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    Pope Francis is the sovereign of the Vatican. He is currently the 266th Pope and the first one from outside of Europe. In 1969, he was selected as a Catholic priest and later became Archbishop of Buenos Aires. He is popular among people in the world due to his empathic nature towards people. 

    Pope Francis

    Pope Francis has gotten the title of one of the most influential persons in the world. He raised his voice for many causes and meet many world leaders. He is the author of many books and also released a speech album as of now. He suffered from a severe lung infection when he was 21 years old and underwent surgery to remove a part of his lungs. He played a keen role during the dictatorship in Argentina by offering help to the people. Pope Francis has a net worth of $25 million according to the statistics in 2021. His annual salary increased up to $1 million after becoming Pope. 

    Early Life

    Pope Francis was born in Flores Buenos Aires Argentina in 1936. He has a different birth name, that is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is currently the pope of the Catholic Church, the 266th Pope. In the start, he was a chemical technologist and also worked in charge of discipline in a nightclub. His ordination was held in 1969 and served as Argentina’s superior for Jesuits. In 1998, he started to work as archbishop of Buenos Aires. Pope John Paul II was appointed as cardinal in 2001. He rose to become Pope on 13th March 2013 in Papal Conclave. 

    His father’s name was Mario Jose Bergoglio and his mother; Regina Mario Sivori. He has five other siblings, Francis’s father migrated from Italy and worked as an accountant. His mother was a housewife and belong to Italy. His one sister, Maria Elena Bergoglio is alive today. Bergoglio attended Wilfred Baron de Los Angles to take his test. The school was of Salesians of Don Bosco, he then went to secondary school and took the degree or diploma in chemical technology.

    Personal Life

    Pope Francis is the first pope from the country outside of Europe and the first from the Jesuit order. He has no personal life as per reports, he just fulfills his duty to the church and his country. According to the rules, Pope is not allowed to get married. He decided not to indulge in anything of the sort, he was involved in some affairs. But he is happy being single and just focuses on his career and church. 

    Professional Career

    He started his path of priesthood when he walks by the church one day. He was on his quest to enjoy the spring day. Bergoglio was influenced by the priest that was on duty that day. He then attended the Immaculate Conception Seminary in Villa Devotion. In 1995, he went to Jesus society in seminary to start his journey as a novice, he attended Santiago for human studies in Chile. Bergoglio made his vows of obedience trust, chastity on 1960, 12th March.

    In 1969, he got the license from Colegio Maximo to teach philosophy. He worked as a teacher of literature and philosophy at Immaculate Conception and Colegio Del Salvador in Buenos Aires.  He took the last vows of obedience to the then Pope on 22 April 1973. Bergoglio attained the position of the provincial superior of Jesus society of Argentina on 31 July 1973. On 3rd June 1997, Bergoglio was selected as coadjutor archbishop of Buenos Aires. He decided to become Metropolitan archbishop when he thought of making more perishes. 

    Awards and Achievements

    Pope Francis visits the church for a confession, instead of getting inspired by the church priest. He then attended archdiocesan for three years time span, he was inducted into the Society of Jesus in 1958. Bergoglio was new and studied humanitarian in Chile. After two years, he was appointed a Jesuit and then received his philosophy licentiate from Colegio Maximo de San Jose. In the next years, he teaches in Colegio de la Immaculada Conception and Buenos Aires. 

    In 1969, Pope Francis was selected for the priesthood and then he became a theology professor. Then he became Buenos Aires’s Auxiliary Bishop in 1992. In 2001, Bergoglio was appointed as a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. From 2005 to 2008, he worked as Argentine Episcopal Conference’s president. In 2011, he resigned from the position. In 2013, Pope Francis became a Jesuit pope when Pope Benedict XVI resigned from his position due to health issues. He speaks in Latin and Spanish and resides in the Vatican guesthouse rather than in the official Apostolic Palace. His inauguration ceremony for Pope was in March 2013. Apart from that, he was selected as Saint Francis of Assisi. He has visited many countries in recent years as Pope.

    Net Worth

    After getting the position of Pope, his annual salary exceeds $1 million. As per statistics, Pope Francis has a net worth of about $25 million in 2021. He has visited many countries in the world and given lectures at many institutions in the world. His sayings and teachings have been telecasted by TV channels all around the world.

    Pope Francis Net Worth Year By Year

    Here is the list of Pope Francis’s net worth year by year;

    2016 – $90000

    2017 – $1.3 million

    2018 – $1.6 million

    2019 – $1.9 million

    2020 – $2.2 million


    Pope Francis wrote many books during all these years, following is the list of books written by Pope Francis. These are of the most common and popular books by Pope Francis. 

    ● Laudato Si

    ● Let Us Dream

    ● Evangile Gaudium

    ● Beautiful Hope, Finding Hope Every…

    ● Fratelli Tutti

    ● Dear Pope Francis, The Pope Answers…

    ● The Name of God is Mercy Treatise

    ● Beautiful Mercy

    ● Happiness in this life, A Passionate…

    ● Gaudete et Exsultate

    ● Amoris Laetitia

    ● Padre Nuestro

    ● Christ Lives: Christ Vivit Post Synodal

    ● The Spirit of St Francis

    ● Lumen Fidei

    ● Sharing the Wisdom of Time

    ● The Joy of Discipleship: Reflections

    ● Inspiration from Pope Francis

    ● Your First Communion; Meeting Jesus

    ● A Year of Mercy With Pope Francis

    ● The Way of Humility: Corruption

    ● A Big Heart Open to God: A Conversation…

    ● Through the Year With Pope Francis

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