raised by a single mom in New York City. She had to work more than one job to make ends meet. To make himself the clothes he wanted to wear but weren’t available anywhere else, He asked his mother for a sewing machine and got his start selling what he made. When his hats began to sell well, Daymond John convinced his mother to take out a second mortgage on their home and used the money to found FUBU. FUBU truly rose to fame after a childhood friend, LL Cool J, promoted the clothing. As a result of the success of FUBU, Shark Tank cast member Daymond John is worth $250 million.

    Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

    Barbara Corcoran is considered the real estate expert among the sharks given that she first started out in business by founding the Corcoran Group in 1973, a real estate business. She went on to escalate her brand by publishing the Corcoran Report, an analysis of real estate data trends in New York City in the mid-1970s. She notes that what the report really accomplished for her was to get her name out. Barbara is a real estate contributor to multiple shows and also acts as a business consultant via her consulting and television production company, Barbara Corcoran Inc. Barbara Corcoran has been a clear winner in the last few years since her net worth has gone up to around $80 million. The Evin O Leary Net Worth 2020 is $100 Million. The estimated Barbara Corcoran Net Worth in 2021 is $100 Million. Now in 2022 Net Worth of is Barbara Corcoran Net Worth is the same as in previous years.

    Ashton Kutcher Net Worth

    Ashton Kutcher is not just your average Hollywood pretty boy. In fact, he’s become a savvy investor, founding his venture capital firm, A-Grade Investments. The combined valuation of A-Grade Investments has been estimated to be as much as $150 million, with investments in household names such as Airbnb, Shazam, Path, Flipboard, Foursquare, Uber, Spotify, Fab.com, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Washio, Nextoor, Houzz, and more. Of course, that side gig, acting, doesn’t hurt him either. Ashton Kutcher is said to have earned $750,000 per episode of the hit comedy series Two and a Half Men, which means his paycheck per season has been a cool $18 million. All of that — including his earnings as a Shark Tank cast member – tallies up to a $140 million estimated net worth.

    Chris Sacca Net Worth

    Chris Sacca is one of the more interesting Shark Tank cast members, primarily because his success hasn’t been a simple ascent from rags to riches as seems to have been the case for so many others. He started out as a lawyer, gambling his student loans during law school on the stock market, and turning $20,000 into $12 million. However, his success gave way to failure when the market crashed and Sacca found himself as much as $3 million in debt. Sacca didn’t give up and got a job at a law firm as an associate, but was then let go after a little more than a year. He then supported himself by independent contracting gigs as a lawyer that he secured on Craigslist and Elance and eventually landed a job at Google as a general counsel. He worked there until his shares were vested and left in 2007 to found his own venture capital firm, Lowercase Capital. Now, this is where things get interesting. Sacca founded companies such as Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, and Kickstarter. Chris Sacca’s net worth is estimated to be $1.2 billion.

    Bethenny Frankel Net Worth:

    Bethenny Frankel is one of the latest entrepreneurs to join the cast of Shark Tank and even though she might not have a fortune that compares to Mark Cuban, she’s certainly been one of the more successful reality stars. He started out creating a healthy cookie company. That company landed her on the reality show “Martha Stewart: Apprentice.” However, her first big venture didn’t pan out too well for Bethenny. Still, she didn’t give up and was soon featured on “The Real Housewives: New York.” After actually getting married, Bethenny started her own line of low-calorie margarita mixes. This company was a big hit for Bethenny and according to reports, she sold the company for $100 million in 2011. However, Bethenny also recently underwent a very expensive divorce. All told, Bethenny’s current net worth is estimated to be $25 million, All together, the Shark Tank cast net worth tops out at $5.75 billion!

    looking for the latest net worth of the Shark Tank cast?

    The Shark Tank cast is huge financial fish in a very small pond. Now in its fifth season, ABChit show Shark Tank follows hopeful entrepreneurs as they pitch their products to six self-made tycoons called Sharks, in hopes that one of those Sharks will agree to secure a business deal with them. The Shark Tank cast, known lovingly as “the Sharks” include billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and owner and chairman of AXS TV; real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran; inventor Lori Greiner; technology innovator Robert Herjavec; and fashion and branding expert Daymond John; and venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary. The Sharks have been known to be quite biting in their response to some of the entrepreneurs who appear on the show, leading many viewers to wonder about the Shark Tank casts’ qualifications and just how they have become who they are today, beyond often harsh critics of others’ concepts or creations. Sure, the Shark Tank cast can dish it out to the entrepreneurs who appear on the show, but can they back up their thoughts on potential business ventures with those entrepreneurs?

