• Richest Counties in the U.S

    Americans’ median income has increased slightly in recent years, but there’s still uneven distribution of income. In the entire United States, the national median household income has risen by 2.3% over the past few years. According to new estimates, there are around 38 counties in the United States whose median household income is above $100,000. As per the Census Bureau, a county’s economic circumstances and the well-being of its residents could be comprehended through the income data. The data could be supported through a simple argument that counties with a high-income experience high life expectancy rates and positive health outcomes. Let’s have a look at the five richest counties in the U.S

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    1. Loudoun, County, Virginia

    The richest and wealthiest county in the United States is Loudon County, Virginia. It could be regarded as the most affluent area in the United States with unparalleled per capita income. It is just outside Washington’s city limits. It has an average household income of $140,382. For three years in a row, the county is considered a heaven for business growth. It has experienced an average growth of 13.2%, 13.9%, and 15.4%. The statistics clearly depict that the county is attracting investors and providing high-end living standards to its residents.  

    2. Falls Church City, Virginia

    The Falls Church City, Virginia, is the second richest county and only the Loudoun County trails behind it. The median household income of the county is $122,092. The Census Bureau has stated that around 78.8 percent of adults hold a bachelor or higher degree. Along with that, the commuting time from work to home is also low in the county. It shows that the living conditions are favorable. Besides that, the county’s investment is also setting new records, and in the past few years, it has witnessed considerable investment from outside the county. 

    3. Santa Clara County, California

    Santa Clara County falls at number 3. It is also among the richest counties in the United States. The median household income of Santa Clara County is also high, which has a positive impact on the county’s overall living standards. The more the household income increases, the more it paves the way for better health and medical facilities. It ultimately increases the life expectancy rate as well. The county’s poverty rate is only 7.9%, while only 2.25 people are unemployed and 51% of people hold a bachelor’s degree. Across the county, the median household income is between $61,000 to $136,000 a year, and it is quite impressive. 

    4. Los Alamos County, New Mexico

    The Los Alamos county falls at fourth number in terms of the richest counties in the U.S. It is the smallest but the wealthiest county in New Mexico state. The median income of the county falls at $107,000. The cost of a home in Los Alamos is $535,000, and it is predicted that it will rise in the coming days. The unemployment rate in the county also falls at its low. Along with that, the life expectancy rate in the county is also impressive. The residents are surely relishing high living standards. 

    5. San Mateo County, California

    The county stands at number 5 to be among the richest counties in the U.S. The state has paved the way for the skilled and highly educated white color working class. The median household income also sets to be at a high. Along with that, residents have a high living standard. The states also enjoy producing a high number of bachelor’s degree holders. The investment rate in the county is also high, which makes it an attractive destination for investors. 

    Richest Counties in the U.S

    There’s no doubt that the U.S. ranks among the most affluent countries in the world. According to the statistical data by United Nations, the United States of America is among the nine richest nations. However, the economic recession of 2008 has created a gap in wealth distribution. Nevertheless, counties in the United States are ranking among the most prosperous and wealthy areas. In this article, we listed down the richest counties in the U.S. If you are interested in more similar stuff, stay tuned to The Squander

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