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    Do you want to know who is Da Baby? How old is Da Baby? How tall is DaBaby? What did Jonathan Lyndale Kirk do? What is DaBaby’s net worth? How did dababy get famous Well, Don’t fret all your queries about Da Baby are covered in this article.

    Name: Jonathan Lyndale Kirk
    Age: 32
    Born: 12/22/1991
    Country: American
    Profession: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
    DaBaby Net Worth

    He is an American rapper, who is professionally known as Da Baby. His real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk. In 2019 he rose to mainstream prominence after releasing several mixtapes. When he released these mixtapes between 2014 to 2018. He was born in the United States on December 22, 1991. He is also well known as Baby Jesu.

    Early Life: 

    The American rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was the youngest among his three siblings. He completed his graduation from Zebulon B’’. Since his childhood, he was much interested in music but he was aggressive to be a famous rapper as he grew up in the year 2014. So under the pseudonym “Baby Jesus”, he started rapping. In 2015, he released his debut mixtape, ‘Nonfiction,’ and because of this, he got some prominence. But in 2016, he got his real breakthrough with the release of his single ‘Light Show’. 

    When he was 6 years old his family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Their locality was not so decent that’s why he takes himself as a bad element of the streets. As a result, he involved himself in many crimes while he was a teenager. 

    Because of driving with a fake license and possessing marijuana, police booked him several times. 

    He started considering making a career in music when he was in his early 20s. Before this, he was also doing some jobs including some illegal ones just for making some money to survive.  

    In 2014, when he decided to leave the life of crime behind He underwent a major psychological transformation. As a member of society, he became more conscious of his duties. Then he immersed himself in music just to help people through his poetry and words.

    Initially, he adopted the moniker “Baby Jesus,” but according to the fact that it was religiously inappropriate, he changed it to “Da Baby”.  He started working on his debut mixtape in December 2014. 

    Personal Life:

    He got into trouble once again in November 2018, even after leaving the crime world to begin his successful career. He claimed and reported that he had shot a man to death. But it was revealed later that he was first attacked by a mugger inside a ‘Wal-Mart’ store and then he was shot just for self-defense. Charges against him were dropped in March 2019.

    His father has died in 2019 after the release of his debut studio album and his second album tribute to his last name. The picture of his father on his cover. How many kids does dababy have? Well, The ‘BOP’ rapper is a father to four kids with three different women.

    His Daughter rumors that he has a younger daughter named Nova and she was born in 2020. Dababy crimes

    He was involved in a terrifying shooting incidentReasons for his arrests range from driving with a fake license to drug possession, and possession of an illegal firearm. Per the outlet, he was involved in a deadly shooting at a Walmart in 2018, in which one person was killed.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dababy/

    DaBaby Birthday & Birthplace:

    He was born on December 22, 19991. The place where he was born is known as Cleveland, Ohio. Currently, his age is an almost 30 years old male and a famous rapper around the world. 

    Relationships & Dates:

    In 2020, his girlfriend is Danileigh was an American singer and she was charged with two counts of assault. Then both split up their relationship.

    He had experienced dates many times in his life, which he has explained in the lyrics of many of his songs. However, there is no current authentic information about his romantic relationships with any woman or girl. 

    Sun Sign:

    According to his date of birth belongs to the sun sign ‘’Capricorn’’. 

    Famous As:

    He is a very famous personality these days. He is also known as Jonathan Lyndale Kirk. he is famous because of his amazing and admirable raps. People remember him as a rapper. He is also famous as the hottest rapper in the world. 

    DaBaby Height:

    He is a 5’8’’ tall male of 30 years. His height is almost 173 if measured in Centimeters (173cm). The picture of his shows in September 2019, that he was dwarfed by the height of 6ft 9inch bodyguard Kane kong.

    His weight is about 72 in kilograms and 159lbs in pounds.


    His very first debut mixtape, ‘Nonfiction’ was not a good experience for him. He was not successful in attracting several people and songs lover towards him. He didn’t receive appreciation at the beginning of his career. But he didn’t lose hope and was not disappointed. He carried on working on his music and singing techniques with great passion and courage. As a result of his hard work, he released his second debut mixtape. 

    2015 ( The Start of Appreciations ):

    He was not so expert at singing and presenting rap on stage. At that time Charlotte, North Carolina did not have a great music experience and sense of it. That’s why he started to look forward to some other options. Then in Spring 2015, he was going to be a participant in the ‘’South By Southwest Music Festival’’ that’s why he moved to Austin, Texas. That was the festival in which he proved himself as a great rapper by performing some tracks and raps from his mixtapes.

    2016 ( Year of ‘’God’s Work’’ ) :

    It was a really good experience for him at this festival. After that, in 2016, he again released another debut mixtape ‘God’s Work: Resurrected.’ Boosie Badazz was with him to collaborate with him. 

    2016 ( Introducing Da Baby as Internet Celebrity ) :

    A track with the title  ‘Light Show,’ was also released in the year 2016 and he immensely made progress. Moreover, ‘SoundCloud,’ ‘Datpiff,’ and ‘YouTube,’ are the singles and they made him International Celebrity around the world.

