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    Conor McGregor is one of the mixed material artist ( MMA ) fighters in the world. He is an Irish professional fighter. He has been assigned with the UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship ). Conor has also been received the Lightweight as well as featherweight Championship Belts from the world. He is the richest person in the world right now. He is 5’9’’ and can easily reach 74’’. 

    Name: Conor Anthony McGregor
    Age: 34
    Born: 07/14/1988
    Country: Irish
    Profession: Television producer, taekwondo athlete, Mixed Martial Artist
    conor mcgregor net worth

    Personal Life 

    Conor Anthony McGregor is the real name of Conor McGregor. He is an Irish professional Multi-Material Artist and star. He was born on the 14th of July in the year 1988. Mcgregor is 33 years old right now. His weight is 190lbs right now. He has been retired in March 2019. He has been retired before returning with a great victory in 2020.

    Conor Mcgregor personal life

    Mcgregor has a sweet family with two babies named Conor Jack McGregor Jr. His wife is Dee Delvin. His story is very well-known on the internet as it’s a part of his allure. He was born to Tony McGregor ( Father ) and Margaret McGregor ( Mother ). He has two siblings Aoife McGregor and Erin McGregor. From Southwest Dublin Working-Class Neighbourhood he got built in a school. He joined a boxing gym to learn how to fight off his attackers. He himself worked hard and shines from nothing to the top start and artist of the world. 


    He is also well-known for the tattoos that have adorned his body. He got his first tattoo on the right heel in the Arabic language. At that time he was only 20 years old and it happened after a drinking night.  

    Nick Name 

    Conor has a unique nickname. It was ‘’Notorious’’. 

    Real Name

    He is mostly called Conor but his real name is ‘’Conor Anthony McGregor’’. 

    Sun Sign

    McGregor has a sun sign that is ‘’Cancer’’. Most of his fans are very curious to know about his sun sign. 

    Conor McGregor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thenotoriousmma

    Career Beginnings of McGregor 

    Over the course of his professional career, he has fought and competed as a participant of a lightweight, featherweight, and welterweight. He has been captured in the lightweight and featherweight Championship Belts. He has fought against Floyd Mayweather on the 26th of August in 2017. It was considered the biggest fight in combat sports history. His professional career includes

    • Cage Warriors 
    • UFC ( Ultimate Fight Championship )
    • Mc Gregor Vs. Diaz 1 and 2 
    • Two Division Championship 
    • Stripped Titles and Loss to Nurmagomedov
    • Retirement and Return Vs Cerrone 

    Cage Warriors 

    March 08, 2008, was the year when Gregor made his first professional debut because of London-based promotions Cage Warriors and he won it by TKO.  Before reeling off his very impressive success streaks he lost his first six fights. Claiming both the Lightweight Championship and the Featherweight Championships in the year 2012. 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC )

    Dana White was the president of UFC in early 2013. Signed by her, he was impress by a first-round knockout in his April debut in the organization. Throughout July 2015 he continued winning and in this time he defeated Chad Mendes under the title of interim featherweight. He knocked out Jose Aldo in that December in a record of just 13 seconds to unify the featherweight title. In UFC, Conor Mcgregor Net Worth is $200 million. Now the UFC ranking of Mcgregor is 8.

    McGregor Vs Diaz 1 and 2 

    When Rafael dos Anjos who was a lightweight champion was pulled out due to Conor McGregor injury in March 2016. McGregor has another option to jump in the weight class and he fought Nate Diaz at 170 Pounds. Ending his 15-Match success streaks, he wore down by the biggest Diaz before submitting to a chokehold.

    A much-anticipated rematch was held between then in that August, before the tide turned McGregor took a very fast start. It was that time when he was rebound for winning the crucial fourth round and he was the winner because of some classic decisions and after that in 2021 Conor McGregor injured due to his leg fracture in his last fight.

    Two Divison Champion 

    In November 2016, McGregor delivered a very impressive performance with a second-round TKO of Eddie Alveraz, he dropped back to the most comfortable lightweight class success. These successes simultaneously made him the Ultimate Fight Champion ( UFC’s ) featherweight and lightweight champions. 

    Stripped Titles and Loss to Nurmagomedov

    The inactivity in the octagon prompted its president for stripping out the fighter for lightweight and featherweight titles in early 2018, his relationship with UFC was proved as a strain. 

    In October 2018, he made his long-awaited return. It was almost two years later his last UFC fight. At that time, he challenged the new lightweight champion who was Khabib Nurmagomedov. Just after Nurma’s fourth-round success, the two sides erupted in a post-match brawl. It resulted in a six-month suspension for McGregor.

