• Most Expensive TV Shows Aired on Netflix

    Netflix has proved that it is the world’s top-rated video streaming site and the biggest spender. In fact, it has beaten its traditional TV media channel counterparts by spending $6.3 billion alone in 2017. Whereas, Disney, Fox, and Time Warner spend $8 billion altogether. No doubt that Netflix budget is far higher than other entertainment giants present in the market.       

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    Netflix short-term policy is set to develop more than 50% in-house content in their library. The company is spending a lot to achieve this goal by signing expensive series. But do you know about the most expensive TV shows Netflix has ever produced? It would be of no surprise for everyone out there that Netflix original content has turned out be the most expensive TV shows ever. Everything they are producing has a lot of worth, and the revenue is yelling that Netflix has beaten the hell out of the competitors.

    Hemlock Grove

    Hemlock Grove - Most Expensive TV Shows
    Source: Netflix

    The most-watched horror-thriller ever produced is Hemlock Grove. The season examines the strange things happening in Hemlock Grove a fictitious town of Pennsylvania. The budget for each episode is shocking. As it costs $4 million approximately for each recorded Show.

    And consequently, it means that a season of 13 episodes costs round about $50 Million. But later on the next seasons were shortened and they have ten episodes. Which means they cut the cost to $40 Million for each season. But the most expensive TV show didn’t perform well and was canceled after three seasons.       

    House of Cards

    House of Cards
    Source: Slash Film

    House of Cards is the most highly praised Netflix originally produced TV show. But it wasn’t cheap for the company. Each episode of every season costs round about $4.5 Million. You can easily analyze that a large amount goes for the salaries of the highest paid cast. But fortunately, they invested rightly because it has become critically acclaimed Show ever. 


    Sense8 - Netflix Most Expensive Shows
    Source: Netflix

    The Sci-Fi series is also one of the most expensive TV show Netflix ever produced. It is estimated that approximately $9 million has been spent on the making of each episode. But the total cost has not yet revealed to the media circles. In total 12 episodes were recorded so approximately it costs almost $108 Million for the season. And that is the reason we have included the series in the list of most expensive TV shows aired on Netflix.

    The Crown

    The Crown
    Source: Netflix

    It was the biggest and the most expensive TV show by the streaming company. The Show revolves around the Queen Elizabeth II’s reign’s early years. It is by far the most expensive TV show. Because of the magnificent sets, extravagant costumes and the salaries of the actors. It costs $140 Million to make the first season. The replica of Buckingham Palace and $30,000 for Queen Elizabeth’s wedding dress was the major reason behind such a huge budget.

    Marco Polo

    Source: Black Girl Nerds

    The streaming company was in the news back in 2013, when it acquired the Show for a whopping $90 Million. The intricate sets of the TV show cost too much for Netflix. The costumes, along with the material used in the Show was extremely expensive. Because it was depicting a certain period of history.

    Orange Is the New Black

    Source: What’s on Netflix

    The prison drama aired on Netflix is also among the costly TV shows. As Netflix has to bear approximately $4 Million to record each episode. The season has 13 episodes so to record the whole season it costs $50 Million to the company. Since then in total four seasons are out in the market, and it is also nominated for Grammy Award as well. Expectedly, the streaming company is planning to record more shows.

    The Get Down

    Source: Bleeding Cool

    The costliest TV show ever produced by Netflix is the musical drama “The Get Down.” The show covers the rise of hip-hop culture during the 1970s era in the city of New York. Each episode costs approximately $7.5 Million and in total $90 Million for 12 episodes. “The Get Down” deserves to be included in the most expensive TV shows by Netflix.


    Source: Comic Book

    The streaming company has not yet revealed the cost of each episode incurs. But according to some estimates, the season was allotted a budget of $200 Million. Apparently, it seems too high for a season, but the 13 episodes require such a huge budget to get strong footprints in the entertainment industry.

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