    Introducing Moniker ‘’Da Baby‘’ :

    In the beginning, he began to use the moniker “Da Baby”. During an interview, he revealed that it’s some political reasons behind changing his name on the stage.

    His last released mixtape proved him a lot in the world and he got the attention of several songs and music lovers from all over the world. After that, in the following months, he released many mixtapes including ‘’Billion Dollar Baby’’ and ‘’Back on My Baby Jesus Sht’’. Every mixtape made him more popular and admirable around the world.

    2017 ( Popularity Year of ‘’Baby Talk’’ ):

    ‘Baby Talk’ series of mixtapes made him more popular because it was admired by most of the audience from around the world. The first series of ids mixtape ‘’Baby Talk’’ was released in January 2017. It was the most famous and successful tape to date. Then he released three series in that year. He also attended the ‘South by Southwest Music Festival’ in the following and proved himself as he performed live and amazingly on the stage.

    2018 ( Year of Success ):

    ‘Baby Talk 5,’ was released in 2018 and was the last one in the ‘’Baby Talk’’. In the following November, he released the  ‘Blank Blank,’ which was also fairly progressive and successful.

    2019 ( Year of Career Progress):

    2019 proved to be a career breakthrough for him. Because on the biggest labels of the country he signed an ‘Interscope Records,’. In the following year, he announced that he is working on his debut studio album for ‘Baby on Baby.’ His album was released in March 2019 that contained almost 13 amazing and attractive tracks. A single-track ‘Suge,’ became the most popular and loving song among people and listeners. As a result of its great success, it reached the eighth spot on the ‘US Billboard Hot 100.’

    Latest DaBaby Albums:

    He recently has released an album with the title ‘’Blame It on A Baby’’. The American rapper has released his third studio album which was released on April 17, 2020. It is released by Interscope Records and South Coast Music Groups. This album consists of hip-hop and trap music. 

    Following is the List of Albums:

    • God’s Work Resurrected
    • Billion Dollar Baby
    • Back On My Baby Jesus Sh!t
    • Baby Talk 5
    • Blank Blank

    Best Album Ever:

    Baby on Baby is credited as the best album by the famous Jonathan Lyndale Kirk. This album has been ranked the number 23, 148 in the chart of overall greatest charts with a total 39 rank score. According to the rank number, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk is on the 8,845 ranked number for overall total rankings of the score of 65.

    List of All Albums:

    He has released some albums that have made amazing progress around the world. Some of which are enlisted here:

    • Back on My Baby Jesus ( 2021 )
    • Blame It on Baby ( 2020)
    • My Brother’s Keeper ( 2020 )
    • Kirk ( 2019 )
    • Baby on Baby ( 2019 )
    • Blank Blank ( 2018 )
    • Baby Talk 5 ( 2018 )
    • Back on My Baby Jesus ( 2017 )
    • Billion Dollar Baby ( 2017 )

    DaBaby Songs:

    He is a very famous rapper. There is a great collection of his songs on the internet. All of his songs are very much liked and popular around the world. His songs have also been a part of the US Billboard under 100 hot songs. Some of the most popular and famous songs are enlisted here:

    • “Suge (Yea Yea)”,
    • “Levitating” 
    • “Lonely”
    • “BOP”
    • “VIBEZ”
    • “Popstar”
    • “Cash S—”
    • “Baby”
    • ‘’Under The Sun’’
    • ‘’Rockstar’’ 

    And After all that song Net Worth of DaBaby became high.


    • Car
    • DaBaby Convertible
    • Let’s go

    One of the most famous car memes and his let’s go meme is also called less go. 

    Awards Winner:

    He is a very popular and famous celebrity these days. He has been nominated and has won several international and national awards for his unbeatable performance. Some of the awards that he has won are mentioned here:

    • BET Award For Best Male Hip Hopper ( 2020 )
    • BET Hip Hop Award For Best Hip Hop Artist ( 2019 )
    • Billboard Music Award For Top Rap Song ( 2021 )
    • iHeartRadio Music Award For Hip Hop Songs ( 2020 )
    • I HeartRadio Music Award For New Hip Hop Artist ( 220 )
    • Billboard Music Award For Top streaming Song ( 2021 )

    DaBaby Net Worth – How Much Money Does DaBaby Have?

    How rich is he is? Being a famous and popular rapper he has a high and admirable DaBaby net worth that is about $5 Millions. This worth is estimated by the resources in the current year 2022. All these earnings are just because he is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and American celebrity all over the world too. The DaBaby Net Worth 2020 is $4M. The DaBaby net worth in 2021 is estimated at $3M. Now the estimated Net Worth of DaBaby in 2022 is $3 Million.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is DaBaby’s real name?

    He has a real name that is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk and he is a famous American rapper.

    How tall is DaBaby?

    After investigating his height is five feet eight inches tall.

    Who is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk dating?

    Danileigh and he started dating in March 2020 and at the end of January 2021, their relationship split out.

    Is DaBaby married?

    Rumors about him were that he was married after high school and his wife was Ashley Kirk. But he confirmed that she was his friend.

    How many kids does Jonathan Lyndale Kirk have?

    Da Baby is a father of four kids and these kids are born with different three women.

    How old is his daughter?

    There is a two-year-old daughter of his with his girlfriend MeMe.

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