Reality Sensation Cardi B Net Worth 2018

The entertainment business is a a very strange place in that anyone can make it if they work hard enough. No one is proof of that more than our next net worth subject. We decided to check out the Cardi B Net Worth 2018 to see just how much she has amassed in a very short time.

Reality Sensation Cardi B Net Worth 2018

Cardi B Net Worth 2018

(Cardi B Net Worth 2018 Below)

What happens when you create one of the catchiest hip-hop tracks of the summer? It spreads like wildfire and earns you a number one track on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Though, it was more than charting a top hit for Cardi B, she also made history.

Cardi B “moves” to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated Oct. 7) with ‘Bodak Yellow (Money Moves),’ becoming only the second female rapper to hit No. 1 without any accompanying acts,” according to Billboard.

The only other artist to achieve this feat was Lauryn Hill. That means, Cardi B achieved something not even Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Remy Ma or any other newer female artists has done since Hill.

Cardi B set her own precedent and the days of exotic dancing are far beyond her rear view. She is now setting a brighter path and doing with with hip-hop.

So, after all of these feats and her most famous song going platinum, how much is she worth? After looking at her expenses, assets, earnings from single sales and shows and more, we estimate the Cardi B Net Worth 2018 to be approximately $4.55 million.