• Most Expensive and Extravagant Celebrity Real Estate Homes

    While everyone needs a place to hang their hat, some have chosen to build homes where their chapeau collection gets its own wing. These palaces to excess go beyond the mere 4 bedroom, 3 baths type of designations and start including features that many luxury resorts would be lucky to have.

    Most Expensive and Extravagant Celebrity Real Estate Homes

    Who gets excited about a media room when they can have a full theater? Breakfast nook? Think breakfast suite in the brunch wing of the dining complex.

    These are homes that make the nicest place you have ever lived look like a refugee camp in Haiti in comparison. These aren’t “wow, that’s big homes,” these are “wait, that’s a house, not luxury Las Vegas casino?” properties.

    Only a select few can enjoy this kind of luxury and Compare Camp (http://comparecamp.com/comparison-of-the-most-expensive-houses/) has highlighted them in its survey of the “10 Most Expensive Homes.”

    “Our info-graphic of the world’s most expensive houses compares the home values against the British Royal’s residence,” says Compare Camp’s Julia Trello.

    “Interestingly, the palace is not the most ornate or opulent among palaces; Saudi royals and sheiks are known to live more lavishly, beating their European counterparts. But property value is not just about what the house is, but who lives in it. The Queen of England lends to the palace a value higher than the structure’s worth.”

    Bea Tollman Has A Castle in Ireland.

    The bottom of the listing order begins with Bea Tollman’s Ashford Castle in Ireland. The Guinness Family previously owned the $68 million castle, according to the info-graphic below. $68 is an enormous price tag for a home and not many can call a castle their home, as a matter of fact, some can’t call anywhere their home.

    Oprah Winfrey’s Giant Mansion in Montecito, CA

    Tollman’s home is of course rich in history and was already a landmark, but what about Oprah Winfrey’s $85 million mansion with 10 fireplaces and 14 bathrooms? The extravagant Montecito, CA home houses one of the arguably most generous individuals. Winfrey was frequently giving away cars, electronics and other items on her television show but does it justify her spending $85 million on a home?

    Mukesh Ambani’s Billion Dollar Mansion

    Now that the bottom of the list has been explored it’s time to take a look at the top of the list of “10 Most Expensive Homes.” Coming in at number two on the list is the “Antillia,” the whopping $1 billion dollar home in Mumbai, India that belongs to Mukesh Ambani. According to Compare Camp, Ambani’s home is the first to cross the billion dollar threshold and features six underground parking levels and three helicopter pads.

    Ambani’s home is second only to Buckingham Palace that is valued at $1.55 billion. Buckingham Palace is not a personal house. It also houses around 188 staff members and a number of other workers making it more of gigantic office building rather than a home.

    Here’s a look at the full list:

    Compare Top 10 Most Exensive & Luxurious Houses Ever

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