Meet the man who rented a boat, crane and dropped $67,000 to move one little hut

The second house is just the way you want it but the location isn’t optimal. Maybe moving it to a nicer spot is the answer? Love your beach house enough to nudge it to another spot along the shore if all it will take is a boat, crane and $66,512?

Pack the fine seashells — the house is making an exit.

The Daily Mail gives the blow-by-blow:

“You might be forgiven for thinking that this is a beach hut that’s being rescued after being washed out to sea. But it’s actually a luxurious hut worth ?40,000 that’s being towed on the water to an exclusive sandy spit because it was too big to be driven there. The timber chalet, that measures 13ft by 13ft, was transported using the unconventional method to Mudeford Spit, Dorset, which is home to Britain’s most expensive beach huts.”

Huts typically sell for around ?150,000 ($250K US) in the remote sandbank that can only be accessed by boat or along a narrow road used only by a novelty land train.

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