    Retirement and Return with Sucess

    McGregor has announced through Twitter that he is going to be retired. He declared on March 26, 2019, he is going to retire from the sport that made him so popular. He was retiring from the spots by concluding an amazing record of 21 successes with four losses. However, that year he declared that he will be a comeback in 2020.  

    His comeback was also very successful, he had a fight with American Donald ‘’Cowboy’’ Cerrone and finished in a 40 seconds TKO. It was consider the second-fastest success of his career. It was his first victory for almost more than a time period of three years. 

    Fights of McGregor 

    McGregor has a very fantastic fights record in his all the sports journey. He mostly won the battles. He has played and won as a lightweight and featherweight player. Some of his fights and their results are mentioned below:

    Championships of Conor McGregor 

    Being UFC’s very first Reigning Two-Division Champion, McGregor has reached the level of high greatness. He was the ever first fighter to simultaneously hold Two UFC Championships while knocking out Eddie Alvarez. He has also awarded the Lightweight belt in addition to his Featherweight Belt. 

    In addition to the greatness of McGregor, he sets him up also for every type of biggest money fights maybe. Luckily, the UFC is his and he is free to move in any direction as he wants. He can fight Jose Aldo as returning to 145. yes, He can also stay at 155 and take his pic of Khabib Nurmagovedo or Tony Ferguson. He has also won in UFC 205. According to his current standing, he is able to move up to 170 pounds and can fight against the current champion Tyron Woodley. It is not a problem for McGregor to fight with Nate Diaz at any weight on which they agree. 

    On January 18, 2015, Conor has faced Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 59. He was the winner of the battle via TKO in the second round. This victory was also earned Conor’s third straight ‘’Performance of Night’’ award. He has also many championships like

    • two-division Championship at UFC 205
    • Lightweight Championship at UFC 205
    • Lightweight Championship at UFC 257
    • Award of ‘’Performance of the Night’’ at UFC 246
    • Lightweight Championship at UFC 229
    • UFC Interim Featherweight Championship 

    Recent pictures of Conor Mcgregor:

    Following are the Recent pictures Mcgregor:

    Recent pictures of Conor Mcgregor:

    Conor McGregor Net Worth – What is Conor Mcgregor’s Net Worth:

    Currently, his net worth in the year 2022 is a little more modest than before. As a Multi-Material Artist and star and being a celebrity among the world, Conor McGregor Net Worth 2022

    $200 Million. It is too much worth these days. According to the current 2022 exchange rates, it’s almost about  £145 Million. While in 2021 he was earning phenomenal 6.2 Million Pounds per minute. It is the streets ahead for the other UFC fighters. The Conor McGregor Net Worth 2020 is $48 million. The estimated net worth of McGregor in 2021 is 170 million euros.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    McGregor belongs to which religion?

    Conor McGregor is a Catholic by religion. He was born in Ireland. 

    What is the nickname of Conor McGregor?

    He has a unique nickname that is ‘’Notorious’’. It means Mystic Man. But his real name is Conor Anthony McGregor.

    How much did khabib make against Mcgregor?

    Total gate: $17,188,894.67

    Buyrate: 2,400,000
    At that time the Net Worth of McGregor’s net worth is in the millions.

    What is Conor McGregor UFC ranking?

    The UFC ranking of McGregor is 8.

    What is the fighting style of McGregor when he fights in battle?

    He adopts a very amazing style of fighting. He used to fight as an aggressive striker and wins the battle.

    What are Conor’s main Achievements in his sports career?

    His career is full of successes he is considered an amazing MMA in the UFC. he has achieved the below-mentioned awards and championships in his sports career.  
    Most Knockouts in UFC Featherweight Division History ( for 6 Times ).
    Most Consecutive ‘’Performance of the Night’’ award in the history of UFC ( 5Times ).
    Most consecutive post-fight-bounces in the History of UFC ( for 7 Times ).
    Fastest Fight Title victory in the history of UFC ( 13 seconds ).
    Interim Featherweight Championship and UFC Featherweight ( 1 Time Each ).

    What is the color of his eyes and hair?

    He has a very attractive hair color as well as eye color. The color of his hair is Blonde while the color of his eyes is Dark Brown. He looks very handsome in his hair and eye color. He is 33 years old man with great attraction and Net Worth.

    How Much is Conor Mcgregor Worth?

    The Net Worth of Conor is 170 million euros.

    Who won the Conor Mcgregor Fight?

    Dustin Poirier  defeats Conor McGregor via leg injury.

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