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    Name: Bryan Quang Le
    Age: 26
    Born: 11/19/1996
    Country: American
    Profession: YouTuber, Rapper, Internet celebrity
    Ricegum Net Worth


    Bryan Quang Le well known as RiceGum is a popular rapper and Youtuber. He is born in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. RiceGum was born to a Vietnamese father and a Chinese mother. They both were immigrants and making him a first-generation American. Before graduating in 2014, Bryan Quang Le attended Sierra Vista High School. After high school, Bryan went to the University of Nevada, but he stayed here for only one semester before he dropped out. This was the most major step that Bryan could take as it thrust him into the real world.

    Bryan starts his journey on YouTube by starting small. His Youtube account was open in 2012 and had very rare followers. He became involved in Machinima and every so frequently, Bryan would upload a video game commentary video, getting only a few views per video. His Youtube channel became famous when it changed to comedy and He starts making fun of the videos that people were posting to Musical.ly. 

    Early Life:

    Bryan Quang Le lives in Los Angeles, America. He is running a Youtube channel and he is famous for his youtube name “Ricegum” but his real name is Bryan Le. His birthplace is America but his both parents are from Vietnam. He looks like Chinese and Asian people. Bryan Le always tried to hide information about himself and his family. Now Bryan is living with his parents.

    Bryan Quang Le has one sister and one brother, both are younger than him. He recorded a lot of videos with his mother but didn’t record any video with his sister because he thinks that people will make vulgar and bad comments about her sister. He is an educated boy but he left his study in 2016. Bryan left his study because he wanted to focus on his Youtube Channel. 

    Bryan went to the University of Nevada in 2015 and left in 2016. In accordance with Bryan Quang Le, his mother wanted to make him a doctor but he always desire to make fun of and laugh at people with his moves. A few people think that he is gay, but in his videos, Bryan rejected this thing. He doesn’t have a girlfriend and also he is not married yet.


    It was the same year of beginning Ricegum’s Youtube channel, that he start a partnership with Machinima. He was a gaming Youtuber at first, much like KSI, and that is where his first following and change came from on the platform. After that, he moved to comedy content. Especially, he started creating videos where he would rent on about the kids making videos for the application musical.ly.

    The 3rd dimension to Youtube’s career is music. He turned to rap, which stemmed mostly from diss tracks, where he would diss other popular Youtubers. In fact, one of Riegum’s diss tracks made it to No. 80 on the Billboard Hot 100. He is the only Youtuber to reach the Billboard Hot 100, following Jake Paul. Bryan’s other diss tracks include Danielle Bregoli, Gabrielle Hanna, and Jake Paul.

    He turned into a rap career with millions of downloads and views on his songs. After all, it is always better to diversify! In 2016 he only gained his first million subscribers but at the end of 2017, he had already gathered a total of 9 million. Read the article to know What happened to ricegum?

    How Did RiceGum Get So Rich?

    At only 23 years old, RiceGum has a net Waaorth estimated to be $8 million. This might not seem much as compared to other popular Youtubers like Pewdiepie ($30 million), Jeffree Star ($50 million), and Markiplier ($24 million), but it is amazing for a career that is less than a year old.

    Youtube is not only his source of earning. He also uses social media platforms to make a good income. Bryan Quang Le Instagram account has more than 3 million followers that bring in passive revenue by using ads and sponsorships.

    In 2016, Bryan had one million subscribers on his youtube channel. Which would have earned him about $57,000 a year, but in just one year, his subscribers raised to 9 million, which quickly launched him into a world of wealth. It is evaluated that he makes an estimated $100,000 to $200,000 every month and $1.5-$2 million in a year. Since then, He has been credited as the very first Youtuber to roast different celebrities in the form of a ‘diss track.’

    Why is he so famous?

    Bryan Quang Le’s original claim to fame is his Musical.ly and Youtube videos, but after that, he has been remembered for his feats as a musician. His most popular Youtube video is his ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped’ series in which he does the same as Jake Paul, Hunter Rowland, Loren Gray, WoahVicky, and roasts web celebrities. These videos brought more than 10 million subscribers and billions of views. 

    One of his diss tracks was at No. 80 on the Billboard Hot 100, which made him one of the only Youtuber to achieve this. He took this momentum and used it to begin his career and he started releasing many tracks like  “Frick da police”, “Fornite and Chill”, “It’s Every Night Sis”, and “Bitcoin”. Bryan Quang Le following got so giant, and his videos got so famous that he even starred in a 2019 Superbowl commercial. His videos continue to get popularity as he creates conflict with other social media influencers and web stars and at that time the RiceGum networth became high.

    What Makes RiceGum So Successful? – How Much Money Does He Have?

    What has made him so successful is his capability to stay appropriate. With his raps, social media posts, and vlogs. He is a genius when it comes to quickening controversy and attracting viewers. He uses his videos as a means to attract new subscribers, keep his name relevant, keep his old subscribers happy. 

    Bryan is also so successful due to his innate talent to discover instant success in whatever he is curious about. He is been known to follow whatever makes him happy, which is what caused him to drop out of college and became a Youtuber. This aim to do whatever makes him happy took him back to college where he completed his degree.

    RiceGum Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rice


    Below are a few of the best highlights of RiceGum career:

    • Created his YouTube Channel in 2012
    • “These Kids Must Be Stopped” YouTube Series in 2015
    • Number 80 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2017
    • Turned down a Harvard Scholarship in 2017
    • 10 Million YouTube Subscribers in 2018

    Ricegum Net Worth – How Much Money Does Ricegum Have?

    Ricegum NetWorth

    Do you want to know about the Net worth of Ricegum? Well, Bryan Quang Le has made a huge amount throughout his online career from different avenues. Quang Le is said to have a net worth of about $8 million as of 2022. He makes it through Twitch subscribers and donations, through monetization of his YouTube channel, through sponsorship, and through the release of his music.  His music which is consisting of diss-tracks makes a huge amount of money considering the virality and attention they have achieved. He was restricted from Twitch in 2020 for showing nudity on his stream, which would have cut his earnings down for the time of the banning. The Ricegum Net Worth 2020 is $8 Million. The estimated Ricegum Net Worth 2021$8 Million. Now in 2022, the estimated net worth of Ricegum is $8 Million

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How much Ricegum is rich?

    He has made a huge amount throughout his online career, from different routes. He is said to have a net worth of about $8 million as of 2022. He makes it through Twitch subscribers and donations, through his Youtube channel, and sponsorship.

    Why is Bryan Le aka RiceGum so famous?

    He is a famous American Youtuber and rapper. He is best known for his diss-tracks and online rivalries with other Youtube personalities.

    What is the real name of RiceGum?

    The real name of RiceGum was Bryan Quang Le. but he is well known for his nickname RiceGum, he is an American Youtuber and rapper.

    How much money does Bryan Le make from Twitch?

    Bryan Quang Le makes an estimated $20,000 every month from streaming on Twitch.

    How much earning does Ricegum make from his Youtube channel?

    Even though Rice Gum has not been uploaded videos on his Youtube channel in over a year, he still sees an average of 2 million video views every month. Considering a $2 CPM, he makes $4000 per month from Youtube.


    Bryan Quang Le is an American Youtube sensation who has made his living making controversial videos and diss tracks. He is been credited as the very first person to make a celebrity diss track on Youtube and continues to increase in his popularity every day. He is steadily rising the ranks to become a musical artist and a great rapper and also one of the most popular influencers on Youtube.

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