This $237 bacon sandwich is topped with gold dust and truffles

If you’re a big bacon fan and have $237 to spare, you’re in luck my friend. Tangberry coffee house in the UK is home to the world’s most expensive (read: drool-worthy) bacon sandwich – the Bacon Bling.

The sandwich is rightfully named, containing all sorts of top-notch ingredients – 7 slices of rare bacon, truffles, a free range egg and saffron. Oh, the BB also has sprinkles of edible gold, because why not?

Technically, Guiness World Records hasn’t dubbed the Bacon Bling a record setter, but Tangberry coffee house owner Paul Philips is hoping to create a new category – the most expensive commercially available bacon sandwich – so this bad boy can reign supreme.

The best part is if you chow down on this monster, that $237 worth of sandwich will be donated to charity.