    Mark Cuban Net Worth: $2.5 billion

    Known as being as outspoken as he is influential in the cable and sports industries, Shark Tank cast member Mark Cuban’s net worth of $2.5 billion might explain why others listen when he talks. An author, investor, and tactical entrepreneur, Mark Cuban has founded HDNet, MicroSolutions, and Broadcast.com, as well as invested in a number of startups, garnering him the title of one of GQ‘s Men of the Year in 2006 and helping him purchase the Dallas Mavericks in 2000. Beyond his ownership of the team, Mark Cuban is currently the owner and chairman of HD net and HDNet Movies and co-owner of the Landmark Theater Chain, Magnolia Pictures, and Magnolia Home Video. In addition to possessing incredible business smarts, Cuban may also be a psychic, as he predicted the dot com bubble burst and in preparation sold 100% of his Yahoo shared (valued at $163 per share, which eventually declined to $8.11 per share), netting himself an unbelievable fortune.

    Barbara Corcoran Net Worth: $40 million

    Corcoran’s estimated net worth of $40 million all started from a $1,000 loan she took from her boyfriend. Working twenty jobs by the time she was 23 years old, Corcoran decided to take the $1,000 loan and start a small real estate company in New York City. Over the next 25 years, Barbara Corcoran transformed that loan into the five billion-dollar real estate business The Corcoran Group, which enjoys a brand among the most recognizable in the industry. The Shark Tank cast member Corcoran shares her wisdom in her three published books and serves as a real estate contributor for the Today Show and CNBC, as well as a columnist for MORE Magazine, Redbook, and The Daily News.

    Lori Greiner Net Worth: $80 million

    Lori Greiner is one of the most successful inventors of retail products. She’s also an advocate for budding entrepreneurs. Lori Greiner holds 120 U.S. and international patents and an estimated $80 million net worth. Lori Greiner has created more than 400 products from jewelry and cosmetic organizers to kitchen tools and has served as a celebrity personality and host on QVC for nearly 20 years. Also an author, Greiner is known throughout the industry for her legal and patent process expertise and as a speaker for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Greiner’s products get quite the exposure, as they are sold throughout the U.S. and Europe, as well as featured by many top-selling magazines and such celebrities like Oprah. See our article on Lori Greiner’s net worth here.

    Robert Herjavec Net Worth: $100 million

    Epitomizing the rags to riches dream, Robert Herjavec emigrated from Croatia to Canada with his family as a young boy. When Herjavec learned that his mother, who could barely speak English, lost their family savings to a vacuum salesman, he vowed he would never let his family be taken advantage of again – a promise that he certainly fulfilled. Herjavec launched his first technology company, BRAK Systems, in 1990, which was sold to AT&T in 2000 for $100 million, and then helped negotiate the sale of RAMP Network to Nokia for $225 million. Today, the member of the Shark Tank cast heads the security software firm known as The Herjavec Group, enjoys an estimated net worth of $100 million, and spends a lot of his time at his own private island near Miami.

    Daymond John Net Worth: $250 million

    An expert in urban fashion and sportswear revolutionary, Daymond John has amassed his estimated net worth of $250 million as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU, an apparel line known for its vibrant colors. Growing up in Brooklyn with his mother, John knew he wanted to be in the apparel business from a young age, even asking his mother to teach him how to use a sewing machine to make his own tie-top hats, and then sell them on the streets of Queens. He eventually realized his ideas had potential and together with a friend began branding his apparel and using his home as a factory and office space. FUBU was officially recognized in 1994 after a successful stint at an industry trade show, and a subsequent contract with Macy’s. By 1998, FUBU had $350 million in revenue in its vibrantly adorned pocket. To date, FUBU has earned more than $6 billion worldwide in revenue and John has earned himself a reputation as a branding and business expert.

    Kevin O Leary Net Worth: $200 million

    O’Leary didn’t start out in the software industry with a net worth of $200 million. Rather, he started his company SoftKey Software Products in his Toronto basement, thanks to a $10,000 investment from his mother. In just a few years’ time, SoftKey had bought out almost every one of its competitors, including The Learning Company (TLC) and in 1999, O’Leary sold the company to Mattel for $3.7 billion – one of the largest deals ever accomplished in the consumer software world. As the founder of mutual fund company O’Leary Funds, the hard-hitting Shark Tank cast member is known as “Mr. Wonderful” raised hundreds of millions from investors and is inspired by investments that are not only financially beneficial but also environmentally friendly. Check out our entire article on Kevin O Leary Net Worth.

    Shark Tank Cast Net Worth (Combined):

    The combined net worth of the entire Shark Tank cast is an estimated $3 billion dollars. Want to know the Shark Tank cast net worth in 2021. Well shark tank cast net worth 2021 is in millions.

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